2017 Non-Toxic Holiday Gift Ideas List

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As we’re rapidly approaching the holiday season, I decided to put together a list of gift ideas.  I own and use some of the items on this holiday gift ideas list; others I wish I had.  (The items with asterisks means that I would love to receive that item as a holiday gift for me or my son!)


Holiday Gift Ideas Under $35


Non-Toxic Home


Popsicle Molds –  We have these plastic-free molds and my son and I love making strawberry popsicles.


Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Cup – My husband loves this cup!  He rarely asks anything of me, but after he got it, he specifically asked me to have it clean for him when he comes home every day.  It is perfect for slow drinkers: it will keep a cold drink cold or a hot drink hot for a long time.


Dryer Balls – these wool balls reduce the time your laundry spends in a dryer and softens the laundry.  They are a great alternative to chemical-laden dryer sheets.


Lifefactory Water Bottle – a glass water bottle with protective silicone sleeve.


Ello Water Bottle – a glass bottle with protective silicone sleeve.


S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle – a stainless steel water bottle that I carry with me anywhere I go.


Aquasana Filter Water Bottle – this is a great bottle to take on trips; it filters lead, a common water contaminant.  To read more about it, click here.


Glass Foaming Soap Dispenser – I recommend using non-plastic foaming soap dispensers so you can soap refills such as this one.


Affordable Lead-Free Coffee Mugs – ceramics is always a suspect for lead and cadmium contamination; glass is a much safer alternative.  These mugs are made in the US.  To read more, click here.


Non-Toxic Body


*By Valenti Bar Soap – a variety of great soaps including unique soaps such as true castile soap made of olive oil and black java soap.  Olive oil has tremendous moisturizing properties.  I love this soap and have used it on our son since he was a baby.  His skin has never been in need of any moisturizers.


*Bubble and Bee Bar Soap – These soap bars look gorgeous!


*Meow Meow Tweet Bar Soap – packed in paper and made without palm oil.  Check out different scents.


Sample Mineral Makeup Kit – It is a good way to introduce somebody to Annmarie makeup.  The kit will contain 8 shades and a $10 coupon.  The sample will last a long time.  Read the review here.


Sample Skin Care Kit – Again, this is a good way to be introduced to Annmarie’s skincare lineup.  For only $10, you will receive a kit and a $10 coupon.  This would make a great “stocking stuffer!”


By Valenti Organics Body Oil – these organic oils are so good for the skin. They only contain beneficial ingredients. Read the review here.


Badger Body Oil – it is an inexpensive and a great moisturizer. I love using it.


*Lip Balms by Valenti Organics – a variety of great flavors.


Bath Herbs – a thoughtful gift for bath lovers to relax the senses and nourish the skin.


Bath Salts – a perfect gift for bath lovers to condition the skin!  To get 15% off, use the coupon IREADLABELS15.


Au Naturale Lipsticks and Gloss – made with non-toxic ingredients and EcoCert mineral pigments.  To read more, click here.


Other Holiday Gift Ideas


*Nature Journals – if your friend or family member writes a journal or makes to-do lists, like me, this might be a great gift.  The covers are made of tree leaf leather.  They are made by artisans in Thailand.


Wallets and Bags – These are made in Thailand by hand with tree leaves most of which have already fallen. What a cool idea!


Subscription to Thrive Market – for a monthly subscription fee, you can buy groceries at up to 50% below retail prices; a lot of groceries are organic.


Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids


Toy Kitchen Pots and Pans – my son loves playing with these.


Duralex Tempered Glass Kids Dishes – made in France, won’t leach any questionable chemicals


Holiday Gift Ideas Over $35


Non-Toxic Home


Organic Cotton Throw or Blanket by Coyuchi – I like Coyuchi and we own a set of bedding from them.  It is made in Germany and the cotton comes from Turkey.


Cutting Board – this is the best cutting board. These cutting boards are the only cutting boards that are made with one piece of solid wood and are NOT finished with mineral oil.  We own two of them and love them.  Please see my review here.


*Plastic-Free Shower Curtain – this shower curtain is made of hemp.   Apparently, you do not need plastic for your shower curtains. I am so curious to try it!  Let me know how you like it, please. You can read its reviews here.


*Food Containers – we use these containers and we love them.  I love the fact that the amount of plastic is kept to a bare minimum.


Plastic- and Aluminum-Free Rice Cooker – Most rice cookers are made of aluminum so I bought this stainless steel rice cooker.  It is simple, inexpensive, and works great.


Plastic-Free Coffee Maker: an excellent gift for coffee lovers.  Please read more about it and watch a video on how to use it here.


Electric Pressure Cooker – It is an easy way to cook bone broth, beans, stews, and a variety of other dishes.  You can read more about it here.


Naturepedic Mattress – We love Naturepedic mattresses!  They are super comfortable, non-toxic, and reasonably priced. We own a crib mattress, a California King size mattress, and recently got a twin-size mattress for my son.  You can read my review of Naturepedic crib mattress here and see a mattress we bought for ourselves here.


Organic Pillow – I looked all over for a safe pillow for my 5-year old son, and I deemed this pillow the safest.  He loves it!


PureEffect Water Filter – a water filtration system I researched thoroughly and like.  To read more, head over here.


Home Goods – Pine Street Natural Interiors, a retail store with lots of great products, including upholstered furniture, bedding, carpeting, rugs, tables, lighting, blinds, and more.  You can make purchases online/over the phone, and when you mention my name you receive 5% off on your first purchase.  Call Rowena Finegan at 415.331.9323.  Two years ago, my husband and I gave each other a present by purchasing a coach from Rowena.  Read more about it, here.


Corelle Dinnerware sets – they were tested independently and with the exception of mugs found to be lead-free.  We use and like them.  To read more about that, click here.


Xtrema/Ceramcor Ceramic Cookware – They have frequent sales. Ceramics is always a suspect for lead and cadmium contamination.  They are the only ones who share test reports.  They are made in China.To read more, click here.


Visions Ceramic Glass Cookware – made in France and the lids are made in China.  It was tested for lead and cadmium with XRF technology by a blogger and she found none.  To read more, click here.


Affordable Organic Sheet Sets: we own and love these soft sheets.  The price is unbeatable and you will get additional 20% with the code Read20.  Read my review here.


Organic Cotton and Eco Wool Comforters – The Ultimate Green Store has a wide selection of the comforters.  We bought one for my son and it keeps him very cozy.  They are made in the US.


Organic Meditation Cushions – For meditation practitioners, this is a perfect gift!  They are made in the US.


Non-Toxic Beauty


By Valenti Organics skin care – This is a skincare line I love and use.  Manuela Valenti, the owner, has created products that keep my skin blemish-free and young.  Read my review here.


Annmarie Gianni skincare – My other favorite skincare line.


Blissoma Holistic Skincare – this is what I currently use and love it!  There are a variety of products for every skin type.  You can read my review of this brand here.


Thesis Beauty – Among other things, these skincare products might be a good gift for men.  To get 15% off, use the coupon IREADLABELS15.


Hana Organic Skincare – I recommend all their products.  My favorites are Renew Creme and Everyday Creme (with SPF).  You can read more about it here.


Au Naturale Cosmetics – this is a cosmetic line made with non-toxic ingredients and EcoCert mineral pigments.


Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids


Baby and Kids Sleepwear by Castleware  – my favorite maker of organic baby and kids sleepwear.  It is a brand of luxury.


Wood Play Kitchen with Hutch – A couple years ago, Santa brought it for my son and has been loving it.  It is the only toy kitchen I was able to find that is NOT made in China, made with solid wood, and finished with a truly non-toxic finish.  No lead concerns here.  For more information on the Camden Rose company, visit here.


PlanetBox Lunch Box – our favorite lunch box that my son takes to preschool.


Finn + Emma Organic Clothing – They offer a variety of cute organic outfits in sizes from newborn through 4T.  The products are made in India, not China.


Other Holiday Gift Ideas


*Amazon Prime One-Year Subscription – 2-day free shipping, free streaming music, and movies.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses – I have these and wear them 2-3 hours before I go to bed, and I fall asleep and sleep much better.


Wood Polarized Aviator Sunglasses – It can be a cool gift for those who want to avoid plastic.




Be Fruitful: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Fertility and Giving Birth to a Healthy Child by Victoria Maizes, MD.  To read my review of the book, visit here.  A great holiday gift for somebody who is planning to get pregnant, or who is pregnant already.


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause by Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP:  a great present for somebody who is struggling with Hashimoto’s.


The Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther: one of my favorite cooking books.


Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans by Michelle Tam: great holiday gift for people on a gluten-free diet.  All recipes are EASY and QUICK! It takes no more than 30 minutes to make most recipes.


The Heal Your Gut Cookbook: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Intestinal Health Using the GAPS Diet by Hillary Boynton.

I hope you will find items that will inspire you. Let me know if you have other suggestions.  A lot of links are affiliate links meaning that if you buy a product by clicking on the links, I will receive small commissions at no cost to you.  The commissions will be my holiday bonus!  Thank you, in advance!  Happy Holidays!

Non-Toxic Holiday Gift Ideas




















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25 Responses

  1. Nadya

    Love the holiday gift list suggestions! Thank you!!! It will be helpful and I already know what I will get for some of my family members now!

  2. Marilyn

    Great gift ideas! Thank you for doing all the research and your wonderful suggestions!!!

  3. Kendra

    Thank you for this list. Love the ideas on here & I will be adding some items to my wish list. I was wondering what your thoughts on kids plates are? We are looking to replace the ones we have (& take our last step to being plastic free for the kids) & we are considering bamboo plates by Avanchy or Love Mae. Do you have any other suggestions or things to look for to make sure we are choosing a safe option? Thank you!

    • Irina Webb

      Hi, Kendra: bamboo is definitely better than plastic. However, there is not much information availble as to what may leach out of bamboo and most bamboo comes from China. You want to ask where bamboo came from, if bamboo is organic, and if there is any chlorine bleach and glue. Have you considered glass? I know it can break but tempered glass is more durable. These glass plates are made in France. Let me know what you find out. ~Irina

  4. Kendra

    Thank you Irina! I had considered glass but had not found smaller sets like those. We use glass cups with a lid & straw so going with smaller glass plates is great. Thank you again!

  5. Erica Jones

    Thank you for your list, Irina! 🙂 I LOVE Coyuchi as well for their organic bedding options. This is an awesome resource for holiday shopping! Thanks again!

  6. Jessica

    Regarding the kitchen, did you find something out about Elves & Angels? I know you previously wrote an article on them and Camden Rose so I am just curious. They also have kitchens. I am actually trying to decide between Camden Rose’s playstand or Elves & Angels for my almost 3 1/2 year old son.

    • Irina Webb

      Hi, Jessica: I had not looked into Elves & Angels since I wrote that post. But since you asked I’ve looked and I see that Elves & Angels use solid wood and CARB II plywood whereas Camden Rose is all solid wood. You might want to ask about that. ~Irina

    • Jessica

      Thank you, Irina. I ended up purchasing the Camden Rose playstand that should be here this Thursday.

  7. Laura Haugh

    I just bought that hemp shower curtain! I will definitely let you know how we like it.

  8. Martie

    I just love this list, thank you Irina. Definitely going to get some of the books! I was wondering, bedding wise, organic is the best option in 100% cotton, but what about 100% cotton sateen, or percale?

  9. Natalia

    Hi Irina, thank you for such a great resource! So useful during this time of the year.

    Quick question – you recommend blankets from the Ultimate Green store, what about other items they sell? Did you do any research on them? I am looking at some clothing options and yoga mats. thanks!

    • Irina Webb

      Hi, Natalia: it is hard to make a blanket statement about all products sold in the Ultimate Green store. Let me know what you are considering, and I can take a look for you. ~Irina

    • Irina Webb

      I do not recommend their yoga mats as even though they claimed that they are made of PVC without heavy metals, phthalates, etc, they won’t tell us what they use instead. I guess we just have to wait for a whistleblower to educate us on that. I see that they have a nice robe collection by Coyuchi. They are certified by GOTS so the dyes should be okay. Let me know if you have specific questions. ~Irina

  10. Maria


    have you ever come across a company called: rawganique. I came across them today online and they claim to be make organic cotton, flax linen, and cannabis hemp products in USA, Canada, and Europe from organic cotton, flax linen, and cannabis hemp grown and naturally processed in USA and Europe.

    Please let me know I am on the search for a hemp shower curtain.

    Thank you,

      • Natalia

        I’ve been looking for an organic bathrobe for over 2 months now … and I have a question – why, everything that’s organic, has to be soooo ugly? I’m ok with unbleached fabric and pale colors, but what about the cut itself? Why can’t they sew it in a way that makes a woman look attractive in their clothing? Instead, most of organic clothes look like potato sacks or granny panties. Is it a general trend that women that care what their clothes are made out of don’t care how they make them look?
        Just wanted to vent after looking at some rawganique designs … good lord, my husband would laugh his head off if he saw me wearing that.

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