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Crunchi Non-Toxic Makeup Review

Written by Irina Webb

Do you like makeup?  I do, so I set a goal to find a non-toxic makeup brand that would meet my strict standards.  In addition, the company must be transparent enough to welcome my questions and make products that work well.  If you have been a part of our community for some time now, you know that this is a tall order.  Today I am excited to finally have a really good recommendation for you – Crunchi makeup. 

Crunchi Non-Toxic Makeup Review. A collage of Crunchi makeup.

What makes Crunchi different?

To begin with, I have examined several makeup brands that claim to be safe.  They include Hynt Beauty, Beautycounter, Vapour Organic Beauty, 100 Percent Pure, Thrive Causemetics, Lily Lolo, W3ll People, Mineral Fusion, Rejuva, and Ilia Beauty, to name a few.  Unfortunately, I cannot recommend them because they either fall short of my standards or have not responded to my emails. 

Crunchi, on the other hand, is different.

First, there are no claims on their website that their products are organic or natural.  Since neither shampoos nor cosmetics can be certified organic, I appreciate the fact that Crunchi is not using false advertisement.

Second, they list the ingredients per INCI naming conventions which are the agreed-upon industry standards.  Hence, it is easy to see what is in their products.  This tells me that Crunchi has integrity and respect for customers.

Third, I got answers to all my questions from one of the Crunchi makeup co-founders Melanie Petschke who took time to call me personally.  Melanie’s integrity, knowledge, and passion to create a well-performing non-toxic makeup brand impressed me a lot.  In fact, she values my opinion on the safety of ingredients for their new products.

In contrast, I felt like I had a time-wasting experience with many other makeup companies, especially when it came to heavy metal contaminants in makeup colorants.  We will talk about what Crunchi does about heavy metals in makeup next, so keep reading.

Why is it important to know about colorants in makeup?

Well, the main answer to this question is that colorants may be contaminated with heavy metals.  They are derived from either petroleum or minerals which come from the earth.  And since heavy metals are a natural part of the Earth’s crust, they are found in dyes and pigments used in cosmetics. 

Admittedly, trace amounts of heavy metals can be present in both types of cosmetic colorants: petroleum-based and mineral.  In addition to heavy metals, petroleum-based pigments may contain trace amounts of contaminants specific to petroleum.  They may include carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting benzo[a]pyrene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).  For this reason, I recommend brands made only with mineral pigments, such as Crunchi makeup.

FDA test results of 400 lipsticks in 2010 raise consumers’ awareness of heavy metal contamination in cosmetics.  According to the test, most lipsticks contained lead, and the highest amount was 7.19 parts per million (ppm).  Please read my post about Heavy Metals in Makeup to learn more about other tests and how you can reduce your exposure to heavy metals.

Colorants in Crunchi non-toxic makeup

It is good to know that Crunchi uses 3rd party testing for heavy metals.  In my experience, most makeup companies rely solely on the information that their ingredient suppliers provide.  As of today, the levels of heavy metals (such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium) in all Crunchi products are well below the European Union, Canadian, and United States cosmetic heavy metal upper limits. 

In most cases, Crunchi knows that their products contain trace amounts of heavy metals because the lab they use can test to very low limits.  For lead and arsenic, the minimum detectable levels are 0.003 ppm, and for mercury and cadmium, they are 0.001 ppm.  In the table below you can see the upper limits that EU, Canada, and the US established.

EUCanadaUnited States*
Lead 10 ppm10 ppm10 ppm
Arsenic3 ppm3 ppmno finished product limit
Cadmium1 ppm3 ppmno guidance
Mercury1 ppm1 ppm1 ppm**
* The US does not legally enforce these limits; it just provides guidance. **The US permits an upper limit of 65 ppm for mercury if used as a preservative in an eye product.

To achieve the lowest possible heavy metal levels for their non-toxic makeup, Crunchi invests in the highest purity grade colorants available (e.g. iron oxides) from reputable suppliers.  None of their mineral pigments come from China.  This is important because of high background levels of pollution in China and lenient regulations.

Crunchi makeup and EcoCert

Furthermore, Crunchi makes cosmetics with mineral pigments (iron oxides) that are certified by EcoCert, a European Union certification.  Specifically, this guarantees that their pigments are truly natural and free of any synthetic additives. 

Another reason I appreciate the fact that Crunchi’s pigments meet the EcoCert standards is that they must adhere to the European Union limits for heavy metals. 

Thus, I believe EcoCert is a good standard for makeup pigments to have.

Please know that any makeup may contain heavy metals, so do your best not to inhale or ingest it.  Also, do not let your kids play with makeup.

Other ingredients in the Crunchi non-toxic makeup line

Among the ingredients of Crunchi products, I noticed no ingredients known to increase the risk of cancer or cause endocrine disruption.  Moreover, Crunchi does everything possible to avoid common allergens and irritants.  You can see their banned ingredient list on their website, which is quite extensive.  (Anything can cause an allergy.  Some people are even allergic to chamomile or coconut.)

The fact that Crunchi does not claim that their toxin-free makeup and skincare products are organic or natural is refreshing.  In other words, it tells me that they are not trying to “greenwash” consumers.  

First of all, mineral colorants are not agricultural products, and, therefore, by definition cannot be organic. 

Second, the Crunchi makeup company utilizes a handful of synthetic ingredients vital for the products to perform well.  To clarify, I believe it is impossible to create a well-performing makeup line with only organic plant oils and botanical extracts.  Therefore, in my opinion, Crunchi strikes the right balance between performance and safety.   Also, almost all their plant extracts and oils are organic, which is rare to find.

A controversial ingredient in the Crunchi line

The ingredient Crunchi uses in their non-toxic makeup that has generated some controversy is dimethicone.  Known as silicone oil, it helps mask wrinkles.  At first, I tried to avoid using products containing dimethicone, but then I looked into the question of its safety closely.  While there is a lot of negativity on the Internet about this ingredient, the information I have found lacks references. 

Sometimes what happens is that someone writes something bad about an ingredient but does not state a source.  Others amplify the concern without citing their sources either.  Consequently, the ingredient develops a bad reputation on the Internet, even if it does not deserve this reputation.  For this reason, I always do my own research and rely on scientific sources.

In this case, I searched high and low but could not find any scientific evidence linking dimethicone to any health concerns.  Instead, I found comprehensive evidence to the contrary.  Please read my post to find out why dimethicone belongs in toxin-free makeup.

Preservation system in Crunchi makeup

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably know that I always emphasize the importance of preservatives.  When products contain water, they must have preservatives to protect them from mold and bad bacteria growth.  If you have a compromised immune system, bacteria can seriously undermine your health.  You can read more about the scientific studies about the ill effect of bacteria on health in my WaterWipes Baby Wipes post. 

However, I have noticed that some companies either conceal their preservatives or do not use them at all, which is dangerous.  Therefore, I appreciate the fact that Crunchi non-toxic makeup and skincare contain some of the safest and most effective preservatives.

For example, Crunchi does not use Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE).  Conversely to the claims about its antimicrobial properties, studies show that natural GSE does not have antimicrobial properties whatsoever.  Moreover, its antimicrobial properties come from additional ingredients that are not that harmless.  To learn what these ingredients are, please read my post about WaterWipes Baby Wipes.

To estimate a product’s safety in seconds and avoid harmful preservatives, get your Savvy Consumer Superpower.

Are Crunchi makeup ingredients non-GMO and vegan?

All Crunchi toxin-free cosmetic products are non-GMO, which is another great accomplishment.  Sometimes manufacturers use raw materials that can be GMO, which is not easy to detect.  However, Crunchi goes the extra mile to ensure that their products are non-GMO, which I highly appreciate.

Due to the use of organic beeswax, Crunchi lip gloss is considered vegetarian.  Other than that, all products are vegan.  Technically, beeswax is an insect by-product and, therefore, cannot be declared vegan.  However, Crunchi states that they are currently working on new and improved formulations that will no longer contain beeswax.

Is Crunchi non-toxic makeup gluten-free and cruelty-free?

For gluten-free people like me, I am glad to say that none of their products contain gluten. Those products that are not manufactured in a gluten-free facility have a stringent protocol to prevent cross-contamination.

As for their stance on animal testing, Crunchi tests their products on humans only; no animals are involved.  By the way, all the products I use and recommend are cruelty-free.

Is Crunchi makeup packaging environmentally friendly?

Ever since my son was born, I take environmental pollution personally.  It is painful to realize that we leave so much garbage behind for our kids to deal with.  What I love about this safe makeup company is their sincere concern about the environment.  Hence, the packaging materials are mostly glass, paper, and aluminum.  For instance, Crunchi eyeliner comes in an aluminum container.  They use glass to package their foundation, primer, sunscreen, daylight and nightlight creams, brow gel, and even lip glosses.  Moreover, their non-toxic eyeshadows come in paperboard packaging.  In fact, each product page has a tab where you can read about the product packaging. 

Although it is not feasible to avoid plastic completely, 100% of their plastic is free of phthalates and BPA (and other bisphenols).

Also, it always makes me happy to see no plastic wrapping when I receive a new order of these safe makeup products.

How does Skin Deep database rate Crunchi non-toxic makeup?

The EWG Skin Deep Database rates all Crunchi toxin-free makeup and skincare products quite well.  Except for two products that the EWG rates at 2, all their products received the best possible rating of 1.  You can see their ratings here.

To clarify, the exceptions are Crunchi Daylight Facial Cream and Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation.  The culprit in the daylight cream is the orange peel oil that the EWG rates at 5.  As for the foundation, the EWG downgraded the product rating because of the rosehip oil, which they rate at 3. 

Yes, essential oils can be allergenic, and for that reason I prefer baby lotions and shampoos to be free of essential oils.  But the concentration of essential oils a product contains makes a big difference.  I believe that Crunchi makeup and skincare products contain safe oil concentrations.  Also, they do their best to always source organic essential oils.

Actually, this is one of the reasons my ratings of ingredients and products sometimes do not coincide with those of the EWG Skin Deep database.  In my opinion, the EWG is not transparent enough because they do not answer my questions regarding why they rate their product the way they do.  If you want to learn how to use the Skin Deep database the right way, please read my post about it.

My top favorite Crunchi non-toxic makeup products

To begin with, let me give a point of reference.  My skin is on the drier side.  Yet, it is prone to breakouts if I do not use the right products.  Plus, I am in my forties, so I have some wrinkles.

I was afraid that dimethicone would cause my skin to break out as some say on the Internet.  But it did not.  I have been using Crunchi makeup almost exclusively since 2018 and have not experienced any skin issues. 

Therefore, quite a few products from the Crunchi line have become my favorites.

My favorite skin products

Definitely, my top favorite is Crunchi Daylight Cream, a hydrating face moisturizer that makes my skin look and feel younger.  It passed a tough exam on hydration in the high desert we went to last year, where the climate is obviously very dry.  However, Crunchi daylight cream saved my face skin from drying; it remained normal and felt great.  For the detailed ingredient review, please refer to my post about this hydrating face moisturizer.

Next, I really like Crunchi SPF 30 Sunlight Facial Sunscreen.  It has a good concentration of non-nano zinc oxide, so yes, it does leave a slight white tint.  However, this is a small price to pay for the UVB and UVA ray protection.  Besides, once I apply the foundation, the whitening effect goes away.  If you are curious to learn how Crunchi safe sunscreen compares with other facial sunscreens, please use my Non-Toxic Face Sunscreen Guide.

My third favorite product in the Crunchi non-toxic makeup line is their Beautifully Flawless Foundation.  What I like about it the most is that it spreads easily and is very economical.  I need less than one third of a pump.  Before applying it, I like to use Crunchi Smart Primer to mask my wrinkles.  Also, for a dewy effect, I use a bit of Crunchi non-toxic highlighter.  Please, read my detailed feedback about each ingredient of this non-toxic foundation

Finally, I use a tiny bit of Crunchi Make Me Blush.  The Crave shade compliments my skin tone the best.

The Crunchi makeup tool I like

I absolutely love the flat top brush I use to spread the foundation.  A professional makeup artist I talked to told me that Crunchi brushes are truly professional.  I recommend them because it is important to use the right tools for your makeup to attain the best look. 

My favorite eye and brow products

First, I use My Alibi™ Concealer + Eye Primer under my eyes to smooth out my complexion.  It makes me look younger because it does not make my fine wrinkles more visible.

Second, this list would not be complete without eyeshadow.  I love the fact that the eyeshadow bar contains all the colors that I need.

Another masterpiece in this non-toxic makeup collection is Nutrient Brow Pomade.  I used to think that I had pretty good eyebrows until I tried this pomade.  This product not only colors your brows but also stimulates hair growth.  Using it together with their brush will help you achieve natural-looking yet silky, shapely, and luxurious eyebrows.  Feel free to read my detailed review of Crunchi Safe Brow Pomade for Beautiful Brows.

Lastly, I cannot express how much I like their Clear Brow Gel.  Without the gel, my eyebrows get unruly, so the gel helps me to keep them neat.  I have always wanted something that would keep them in place, and this Crunchi makeup product hits the bull’s eye. 

My favorite lip products

Because lipstick goes onto your lips, you can ingest small amounts of it.  Hence, I am very picky about the lip products I use.  I find Crunchi lipstick safe and non-toxic.  Out of the eight shades they offer, I have tried three: pure, serendipity, and pomegranate.  Please visit my review of the Crunchi non-toxic lipstick and the color guide I created there.  Currently, Crunchi lipstick is undergoing reformulations to remove beeswax and make it completely vegan.

In addition, I love Crunchi lip gloss which is truly moisturizing and glossy.  If you have dry lips, you might want to choose it over lipstick.  I have 4 favorite shades. You can learn more about Crunchi lip glosses in my post What is in Your Organic Lip Gloss?.

Above all, I love the fact that there are quick and helpful videos on how to apply Crunchi makeup.  Needless to say, I watched them all.

Here is a picture of me wearing Crunchi 2.5 foundation and Namaste lip gloss.

Crunchi non-toxic makeup review toxin-free makeup

Conclusion about Crunchi non-toxic makeup

In conclusion, I can say that I use Crunchi cosmetics almost exclusively because I feel comfortable with both the products and the company.  Thus, the company is transparent and does not use colorants from China.  The top favorites I chose are based on their performance, but I consider all Crunchi products safe.

I wish I could recommend other makeup brands, but I cannot do it with a light heart at the moment. To be clear, there are makeup products from other companies that I recommend but this is the only entire line I endorse.

You can buy Crunchi toxin-free makeup and skincare products on the Crunchi website.

Please, browse my shop for options of non-toxic products.  Additionally, book a consultation with me if you need any assistance understanding the products.  Most importantly, you can join the Savvy Consumer Circle to go deeper with healthy living.

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      1. Avatar

        Irina do you know anything about grease foundation? Its getting really good reviews but question ingredients as it almost seems too good to be true

    1. Avatar

      Hi Irina,
      I noticed this post was updated in January of 2020 but is the information based off the old formula for the foundation? I’ve been looking into the new foundation but most information is based off the old formula which they no longer carry. Have you tried the new foundation? What do you think of the new ingredient list? Thank you!

      1. Irina Webb

        Hi, Brenda:
        I’ve tried a new formulation and it is great. I have no concerns about its ingredients and in a process of updating the post. Thank you for asking, Brenda!

  1. Avatar

    Thank you for all of your hard work and I’m glad the search for a safe makeup brand is done! I was wondering if you found the Au Naturale brand to be not as transparent as you would have hoped? I purchased some lipstick, blush, and foundation after I read your posts about their lipsticks.

      1. Avatar

        Let me start by saying I am 35 and am just starting to have a few wrinkles, and have dry cheeks and forehead so I tend to stay away from powder foundations. I love their blush. It is very pigmented so you don’t need much and has a light feel on the skin. Also, it has a small amount of shimmer that gives your skin a more dewy appearance that is very nice. They have both powder and stick foundation, the powder seems to perform as well as any other powder foundations but I don’t generally use this. Their stick foundation took some getting used to since I was used to using liquid. I apply the foundation stick directly to my face in lines and then use a beauty blender to spread it. I would classify it as light to moderate coverage and it tends to look cakey if there are any dry areas around my eyes. Au Naturale also does not offer a primer which I found really helps the foundation go on more smoothly and prevents it from sinking into the mild wrinkles around my mouth and eyes. I also tried their stick eyeshadows. Their light shadows (and highlighter sticks) work great, and I use an angled brush to apply their dark shadow as a liner. Overall I would purchase their lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush again but will continue the search for a good foundation. Excited to try the Crunchi brand next so thank you for your continued work!

        1. Irina Webb

          Thank you so much for providing me with this valuable feedback! That’s what I thought Au Naturale stick foundation would be and that’s why I searched for something better. It sounds like you will like the Crunchi liquid foundation and primer. Please let me know when you try them. ~Irina

  2. Avatar

    Thank you for this information, Irina! I’m excited to check out this brand when I need to replace various makeup items. I know it is hard to know without background info, but do you think it would be okay to wait and change out makeup products as I go, instead of doing another complete makeup bag overhaul? (I currently use: RMS Beauty foundation and eye shadows, Red Apple Lipstick, W3ll People Mascara, Alima Pure Blush.)

  3. Avatar

    Hi there. I follow your posts and I appreciate what you do. However, I’m in Canada and I see that Crunchi doesn’t ship to Canada. They sound amazing but I doubt I’ll ever get to try them.
    Have you heard of Batty’s Bath products? It’s Canadian…just wondering if you have an opinion on their stuff. That’s what I’m currently using but not al products. Only their foundation and eye shadow. I’ve yet to find a natural under eye concealer that is actually flattering.

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Amanda: thank you for letting me know. By the way, Crunchi has plans to add international shipping so you might have a chance to try their products in the future. I have not looked into Batty Bath’s products yet but I can do that if more people ask for this brand. As you can probably tell, I spend a lot of time researching a brand so I do not make hasty recommendations. You can also hire me for a reasonable fee to look at their ingredients and send them my questionnaire: ~Irina

      1. Avatar

        Is Crunchi’s new mascara comparable to the one mentioned here in terms of safety, integrity, and performance?

        1. Irina Webb

          Hi, Sabrina: It is comparable in terms of safety and integrity. As for performance, I am not thrilled about it. Everybody is different though and I hear lots of positive feedback. ~Irina

  4. Avatar

    Hi Irina
    Thanks for another great post! What do you think of the 100% pure line? I’ve been using that the last few years, I think (?) after I read one of your posts on their lipstick. I’ll have to go back and check if that’s how I learned about their line!! Thanks, Joy

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Joy, it is nice to hear from you! I do not recommend 100% Pure. Unlike anybody else, they claim to make pigment derived from fruits and other plants. With the exception of henna, plant-derived pigments are not approved by the FDA. There is virtually no data on their safety and stability. The answers that I received from them regarding their pigments and other ingredients did not make me feel assured. Also, I keep wondering if fruit and plant pigments work so great, why is 100% Pure the only company that uses them? I hope you will give Crunchi a try. Let me know what you think. ~Irina

  5. Avatar

    Thanks for doing all this research! You mentioned they use a vegan-friendly ingredient and are cruelty free but is their entire line-up of products vegan? Thanks!

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Tonia: Thank you for your question. With the exception of products that contain beeswax, they are vegan. Do you want me to provide you with a list of products that contain beeswax? ~Irina

  6. Avatar

    I just ordered a few items to try. I’m always looking to improve my makeup brands. I’ve been searching for a great non-toxic mascara for over a year now. I’m going to give Crunchi’s a try. Hoping this is the one.
    Thanks Irina for spreading the word on toxins!

  7. Avatar

    Have you looked into Omiana makeup? I’m wondering if it’s worth using up what I have before I switch to Crunchi. Thank you for doing all this wonderful research for us!

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Jennifer: I do not normally advise throwing away your current products unless they have obvious carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and allergens. I spent a few minutes on the Omiana website, I think you are okay with using up their products. Thank you for asking. ~Irina

  8. Avatar

    Thank you! I learned a lot and will try Crunchi’s primer. I have definitely seen balms and maybe powders in tins. I have also seen paper/cardboard but they may have had plastic liners. Are Rachel Perry products still available?

  9. Avatar

    Hi Irina, thank you for your research and reviews. Can you tell me if the Crunchi lipstick actually lasts on your lips for more than an hour or a sip of water? I have other “natural” lipsticks that don’t last so I feel like I shouldn’t bother with wearing them. I realize the unhealthy ones use chemicals to make them last, but was wondering if they have perfected both needs. Thank you.

  10. Avatar

    I’m highly sensitive to rice and rice containing products which my nutritionist suspects is due to arsenic levels. Thank you pollution! I noticed that they use rice in some of their cosmetics. Have they done testing?

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Nicole:

      Thank you for asking. The rice powder used in the Crunchi cosmetics has been tested quarterly and contains under 1 ppm, which is 0.0001%, which is consistent with what you generally find in rice we eat. You are right that arsenic is a problem in rice. Have you tried arsenic-free rice? Have you had a grain allergy test? I have been tested for probably all foods so it removes a guessing piece out of eating. 🙂 Let me know what you think. ~Irina

  11. Avatar

    Thank you, Irina. I have tried Crunchi lipstick (the only makeup I use). I was very pleased with the whole experience of ordering from Crunchi. I e-mailed my picture to their makeup artist to get a recommendation. They were very prompt in replying, and I’ve been very happy with the shade (Serendipity) they recommended. I only wish they were cheaper 🙂 I have also tried Au Naturale lipsticks, but wasn’t quite as happy with them. The color does not go on very well; sometimes it’s barely visible even though in the picture the it looks fairly intense.

  12. Avatar
    Melinda Koethe

    I am 75 and am trying the Crunchi line of cosmetics. I love the primer and liquid foundation for toning out my over-used sun exposed skin. It does a fabulous job of coverage. I was disappointed in the mascara however as it seemed very dry and didn’t add any color or volume to my lashes (such as they are). And I did “swash the brush” as you suggested before applying. Overall I’m very happy with the product and plan to continue using it. You have prompted me into several brands of moisturizers and oils I am continuing to use on my very dry skin and I thank you for your research and for taking the time to post about the products. I look forward to every email you send out.
    Please keep up your dedicated mission of trying to keep us and our planet healthy. Even for me, it’s never too late. Right?!

  13. Avatar

    Ordered Crunchi eyeshadow (faux suede, dark brown), lipstick (Marilyn) , makeup primer and base. FABULOUS! Used the shadow as liner and for brows. Doesn’t smear, applies without problem. Have gotten loads of compliments on the lipstick. Great color and STAYS. It’s hard to find a good red that isn’t toxic. Primer and base have great coverage go on easily. Thanks for the information!

  14. Avatar

    Can you confirm their products, specifically (bronzer, powder and blush) are non-comedogenic?
    I’m definitely trying out their mascara per your recommendation, and thought I’d try other products as well!
    Thank you!

    1. Irina Webb

      Julia: I have done an extensive research on comedogenicity and concluded that comedogenicity is a controversial issue. There is only one comprehensive scientific review dated back to 1980s, which attempts to classify ingredients on a grade from 0 to 5. It also states that comedogenicity should be evaluated based on an amount of an ingredient used in the product and its interactions with other ingredients in the formulation. There are multiple sites on the Internet that provide scales of comedogenicity. But I have not found any scientific sources for their information. With this said, I did check Crunchi ingredients against that scientific review from 1980s and the Internet websites (I do not know how credible they are) and found no comedogenic ingredients in the bronzer, powder, and blush. So you are good to go. How do you check comedogenicity? ~Irina

    1. Irina Webb

      Thank you for letting me now, Marianna. I used to use and like 100% mascara, too. Before I started questioning their plant-derived pigments. 100% Pure, unlike anybody else, claims to make pigment derived from fruits and other plants. With the exception of henna, plant-derived pigments are not approved by the FDA. There is virtually no data on their safety and stability. The answers that I received from 100% Pure regarding their pigments and other ingredients did not make me feel assured. Also, I keep wondering if fruit and plant pigments work so great, provide a variety of colors, and heavy metal-free, why is 100% Pure the only company that uses them? ~Irina

  15. Avatar

    Hi Irina,

    First of all, thank you so much for your site and doing all of this research for us. I’m especially concerned with lead in cosmetics as I am nursing my daughter and her first lead test showed the presence of lead. We found and eliminated the source, but now I am so cautious about anything(which is how I can across your site!)

    Do you have any more information specifically on lead levels or testing in Crunchi cosmetics?

    Thanks again!

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Jenny:

      At this point, I was unable to find a cosmetic brand that routinely tests their products for lead and disclose the results of their testing. The heavy metal testing is expensive. Because I still need to use cosmetics and normally cosmetics is not the main concern for heavy metal exposure, I settled for the next best alternative – companies like Crunchi that use EcoCert pigments that are NOT made in China. Have you looked into lead in your drinking water, food, paint, toys that she puts in her mounth? Do you filter water? Does your water filter remove 100% lead? You might want to test your tap or filtered water: Let me know what you think. ~Irina

  16. Avatar

    Have you heard of Araza Natural Beauty? Their claim is that they are Paleo Certified and the woman who starts it has celiac disease. I’ve seen several paleo bloggers rave about this cosmetics company.

    1. Irina Webb

      Which aspects of Araza Natural Beauty do you appreciate the most? I would have to contact them to learn whether their mineral pigments are EcoCert-certified and whether they are made in China to minimize potential exposure to heavy metals. You can do that also. ~Irina

  17. Avatar
    Milagros Mendola

    I love ❤️ your honest and informative review! Loved Crunchi so much that I decided to represent them! It’s an amazing experience seeing the company grow with such integrity!

  18. Avatar

    Hi Irina,
    I just went to place an order for Crunchi make up & I realized they do not sell eye liner. Unfortunately they are out of stock on the pink eye shadow so I will have to wait for that to come back in stock. In the meantime Is there a brand you recommend for eye liner?
    As always thank you,

  19. Avatar

    I’m looking for an eye pencil crayon, if that exists in the non toxic world. As an example I currently use Revlon Colorstay. It has a soft tip. I never have to sharpen it. I hardly ever wear makeup these days because what I have is toxic & any time I do my eyes are burning even though I have used the same brand for several years so I’m looking forward to my Crunchi order arriving. I appreciate your input.
    Thank you,

  20. Avatar

    Ok thank you very much. I’m guessing where you recommended Au Naturales Brow pencil you do not recommend their Swipe-On Essential Eye Pencil?

  21. Avatar

    Ok that’s great! Thank you so much! I truly appreciate all of the hard work you do and especially your honesty.

  22. Avatar

    I do love reading your posts and value your opinion. I did want to mention one item about essential oils. Pure essential oils do not contain protein and therefore your body can not have a true allergic reaction to them, however, you can develop sensitivities to them. Most companies do not perform purity testing of the oils they use in manufacturing their products so we really do not know the true chemical make up. Most oil supply chains aldulter the oils in some way as standard practice, that is where the problems lie with negative reactions.

  23. Avatar

    Hi Irina,
    I’ve seen photos taken of people whose face looks like it has a white powder on it, and read that it’s because of the silica. I see that there is silica in both the foundation and the finishing powder – have you noticed that your face photographs ghostly white in certain lighting?

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Sylvia:

      I do not use the finishing powder. There is nothing ghostly about the foundation. Thank you for asking. Are you considering to try Crunchi? What are you currently using? Have a wonderful weekend! ~Irina

      1. Avatar

        Great, thanks!

        I currently only use Mineral Fusion’s mascara, but I am considering trying out all of Crunchi’s products, because I would like to wear makeup for wedding photos. Thanks for this great article, and your response!

  24. Avatar

    Thank you! I love reading your thorough reviews. I’m looking for a safer makeup alternative, and have been drawn to Thrive Causemetics. Do you have information or an opinion on how safe their products are for us?

  25. Avatar

    I no longer wear make-up at all…a natural non-colored chap-stick is the closest I get. I first stopped wearing it when I was pregnant with my son over 5 years ago to avoid any potential toxins/ heavy metals during that time. I had before that worn it pretty consistently so the quick change was pretty stark to me and I didn’t feel very good about myself most days. After awhile I decided I’d just wear make-up for special occasions, events maybe once or twice per year. Last year however I went to put on make-up for a friends wedding and when I looked in the mirror I found I no longer liked that made-up version of myself….somewhere along the line I started to feel better about myself just the way I was…no make-up needed. I removed it (before the wedding) and gave away all my make-up. This got me thinking about all the reasons I thought I needed make-up in the first place….advertising, movies, magazines, and insensitive people who would tell me that I would be “so much prettier if”. If… I would just wear make-up, certain clothes, paint my nails, wear my hair a certain way, pluck my eyebrows….and yes, these are all things people have actually said to me.

    Something else that I have noticed over the past few years is that women now feel make-up is a necessity. Several times I have been out shopping with friends who have limited income and are struggling financially. They’ll be telling me how they only buy “necessities” now. And as they’re saying that they’re tossing a bottle of nail polish and eye shadow into the shopping cart and I’m left wondering when this become something we couldn’t be without?

    So personally I’d recommend before you run out and buy more make-up take some time to consider WHY you where it and why you think you’re not attractive enough without it. And maybe try going without for awhile. You might find you actually like yourself just the way you are.

      1. Avatar

        No, I’ve never dyed my hair for fun or to cover grey hair (which I don’t have yet). Even when my hair does grey though I really can’t see myself ever wanting to dye it. There are just so many cons to hair dye…cost, cancer causing chemicals, or chemicals that can thin your hair. It just doesn’t seem like a healthy option for the environment, you or your hair stylist (if you use one) and hairstylists end up handling and breathing in all kinds of harmful toxins all day from all the various beauty products. Unfortunately the woman who cut my hair my whole childhood died of cancer, and I often wonder if it wasn’t partially due to all the harsh chemicals and fumes she was exposed to on a daily basis.

        That all said I also feel that some of the most attractive women I know are the ones who’ve allowed their hair to naturally go grey and wear it with confidence. In other cultures or time periods grey hair was also considered a sign of wisdom and those with grey hair were very respected. 🙂

        1. Irina Webb

          This is a great attitude to have, Kayleigh. And I hope you will carry it on even when you get grey hair and start aging. I used to be perfectly fine with not wearing makeup but now in my forties, I seem to need that extra boost of youth that makeup can offer. I agree with you on the hair dyes. Hair dyes are an occupational carcinogen. Too bad hairdressers do not learn about that in the cosmetology schools. ~Irina

  26. Avatar

    Hey Kayleigh,

    I also agree with Irina, you have really very amazing attitude and this shows you are not only have beautiful face but, you also have beautiful soul also. Thanks for sharing all your experience. You are doing just amazing work and keep up the same in future.

  27. Avatar

    Hi Irina!
    I recently found your blog and am wondering if the Crunchi make-up line is safe for use during pregnancy. I currently use Estee Lauder everything and did not realize how bad the ingredients are. Have you done any research on them?

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Kristy: In my opinion, Crunchi is a lot safer than Estee Launder. Know that any makeup may contain trace amounts of heavy metals so, in an ideal world, it is best not use any makeup. However, I personally can’t do, that’s why I found makeup that I consider the safest and that does work. To err on the safe side, it is important not use any loose powders and wipe off lipstick or lip gloss before eating. Let me know what you think if you try Crunchi. Also, it is good to manage your overall exposures. In other words, if you are potentially exposing yourself in one area, make sure you are doubling your efforts in other areas that you can control. For example, do you drink filtered water? What cookware or tableware do you use? Heavy metals can be found in those. ~Irina

  28. Avatar

    I can not find any safety testing data on phenethyl alcohol which I know is being used as a preservative in skin care products? Do you have the safety data? Thank-you!!!

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Paula: Where are you looking for safety data? Phenethyl alcohol is one of the most studied ingredients. IN fact, it is a food grade ingredient. The World Health Organization expresses no safety concerns using phenethyl alcohol as a food flavoring at current doses. Yes, I have a fair amount of safety data on it. But could you please let me understand your question? ~Irina

  29. Avatar

    Hi Irina! I couldn’t wait to try Crunchi products after reading your review. I’ve been using the primer, concealer, foundation, and lip gloss for a few months and love them all. I love how light they feel, their nice scent and how easily they wash off using a mild cleanser (Blissoma). Thank you so much for your hard work and freely passing along your research!

  30. Avatar

    This was very informative, have you evaluated Young Living cosmetics product line? I am interested in how they compare. Thank you so much.

  31. Avatar

    Hi! Just wondering if you’ve evaluated the W3ll People line? I’m looking at eyeshadows specifically right now and it seems like I can get an equatable product to Crunchi eyeshadows at a fraction of the price.

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Jen: thank you for asking. I totally understand why you’re interested in W3ll People eyeshadows. Their non-colorant ingredients look okay. However, due to a variety of pigments, the question about possible heavy metal contamination becomes more important, I think. Would you be up for contacting them and asking them about the origin country of the manufacture of their pigments and what precautions they take to minimize risks of disproportionally high levels of heavy metal contamination? Thank you, Jen. ~Irina

  32. Avatar

    Hi Irina,
    You are the best ever, I really appreciate everything you do for all our wellbeing and safety! I’ve been a static Crunchi user for a while now, and was recently getting a little concerned about the titanium dioxide in their eyeshadows (which I use). I really would love to know how you feel about that? Cause the internet tends to say stay away from titanium dioxide in powders… what are your thoughts?
    Thanks and love, Heather

      1. Avatar

        Hi Irina, thanks so much for responding, I super appreciate it! It does make sense, that’s what I know about titanium dioxide as well – it’s toxic when airborne and inhaled. I guess I was worried because the Crunchi eyeshadows are a pressed-powder. And the powder becomes airborne when applied with a brush. I just got nervous as a long-time Crunchi fan and was wondering your thoughts on that… thanks so much!

          1. Avatar

            Hi again Irina,

            I’ve been thinking about this answer for some time now… and I can’t really get my head around it so I thought I’d write back even though it’s been a while. Not wanting to beat a dead horse, but there is nothing creamy about Crunchi’s packed powder eyeshadow – I use it daily, and numerous shades. And airborne elements are not something we can always “see,” as they can be tiny and even microscopic. So I’m still curious your thoughts on this issue, considering powders produce airborne elements, and these powders are put on the face close to the nose and mouth. Would love your thoughts still. Thanks! 🙂

          2. Irina Webb

            Hi, Heather, you are right, it’s not a good idea to inhale makeup powders. I am able to apply them without getting them airborne. If you can’t apply without getting them airborne, then you probably should not use them. But then again, everything is relative. I am typing this as the whole western coast is burning and having extremely unhealthy air as result… ~Irina

  33. Avatar

    Have you looked into LFF (Look Fabulous Forever)? I’m ready to ditch the clean makeup I’m using and looking for one that will work with mature skin.

  34. Avatar

    Just as a note their shade matching card has been out of stock for awhile, but if you email them a picture of yourself (I just did a selfie from shoulders up) they will give a recommendation of what shade to purchase. (I did this for the foundation and concealer). 🙂

  35. Avatar

    I really appreciate this in-depth review, and the fact that you have no hidden agenda or ties with the company. I want to try now!
    And… 40s? You look half your age, good on you!

  36. Avatar

    What are your thoughts on Crunchi Sunlight? There is an ingredient in there that shows on EWG as being rate a 5 and indicates that it’s an allergen. Crunchi does have an asterisk by the ingredient to indicate that it is certified organic. I have tried a couple Crunchi products and I am really enjoying them.

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Janelle: I just updated the post and addressed your question in it. Please let me know if you have further questions. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying Crunchi products. Which ones are your favorite? Thank you! ~Irina

      1. Avatar

        Thank you for the clarification and for updating your post! I did some more research and understand your conclusion completely !!! I was arriving at the same conclusion but wasn’t sure.

        I just recently have tried the Sunlight , a lipgloss and the charcoal bar. I have some more stuff on the way.

  37. Avatar

    I find this bizarre as I received an e-mail from you only 2 days ago that recommended Lily Lolo mascara and today I read that you cannot recommend them?

    1. Irina Webb

      Debbie: I find it bizarre too that you make such a claim. Please forward me the email – would love to see it. You probably confuse me with somebody else. To be clear, there are makeup products from other companies that I recommend but this is the only entire line I endorse. ~Irina

  38. Avatar

    Do you know when the Crunchi blushes are making a comeback? I have Crave and Royal Flush but I’m hoping for a more peachy shade!

    1. Avatar

      Hi, Jennifer! They just announced today that they will have the newly formulated blushes in January. Here’s to 2021♥️ (I know because I’m a Crunchi Advocate)

  39. Avatar

    I’m not sure why some of the other brands you can’t endorse. They are EWG verified for certain products, while the only data from Crunchi on EWG is from 2017 and not EWG verified.This tells me that the ingredients are not being updated.

  40. Avatar

    Good Morning!
    I noticed that BeautyCounter was mentioned and it is not a contender in your favorite products. I was hoping you could/would elaborate . I currently use a lot of their products with the impression that they are clean and working towards even more improvements. However, if that is not the case, I’d love to know . I’ve been presented with the opportunity to try Crunchi but the price is even more than the “comparable” items that I currently use from BeautyCounter, and with the tight budget I have to keep, making the switch is making me nervous. I’m also afraid to leave my comfort zone , as I’ve finally found something that works! Anyways, I’d love to have a better understanding of BeautyCounter products .

    Warm Thanks

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi Lauren: I believe that skincare products should be chosen based on your skin and health conditions, history of an allergic reaction, budget, risk tolerance, and appetite for change. When you say that Beautycounter is not a contender in my favorite products, do you mean that their products are no listed in my shop? I just did not have time to do it yet. ~Irina

  41. Avatar

    Thank you SO much for your blog & just existing in general! I have recently come across the phrase “endocrine disruptors” on my journey with infertility, and as a nurse of 8 years (it’s shameful that I’ve never received education on this in any formal setting) and an enneagram 5, I was fully prepared to dive head first into researching this stuff to death. I’m thankful in some ways that I haven’t conceived yet so that I can learn more about ways to reduce exposing my baby to toxic chemicals, but also truly appalled at all the things that are just killing us that we don’t give a second thought. Thank you so much for your work! I hope to order a few Crunchi items to replace all of my makeup.

    1. Irina Webb

      Hi, Rachel: I know what you mean. I am so glad that you are learning and applying this very important information. Please know that I set up a number of different services such ebooks, consultations, and membership website to help people like you create a healthy home. ~Irina

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