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You know you want to create a healthy toxic-free home for your loved ones… but where do you start?

You want to buy safe products but what do those unpronounceable ingredients mean?

You feel confused and frustrated and overwhelmed… 

Do you need a better way to create a toxic-free home for your family?

You don’t have to feel this way.

I believe that you can shop for non-toxic healthy products with ease.

You can gain clarity and confidence to create a healthy home, even if you are on a budget.

What others are saying

There is no doubt that Irina offers unique service. There are so many products I never knew even existed. Most importantly, she provides a solution to the problem. I highly appreciate her hard work and completely trust her recommendations for my family. This kind of research is not easy to do as every brand is trying to sell its products, and it is easy to mask all information about toxins in their products.


I’ve been reading your blog for the past year or so – you have really helped me to stay on the road to health and wellness. You have certainly educated me to live in a toxin-free world and slowly but surely toxins have been significantly reduced in the personal products I use and in the products I use for my home! Your blog is my go to now. I thank God for you every day for doing the research for all of us! I appreciate the time, effort and passion you put into this.


Imagine a new you

Imagine yourself with a smile when shopping for non-toxic products for your family!

Imagine boldly asking the right questions to create that non-toxic home, even with a pushy salesman or haughty manufacturer.

Imagine saving money because you stopped buying products based on marketing claims; instead, you buy products based on their true value.

Imagine being empowered with resources and information to make the best decisions for your family.

My story in a nutshell

I Read Labels For You

I am a nerd. I have two Master’s degrees I received in two different countries and in two different languages.

My son did not have painful eczema or mysterious allergies…  I did not have multiple chemical sensitivities… In fact, my favorite perfume was Estée Lauder Beautiful.

I started this service because I was bothered by the fact that I could not understand the list of ingredients in a baby shampoo I was thinking about purchasing.  And when I learned how to understand them, I wanted to share it with you.

I also started this service because I was stressed that I could not find a warm wearable blanket and a lovie for my son that were not made of polyester.  And when I found them, I wanted to share the joy.

Later on, after reading hundreds of scientific studies, through scouring numerous product ingredients, and by asking manufacturers tough questions nobody had apparently asked them before, I learned the truth.

The truth is that in the U.S., government regulations are not sufficient.  If a product is sold in a store, it does not mean somebody made sure that it is safe.  Even if a cosmetic product harms many people, the FDA has no authority to recall it.

The truth is that studies have shown that what we use in our homes and on our bodies affects our health.

I also learned that many chronic diseases can be reversed, and you can feel better while you are still fighting a disease.

To the disbelief of endocrinologists, with the help of a functional medicine doctor, I was able to recover from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition, and I have made a lot of progress in reversing Addison’s, another chronic autoimmune illness.  You can read my latest post about my health journey here.

By the way, a medical doctor, Myrto Ashe, MD, MPH, IFMCP, reviews my blog posts to ensure that the medical information in them is correct. Look for her signature at the top of my blog posts to signify the ones she has endorsed so far.

It has been 8 years since I left my financial analyst career to pursue my passion.  And I am proud to say that my efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Thousands of people follow me on social media, and I am a sought-after speaker on topics near and dear to my heart and have been interviewed as an expert for various media.  For example, I was interviewed for the Pretty Toxic documentary film.  You can view its trailer here.  And this past fall, at the 2019 ShiftCon conference, I received the Best Green Beauty Blogger award.

I have been successfully guiding a group of Savvy Consumer Circle members to make meaningful healthy changes without feeling overwhelmed.

We can also discuss your challenge one-on-one with me so we can identify solutions that will work for your budget, health condition, and appetite for change.

In addition, I consult retailers and product manufacturers to help them choose or make products consistent with their missions.

I whole-heartedly believe you can be empowered with the knowledge you are gaining as well.   And you can be kind to yourself about things you can’t change, just yet.  I am here to help.

What others are saying

I found Irina’s site during my first pregnancy. We wanted our purchases to be healthy for our family, good for the earth and from responsible supply chains. I was overwhelmed trying to make what should have been simple selections like diapers and wipes. Stumbling across ‘I Read Labels For You’ was a sanity-saver! Irina dedicates endless hours to researching products, testing them and best of all, she understands and can explain what all the complex chemicals do and why or why not you may want them in products. I’ve also discovered new brands and products through Irina’s blog and we make it a point to check what she has written about a product that we are considering buying before we purchase it. The service that she is providing has been highly valued by our family, which is why I happily donate money on her site in appreciation for all of the information she provides. While free to us, I know that a lot of time and energy goes into her research. Our family alone has Irina’s research to thank for our choices in toothpaste, diapers, sleep sack, wipes, sunscreen and more.

– Laura

I have to add my voice to the chorus of praise for all the meticulous research you are conducting on ways in which we can decrease the amounts of toxins in our home.

– Dawn

I was compelled to thank you for the work you do to research and share products and, perhaps, even more, the thought and care you put into replying to comments on blog entries.  You recommend yourself and add authority by showing you care about responses and are willing to follow up on questions – not something I often see in the anonymous, overpopulated Internet world!  So thanks for breaking the mold and adding a level of genuineness to your reviews.

– Christine

How to start

non-toxic home

Let's start creating a healthy home today!

When you join the I Read Labels For You community, you will receive weekly emails with inspiration, exclusive content, and coupons to help you gain clarity and confidence to create a healthy non-toxic home!  Plus, you'll get the FREE guide: "5 Powerful Steps You Can Take Today to Create a Non-Toxic Home." 

I find your knowledge so helpful, to the point and like a gold mine. You have saved me so much time and have taught me so much. - Toni

I’d love to hear from you

If you have a question about a product not listed on the website (use the website menu and search engine in the top right corner to locate products), please consider booking a consultation or joining the Savvy Consumer Circle.

Due to the large volume of emails and comments, I don’t always have time to reply but be assured that I read all emails and consider all input as I plan my posts and paid resources.

I am grateful to my husband for his emotional and financial support.  He is also this non-toxic living practice’s legal counselor.  Read about my husband next.

*  *  *

Bill WebbMy name is Bill Webb.  I am Irina’s husband, our son’s father, and an attorney dedicated to helping small businesses and individuals navigate an increasingly complex (and dangerous) society.

History will be the judge as to who had the idea for this blog first.  When we were expecting our son’s birth, I remember Irina was really concerned about finding the best products for him after he was born.  As an analyst, she attacked the problems of finding the right products with the best tool for uncovering the truth: she asked the right questions, and when she didn’t get the right answers, she kept asking.  Believe me, as an attorney, I know when I have been cross-examined well, and Irina is among the best.

After a while, she amassed such a quantity of information on non-toxic baby products that I encouraged her to start a blog and share her newfound expertise with the world.  I thought this would just be a hobby, but I have watched it become a passion, and have witnessed the birth not only of our son but also of this blog.  As I read it, I’m not sure which makes me prouder: watching Irina care for our little boy, or watching her separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to truly safe consumer products.

But this is supposed to be about me.  I grew up an all-American kid in the Midwest, playing sports in the summers and after school, baling hay and de-tassling corn as summer jobs, and eventually ended up at Notre Dame, where I graduated with a dual degree in English and Government and International Relations.  I then attended Notre Dame’s Law School and graduated more than twenty years ago.  I have been licensed in Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, and California.

I practiced law in Indiana for many years, and then migrated West, with a stop in Denver before settling in San Francisco.  I started my own practice where we (three of us now) help businesses and individuals cope with legal issues in a broad range of areas.  You can visit my website here.

I hope you enjoy the information my wife works long hours to bring you.  She has found her calling and her passion in researching, and bringing to light, the many dangerous chemicals and ingredients in products we all use.  Since she began her research, our lives have changed, but for the better.  I have more energy and feel much healthier for the relatively small changes we have made to our lifestyle.  Enjoy exploring these pages.

Let's start creating a healthy home today!

When you join the I Read Labels For You community, you'll receive weekly emails with inspiration, exclusive content and coupons to gain clarity and confidence to create a healthy home. Plus, you'll get the FREE guide: "5 Powerful Steps to a Non-Toxic Home You Can Take Today!"

"I find your knowledge so helpful, to the point and like a gold mine. You have saved me so much time and have taught me so much. Toni

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5 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hi irina.I am in the u.k. And am undergoing treatment for breast cancer.I want to start a regimen for myself to get rid of toxins and chemicals.I am starting with my body firstvthen cleaning and household products.I very much enjoyed reading your blog.can you recommend any sites for me to buy deodorant,shampoo,soap ,body wash.it’s mind boggling I’m just learning and when you think you have found a product you look at the ingredients and it still has a few in their.example.naturally fresh deodorant states no chemicals,paragons however it has phenoxyethenol which is very toxic so it isn’t what it states.also I found a site here in the u.k called handmade naturals ,after researching and looking at body wash ,soaps etc I noticed topherol was in these ,which are regarded as toxic even though it’s supposed to be derived from vitamins,I would welcome your comments and knowledge on these two sites.if you could recommend any totally natural and toxic free that would be great.the breast cancer is feeding off oestrogen so I need a product that doesn’t contain any oestrogen mimic chemicals,I have been told not to have perfum in products as well as these are hidden oestrogen mimic as well.hope it’s not too much to ask .really enjoy your website .keep up the fantastic work you are doing thank you Amanda

    1. Hi Amanda, I am so sorry about what happened to you. I wish you a speedy recovery. I am glad that you ask me questions. This is why I do this blog. My favorite companies are Dr. Bronner, Badger, Poofy Organics, and Ava Anderson. To my knowledge, these companies do not use any preservatives and over 90% of the ingredients they use come from plants without synthetic process. They use chemicals only when it is absolutely necessary. These are probably your best bets to start with. Let me know if you have any questions about their specific products. As for Vitamin E (aka tocopherol or tocopheryl acetate), you are right that it might be toxic depending whether it is synthetically derived and not cleaned at the final stage. Thank you for your nice comment. And let me know if you need more information. Irina

  2. LOVE this website, blog, your work, your passion…keep at it, Irina! It is so important, what you are doing! I am honored to know you!

  3. Melissa Thompson

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing your research! My life is on the brink of change after finding your website. I’ve been so overwhelmed with long ingredient lists and have chosen ignorance for too long. I’m not a researcher so having everything in one place – your website – will be an immense help to me. The toughest thing for me moving forward, I think, will be dealing with feelings of guilt for having used so many toxins on my baby already. Now choosing to be educated and guilt-free! Thank you!

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