360 Cookware

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360 Cookware carries a variety of stainless steel cookware, including pots, pans, slow cookers, and bakeware. None of their cookware or bakeware has any type of non-stick coating, not even so-called “healthy” non-stick cookware.  And yes, stainless steel can act as non-stick. To watch how to make a stainless steel pan non-stick, click here.​ Shop now with the IREAD25 discount code for 25% off (except flatware).  For more information, read below.

More info

360 stainless steel cookware is manufactured in the USA, with materials sourced from around the world.  It is made of three primary metals bonded together, with a .110 gauge of thickness. The inside layer (cooking surface) is T-304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, 18/8, meaning 18% chromium and 8% nickel. The outside layer (sits on the burner) is T-400 series stainless steel that has a lower nickel content and high carbon steel content to interact on induction cooktops. These two layers of stainless steel surround a layer of aluminum, which ensures superior heat conduction and even heating.  Aluminum does not leach into food.

360 Cookware is truly unique because it utilizes Vapor® Seal that captures heat and keeps it moving around your food, not escaping out the sides.  That allows cooking without oil or water.  It is possible to make your fried eggs and omelets slide off the stainless steel skillets.  Be sure to heat the pan well before adding oil.  360 Cookware uses a dry sanding process on all products, which gives them a non-porous surface.  I like that they offer a stainless steel slow cooker because ceramic cookware or dishes may leach small amounts of lead and cadmium into food.  Learn more about the safety of stainless steel and other cookware in my Safe Cookware guide.