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  1. Thanks so much! Could you please let me know where you ended up finding your sofa and if your are happy with it? Thank you!

  2. I am in the market for a non toxic bed as well for myself and my kids. I will be Waiting on your findings.

    Thank you for what you do

  3. may I ask where you purchased your sofa? Are there options to purchase a sofa and chairs in the Bay Area? I am hesitant to purchase a sofa that is not localK

  4. Thank you for this article and for bringing up the astounding amount of greenwashing in the furniture industry. It is amazing how hard you have to dig to find a truly non-toxic couch! I am in Canada and am having an even harder time finding something – because of course many of the custom furniture makers like Ekla don’t normally ship to Canada. I’m curious if you have looked into the Crate & Barrel “eco-friendly” couches, and what you think of them?

  5. Thanks for the info. We are badly in need of a new mattress and finding a good option has been difficult. I was hoping this post was going to have a little more specific info about companies, but I guess I will just have to wait for the follow-up.

    1. Hi Jessica, I ordered the furniture but that does not include a mattress. I am also desperately looking for a new mattress. And when I find it, I will write about it right away! Thanks.

  6. What a great article! Great job on uncovering those greenwashing practices and marketing tools, Irina. I first found out about soybean foam a couple of years ago when I advised a pregnant friend of mine to look into organic crib mattresses for her baby. She listened to my concerns about flame retardants and then she sent me 2 links of mattresses that she was considering. Both were around $130 and were made out of “organic” soybean foam. I didn’t know too much about it but it just didn’t sound right first because all the soy is genetically modified in the US ( as you have mentioned in your article) and second the price is not right for a truly “clean/non-toxic” product. So it sounds like my hunch reaction was right. I will send her this article. Live a life, learn a life. Thanks again and keep us posted on all those sneaky marketing tools that are there to fool the consumer πŸ™‚

  7. I just had a little girl and am looking to buy a new couch that is non-toxic. Would love to hear about what you found.

  8. Thank you for the information. Last year, I was also trying to do research for a new sofa. I still have my old couch with springs hitting the floor—I became too frustrated. It seems like those I did find were very expensive compared to the usual. I had decided to wait until 2015, when I thought that manufacturers might change to a “cleaner” product because of the CA flammability regulation that would be effective in 2015. Please let us know what sofa you chose. We would be very interested. Thank you for your work!

  9. I have just gone through this and my furniture should deliver Friday.

    Almost got snowed on the same issues. You made excellent points in your blog. Thank you. To add to the confusion, many boutiques with furniture fall for the same green washing. Lee industries has a line that sounds good for the reasons you thankfully debunked. Don’t be misguided by the green washing. I wasted time looking at Lee. I would love to see more companies doing what Ekla is doing. Viesso is striving to get there too. I would love to hear of more. Ekla has been great to work with on customiZations too but final verdict will be once it is delivered.

    I will know more then but my search had me finally focusing on viesso and Ekla. I went with Ekla. Donna there is great.
    I also recommend the fabric maker oeco textiles that they partner with. For fabrics, Oeco textiles is available for COD with other manufacturers too. They have a very informative website. Pricing is very fair with Ekla’s oeco partnership though.

    Ekla is comfortable and has strict manufacturing policies made in then USA. By not having a showroom they keep costs down. If you are near LA or their scheduled deliveries you might be able to sit on a piece pre delivery.
    We were pleased with the quality and the healthy end product of what we saw

    I would love to see more furniture stores and healthy boutiques even spas (like the organic health focused ones) carry furniture by Ekla and viesso and others like them.

    I can update when I have the furniture.

    Thanks for the informative blog post.

  10. I am very interested in hearing about your furniture! We are starting the search for a new sofa and I am feeling so frustrated. I’d love to know what company/brand you decided on!