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  1. I really appreciate the work you put into this list. I have been using Mett Naturals and I have been happy with them but reconsidering now.
    Did you look into mold testing in your investigation? 3rd party mold testing is what sold me on Mett Naturals to begin with. I’ve read that mold can be a big issue with the plants. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Lanae!
      We appreciate your feedback!
      As for your question, we have looked at the Mett Naturals website and didn’t see any 3rd party test reports for mold or heavy metals. In addition, they don’t seem to be organic.
      Green Compass monitors their incoming biomass and tests it for mycotoxins as part of their quality programs.

  2. Have you looked into Mary’s Medicinals? I have taken their oil called “the Remedy+” in the past , but wanted to try Aspen Green based on Irina’s recommendation. I am taking 1/4 dropper am and pm and after a week am noticing an improvement in energy and focus. I contacted their customer service (they are excellent!!) because I find the flavor/smell of the 3000 ml mint flavor almost unusable. They have replaced it with the Calm berry flavor, which is less offensive but similar. Maybe I just don’t know what real CBD tastes like. The Mary’s has a very pleasant, mild taste. I am determined to continue daily dosing with Aspen Green and expect to continue to feel an improvement in overall wellness. Thanks to Irina for doing all the work for us.

    1. Hi Kathy! Thank you for your feedback on Aspen Green – we appreciate it! We haven’t looked into Mary’s Medicinals.

  3. I ordered from Aspen Green at Irina’s recommendation. I am very impressed! I chose a topical product because I’m sensitive and am using it for mild pain relief. It works almost instantly upon contact! Wow!! I’ve used another brand that didn’t have near that effectiveness. I could also feel an overall bodily effect simply from applying a small amount topically. Impressive!

    1. Wow! Thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate it, especially because it can help other readers with their choices. We are also happy we could help you!

  4. Can you please explain your rating for Cureganics? It’s not very clear to me. “no additional concerns”

    1. Hi Jennifer! As we explain it above the table where Cureganics is placed:”The main reason the brands presented in the table below are in the “bad” category is that they are not USDA certified organic. In my opinion, it is necessary for CBD hemp oil to be certified organic. Otherwise, it is likely to be contaminated with various pesticides and heavy metals. In addition to having no USDA organic seal, some of these brands have other concerns.” In other words, Cureganics is not USDA certified organic, but it has no additional concerns like some other brands mentioned in the table and the concerns specified. It is our number one criterion for the product to be USDA certified organic, not just “organically grown.” We hope this helps!

  5. I am new here. Do you have reviews of CBD topicals? I desperately need one for pain.
    Also, are there any unscented CBD topicals that are safe to use?
    Thank you!

  6. I’m so thankful you did a blog post on this! Have you ever looked at Poofy Organics CBD? I’m curious if it would pass your test.

    1. Hi Kimberly! Thank you for reaching out to I Read Labels For You and for your kind feedback! We have not looked into Poofy Organics CBD because we didn’t have a request for it. The good news is that you can take our criteria and apply them to any CBD product to decide whether it passes our test. Otherwise, you can book an email product review following the instructions here: Thank you for your interest in our opinion!

  7. Hi Irina! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us! I was wondering if you had looked into Equilibria as many influencers recommend this brand!

    Many Thanks,

    1. Hi Noelle! Thank you for reaching out to I Read Labels For You! We were focusing on CBD tinctures helping specifically with sleep issues and did not see those on Equilibria. They do have 3rd party test reports, which is good, but I didn’t notice their USDA-organic certification. Did you?

  8. I am wondering if in your research, you came across information on whether CBD is safe for teens? And if you can share that research?

    Thank you for all you do!!!

    1. Hi Netty! Thank you for reaching out to I Read Labels For You and your kind feedback! We didn’t come across any research dedicated specifically to teenagers; however, as you can see in the “Hemp Oil Health Benefits and Hemp Extract Benefits” section of our blog post, we mention CBD usage for pediatric purposes. Also, please look into the “What is the right hemp oil dosage?” section for the information about Leaf411 and Realm of Caring that may guide you in this question.

  9. Ojai Energetics appears to meet all of your criteria. I’m curious if you looked at this brand. They are slightly different in that they are water encapsulated so it’s supposed to absorb into the mucosal lining within seconds as opposed to going through the gut. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts! Thank you for the in-depth report. It was really helpful.

    1. Hi LMG! Thank you for your feedback! We didn’t look into Ojai Energetics because there had been no request for it. But we have looked at it now! While their products are USDA organic and there are test reports published on the website, we have some concerns. If you would like to know what they are, please book an email product review here:

  10. It looks as though the Green Compass is close to, but not quite 3x the cost of the Aspen Green? I think I’m reading that right from looking at the available full spectrum options. So, the Aspen Green appears to be a much better price/ml, unless there’s something else I’m not considering?

    1. Hello Angela! Thank you for a conscious approach to making purchasing decisions! You are right about the prices. We give all possible options to help you make informed decisions!