Sea Salt

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Saltverk pure flaky sea salt is extracted from the stream of the Arctic Ocean in Iceland which seems to be the cleanest place on the planet.  It is produced with 100% geothermal energy, which is good for the environment, and comes in small glass jars.  I use this sea salt and love it.  For more information, read below.

More info

Cadmium, mercury, and arsenic levels are insignificant, and the lead level is the best I have seen so far in sea salt: lead 0.0301 mg/kg, cadmium <0.004 mg/kg, mercury <0.007 mg/kg, and arsenic <0.06 mg/kg.  We can consume 16 grams of this sea salt a day and still won’t exceed a daily California Proposition 65 limit for reproductive toxicity. Mamavation tested 23 salts by sending samples to the EPA-registered lab.  Saltverk had the following results: aluminum, mercury, and cadmium were non-detectable.  And arsenic was 15.273 ppb (parts per billion). On the COA, Saltverk had less than 0.06 ppm or 60 ppb.  For more information, read the Mamavation blog post here.

For your information, 2 times out of 3, we ordered this sea salt from Amazon, most glass jars came completely shattered because there was no insulation between them.

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