Pure Haven Shampoos and Conditioners

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Pure Haven shampoos and conditioners, including Baby Wash & Shampoo, have some of the safest and mildest surfactants of the glucoside family, some of the safest preservatives, and use ECOCERT/COSMOS compliant conditioning ingredients instead of quaternary ammonium compounds.  Plus, they contain beneficial organic plant extracts and oils.

Note that their shampoos may not work well in hard water, namely, they may not lather well.  My tap water is soft, and I enjoy using Pure Haven shampoo – it lathers well and cleans my hair well without drying it.

Pure Haven shampoo is rated the best among soap-free shampoos, and their conditioner – one of the best in my Shampoo and Conditioner Rating List.  For this rating list, I researched the ingredients of almost 100 shampoos and almost 90 conditioners and rated them for safety.  So, if you are not satisfied with your present products, want to try something new, or are concerned about their safety, you will definitely benefit from the Shampoo and Conditioner Rating List e-book.

Please know that in addition to Pure Haven shampoos and conditioners, I consider all Pure Haven products safe.  You can learn more about Pure Haven in my Pure Haven review.

You can read more about Pure Haven shampoo and conditioner in my The Best Safest Shampoo post.

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