Easy Solution for Water Filtration

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Clean Water Revival (CWR) will help you choose the best water filtration solution for YOUR water among the filters they make and sell, including:

  1. Gravity countertop water filters*
  2. Carbon multi-stage systems
  3. Reverse Osmosis multi-stage systems
  4. Shower and bath filters
  5. Whole house water filtration systems
  6. Water softeners

*An example of a gravity countertop filter is Berkey (read about it in my Best Water System for You post), but the one offered by Clean Water Revival is more effective and won’t leach contaminants into your water.

To buy the best water filter for YOU that deals with contaminants in YOUR water, here is what you can do.

  1. Find out what contaminants your water has by visiting the EWG’s Tap Water Database and by reading your water quality report. (Type the name of your municipality and the phrase “water quality report” into your Internet browser. If you can’t find it or can’t find the latest, call your municipality. By law, they must mail you a report at least once per year.)
  2. Test your tap water, for example with a Tap Score home testing kit.
  3. Do research into different types of filtration systems. (You can start with my Best Water System for You post and then Pure Course.)
  4. Select a water filter based on your water test results. (Should you need my help, feel free to book a consultation.)
  5. Find a licensed plumber before buying a filter (if you have selected an under-the-sink or whole-house model) and get him or her to confirm that the filter you chose is compatible with your sink and plumbing and that s/he can actually install it.
  6. Ideally, test the filtered water with Tap Score to see how well the filter works on your water.

If this seems time-consuming and costly, there is a MUCH simpler way that will SAVE you TIME and MONEY.

This is what I like about the CWR service:

  1. Dr. Speiser and his team will go over your water quality reports free of charge and help you decide which water filtration system you need based on the contaminants in your water.  Hence, you won’t have to pay for testing your tap water.
  2. They offer a variety of water filters, and they can help you choose the right water filter depending on whether you live in a rental or own your home, even depending on your building floor.
  3. They will also help you find a licensed plumber who can install the system they will sell to you.
  4. Clean Water Revival has been in business for decades and has an impressive list of satisfied customers.  I was actually referred to them by a friend who really liked their service.
  5. They sell water filters outside of the US: Canada, Europe, Australia, and possibly other places – check with them.  If you live outside of the US – rejoice!
  6. Although the filters are not certified by NSF (because it is expensive for small businesses), they are tested by a lab qualified to test filters to NSF standards.

The best way to contact CWR is by filling out the whole house questionnaire even if you just want to buy a kitchen filter.

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