Naturepedic Mattress

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All Naturepedic mattress models are GOTS-certified organic and made of safe materials including organic cotton, organic wool, and organic latex. The mattresses come in different degrees of firmness and can be customized. You can also select dual firmness – one side of the mattress can be soft, and the other side can be firm. Naturepedic mattresses and all other products are made in Ohio. Use my discount code IREAD15 to get 15% off. For more information, read below.

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Naturepedic mattresses are my #1 recommended mattresses for the following reasons:

  • They are GOTS-certified organic, and the certificate is always updated in due time.
  • Besides GOTS, they hold other certifications (including FSC), awards, and memberships (available to view here).
  • Naturepedic was the first company to complete the Organic Trade Association’s new Organic Fraud Prevention Plan (source). In other words, Naturepedic verified the integrity of their organic supply chain and got official proof of their commitment.
  • I have personally interviewed the founder of Naturepedic Barry Cik (who is an engineer, by the way) and built up trust to him and his vision based on our numerous and continuous discussions of the mattress industry.

As for their models, in my Naturepedic Mattress Review I go over the details in how they differ, and how you can select the model that will work best for you. For example:

  • Naturepedic EOS Classic and Pillowtop mattresses can be customized to be latex-free
  • Naturepedic EOS Trilux mattresses do not have springs, they are latex only
  • All three EOS lines (Classic, Pillowtop, and Trilux) can be customized to be vegan wool-free (after you click on the buy now button, you will see customization options toward the bottom of the page)

On their website, Naturepedic offers 100-day money-back guarantee with free shipping and free returns (within the continental US and Canada) if purchased from Naturepedic website directly. The return can be initiated 30 days after the purchase to give the mattress a ‘break-in’ time and body adjustment. In addition, Naturepedic offers generous warranties. Note that retail stores may have different policies from those specified on the Naturepedic website. In other words, if you buy from your local store, the favorable return, warranty, and delivery policies offered by Naturepedic might not apply.

Both my husband and I love our Naturepedic organic mattress! We own 4 Naturepedic mattresses and love them! My husband and I have been sleeping for years on an EOS Classic model. One of the nice things about a Naturepedic EOS is that you can make 2 sides different. For the latex, you can choose Soft, Medium, or Firm. And for the coils, you can choose Plush or Firm. For my side, I have soft latex and plush coils. And my husband has medium latex and plush coils. For your reference, I am 130lb and he is over 200lb.  We are both side sleepers, and based on our personal experience, the Naturepedic mattresses are super comfortable (even for my husband’s bad back).

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My son sleeps on the 2-in-1 kids mattress and by the way, I believe Naturepedic kids mattresses are the most affordable in the organic mattress industry.

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Also, after I discovered I was allergic to down, Naturepedic adjustable pillow became my favorite pillow because it is soft like down but provides enough support. Learn about various types of Naturepedic pillow in my Naturepedic Pillow Review.