Water Testing Kits

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Tap Score offers water testing kits for city water, well water, rainwater, spring water, bottled water, reverse osmosis (RO) water, deionized (DI) water, pond and lake water, certified home loan water tests.  Tap Score water testing kits are easy to use – I’ve used them many times. You can test for one, several or numerous contaminants at a time, e.g., lead, fluoride, or asbestos.  Email me to get a 10% discount code.   For more information, read below.

More info

I like and use the Tap Score water testing service.  And here’s why.

The Lowest Minimum Detectable Levels.  They are critical!  Otherwise, tests are deceiving and a waste of money.  Let’s take lead as an example.  The local companies I called tested to 2.5 ppb (parts per billion).  The California public health goal is 0.2 ppb.  This means that anything less than 2.5 ppb won’t be detectable.  So if the water has 2.499 ppb (more than 10 times the CA health “safe” limit), the result will be negative for lead.  The Tap Score’s minimum detectable level is 0.5 ppb.

✅ A large of specialized testing kits:

  • pesticides
  • drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • microplastics
  • fluoride
  • ammonia
  • perchlorate
  • PFAS
  • lead

✅ In addition, the report that you will receive from Tap Score will provide you with health information on each water contaminant and even specific water filter suggestions for you.  Please know that you should choose a water filtration system based on the contaminants in your water.  Also, the same water filter will work differently on different water chemistry.  Thus, in an ideal world, it is a good idea to test your tap water first to determine which filter to buy and then to test the filtered water to ensure the filter works as intended.

✅ It is easy to use this water testing service, and their customer service is responsive and helpful.

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