Water Testing

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I really like Tap Score by Simple Water.  And here’s why.

✅ The Lowest Minimum Detectable Levels.  They are critical!  Otherwise, tests are deceiving and a waste of money.  Let’s take lead as an example.  The local companies that I called tested to 2.5 ppb (parts per billion).  The EWG’s safe level for lead is 0.2 ppb.  This means that anything less than 2.5 ppb won’t be detectable.  So if the water has 2.499 ppb (more than 10 times the EWG maximum “safe” limit), the result will be negative for lead.  The Tap Score’s minimum detectable level is 1 ppb.

✅ Great Various Testing Packages.  Whatever your goal, you can have a testing package for your needs.  Here are some of them that you can take advantage of.

  • Bottled Water: If you always buy the same bottled bottle, you need to know what is in the bottled water you drink every day.  Read my post about the risks of bottled water.
  • Advanced City Water: Want to find out what is actually in your tap water or test how well your filter performs on the chemistry of YOUR tap water?  This is a great package for that.
  • Advanced Well Water: With industrial and agricultural pollution, groundwater is not safe anymore.  It needs to be tested.  If you want to learn how well your water filter works on your well water, this package is for you.
  • Fluoride: Want to find out how well your filter deals with fluoride? You can test for it.
  • Lead: there is a separate test for lead too.

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