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  1. Annette Baity says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your routine, Irina!

    Can you give more information about the “ice message”? Have you already written about it, or can you provide links to it’s “research”?

    I’m intrigued!
    Northern Cali

    1. Hi, Annette: You are right that I normally provide links to scientific research. In this case, it is just my personal observation. The idea is when the skin is stimulated with cold, it grows collagen. I also heard that Hollywood stars pay top dollars for “cold therapy.” ~Irina

  2. Thanks for posting this, Irina! I’m intrigued. I looked into the Badger oil, and I’m wondering if you just wanted an I scented oil or if you think that’s better than the rose oil…? The rose sounds lovely 😊

    1. Hi, Laurie! Yes, the rose is lovely. I tried it. I found that the unscented version is the mildest on the eyes. ~Irina

  3. Hi Irina!

    Quick question. I was wondering if you thought it was a good idea for me to start using a retinol product now – or if I should wait until after I’ve had children? I know it needs to be avoided during pregnancy and nursing but I haven’t pursued children yet ( though I hope that stage of my life isn’t too far way). I’m leaning towards waiting, and if you agree, do you recommend any retinol alternatives to help keep my skin youthful in the meantime? <3 Thank you!!

    1. Hi, Tara: thank you for asking. Vitamin A skin care products are not recommended during pregnancy because the excess of vitamin A can potentially harm the baby. What would constitute the excess for you should be individually considered. With this said, generally speaking, whatever you believe can harm fetus should be discontinued at least 3 months prior to pregnancy. However, you should double-check that with your doctor. ~Irina

  4. Thank you for the write-up! I’m wondering if you have reviewed this retinol serum from Maya Chia and what you think…

  5. Thanks for this article! I’m wondering if you re-apply sun protection throughout the day, and if so, if it’s necessary to wash your face beforehand so that you’re putting too many layers of product on your skin?

  6. Hi Irina, I wonder if you’ve ever looked at Environ products. The entire line established by a dermatologist is predicated in efficacy of Vitamin A. Some products of their line are cleaner than others but this would be a great brand to research and vet as a powerhouse like that includes in one product (cquence) vitamin A, vitamin C and peptides so no need to use multiple products. Just something to consider. Thanks for your research and work to publish this information!

    1. Hi, Sharon: Generally speaking, I don’t like companies that don’t disclose ingredients on the website. If you join the Savvy Consumer Circle as part of the service, I can look at the ingredients of any products of your choice (given that you can provide the ingredients.) Thank you. ~Irina

  7. Do you need a serum and a moisturizer? I have extremely sensitive skin. I have been on your site for hours and hours. I am going to purchase some products, but I want to make sure I purchase exactly what I need.

  8. Hello I joust found your site and insta and I’m loving these posts.

    I want to begin using retinal but cannot spend the money on the one you suggested, do you recommend any others at a lower price point?


    1. Hi, Jessica: I am sorry I tried but it looks all skincare products with beneficial and safe ingredients are not cheap. The good news is that the products last a long time because you just need a drop. ~Irina

  9. Fereshteh says:

    Thanks for this article! I’m very interested in your website and information you have been provided. I’m wondering if you explain a little more about your skincare routine. As an example, in the morning and night what products do you use for your skin and what is their order. Thanks, Irina!

    1. Hi, Fereshteh: Thank you for asking. I changed it up a bit especially because I get curious to try new products. But right now I do the following routine. Morning: 1. Silk Therapeutics cleanser; 2. Neal’s Yard Remedies cream and eye cream; 3. Crunchi sunscreen. 4. Sometimes Crunchi foundation. Evening: Silk Therapeutics cleanser; 2. Marie Veronique retinol serum. Does it help? ~Irina

  10. I followed your recommendations but feel like maybe I bought too many products! Can you give me your advice?
    For the evening, I bought an oil cleanser, retinol serum, hyaluronic acid, night oil, eye cream, and crunchi night cream/moisturizer, and the weekly exfoliator mask. I feel like a maybe have too many?
    For the day, I have an oil cleanser, hyaluronic acid, crunchi day cream, eye cream, and blissoma sunscreen.
    I really like all of the products you recommended but wondering if it’s overkill. What do you think?

    1. Hi, Jana: I would say hyaluronic acid is not needed for the day because Crunchi daylight has a good amount of hyaluronic acid already. I hope you’re enjoying the products. Let us know how you like the products. ~Irina

    2. Brianne Herklotz says:

      Hi Irina,
      I just purchased several items through your links.
      I’m plan on having the same routine as you posted in a few comments above (just including the serum from NYR’s Intense kit too).

      Would I need a moisturiser after Marie Veronique retinol serum at night?

      1. Hi, Brianne: I don’t think you need Marie Veronique retinol serum. NYR products are really wonderful. When did you make your purchase of NYR products? ~Irina

  11. Helen Pereira says:

    Hi Irina. Can you tell me which of the products you listed from you skincare regimen aren’t safe for breastfeeding? I’m currently breastfeeding but need to buy a while new array of skincare products. Thanks

  12. Helen Pereira says:

    Also. Would you use either the moisturizing serum or cream or both? Thanks

  13. Hi Irina,
    Thanks for all of your work! I’ve appreciated several of your ebooks. Both Silk Therapeutics C advance serum and Neal’s Yard Frankincense intense lift serum look great – but we wouldn’t want to use both at once, correct? Trying to decide if the vitamin C or peptides are better. I would also like to use the Marie Veronique C, E, ferulic antioxidant serum. Would you use an anti-aging serum at one time of day (e.g. morning) and the anti-oxidant serum at another (e.g. evening) or at the same time? And are these three products safe if I am breastfeeding?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Anika: I know this is so hard to decide, even for me. They are all great products. I change up my skincare routine. And yes, you can use some products for your morning and others at night. Currently, I use Neal’s Yard Intense Lift products in a morning. I also like Neal’s Yard Remedies especially becuase their extracts and oils are organic. By the way, I like Neal’s Yard Intense Lift cream better than serum because it is easier to dispense and apply the cream. You can read more about the brand here. My doctor reviewed the post for medical accuracy, too. If you have to decide between peptides and vitamin C, I think peptides are more beneficial. As for breastfeeding, all these products are void of the many potentially harmful ingredients found in most conventional products. However, if you have any specific ingredient questions or concerns with use during breastfeeding please consult with your healthcare provider prior to use. Does it help? ~Irina

      1. Thank you Irina! Yes, that’s very helpful. Oh and is there a good alternative to a retinoid while I’m breastfeeding?

  14. Hi Irina,

    This is a fabulous post! I have very sensitive skin, so I’d like to add one product at a time. I only wash my face at night, so think I’ll start with some kind of moisturizer. (Then I just put sunscreen over it on the morning.) I’ve been using Osmia Organics Purely Simple Face Cream, but it’s not doin’ much for me. I’m in my mid-thirties with an eye toward anti-aging. If you could recommend one product to start, what would it be? Many thanks!


    1. Hi, Carina: I used to use Osmia Organics too and was not impressed. Great idea about adding one product at a time. Hydrating is key in your case. I would start with Crunchi Daylight cream, which is super hydrating but light, absorbent, and non-greasy. And Crunchi is having a sale on it right now. Check it out here:
      When you become my Crunchi client, we can talk more about your next steps at no charge. ~Irina

      1. Thanks Irina! Yes, I’d actually like to order some other Crunchi products and would like advice. What’s the best way to connect with questions/become your client?

        I’m also curious to know why you’d go for the Daylight Cream versus the Night Light Cream. I’ll be using it at night but not washing my face in the morning, so perhaps that’s why? I also have fairly dry skin. Thanks again.

  15. Hi Irina! Thank you for all the info for skincare! I have read lots of your articles and want to order a couple things. My daughter is 21 and seems to struggle with acne and small break outs on the lower part of her face and maybe some rosacea. I would say she has oily skin. She uses crunchi charcoal soap and not sure it helps? What are some simple things you would suggest for sunscreen and a moisturizer? Anything that is 2 in 1 that is clean? I know she/we could try the crunchi sunscreen- but looking for 2 in 1.

    What about a serum like Vit C. At this age does she need it? And with having acne would that make it worse? We have read your articles but can’t decide beat place to start for her. Thanks

  16. Thank you for this informative post. Have you every looked at The Ordinary?

    1. Maria Simmons says:

      Hi, Lindsay! Thank you for reaching out to I Read Labels for You! You are very welcome! We are happy to be helpful! As for The Ordinary, we haven’t looked at this brand in depth; however, I’ve just given a quick look at the ingredients of two of their skincare products and one hair product and spotted some ingredients that we do not consider safe. I hope this helps!

  17. Thank you! Any resources for Canada for this skin routine? Or even any resource that you would have for Canada, not just skincare products.

    1. Maria Simmons says:

      Hi, Alina! Thank you for reaching out to I Read Labels for You! Yes, there is a way out for Canada – it is iHerb, a retail company that sells in 186 countries, including Canada. If you shop at iHerb through our link, you will get $5 off your first order and 5% off your repeat orders. You can just use our link to enter the iHerb website and then look for any other product there and still get these discounts. Check out our iHerb Guide here: Note: being on iHerb does not make a product automatically safe. If you find a product that we do not mention in our guide, and you are not sure about its safety, you can take advantage of our email product review service: We hope this helps!

  18. Hello Irina,
    Thank you for this! I was wondering how your morning and nighttime routines differ. Do you do the same routine in the evening minus the sunscreen and foundation, that is are you using peptides both AM and PM? And do you cleanse in the morning? I have been, but I feel bad washing off my peptides from overnight (ferulic and C serum by Marie Veronique)!

    1. Maria Simmons says:

      Hello Annie, thank you for reaching out to I Read Labels for You! We consider cleansing important both in the AM and PM. As for peptides, they penetrate into the skin and do their job in the night time, so there is no need to worry about washing them away, especially if you are using a day cream with peptides, too.

  19. Hello Irina,
    Have you ever reviewed or tested Dr. Hauschka products?
    Thank you,

    1. Maria Simmons says:

      Hello Emily,
      Thank you for reaching out to I Read Labels For You! We haven’t reviewed Dr. Hauschka’s, but I have just looked at several skin care products, and they all contain fragrance. To know our opinion on fragrance, please refer to our post Is Natural Fragrance Safe?.
      Thank you.

  20. Hello Irina:
    I am enjoying reading the articles on Crunchi. I need to purchase some new skincare products. I was using Beautycounter, but my skin is still so dry. I also want to purchase some make-up which I have not used in years. However, I need to avoid soy, flax seed, etc for health reasons. I do not see those ingredients listed for Crunchi. Does that mean Crunchi is soy free?

    Thank you,

    1. Maria Simmons says:

      Hello Monica:
      Crunchi answers the question about soy in their FAQ section.
      Thank you,