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  1. Hello, Irina:

    I’ve been using Light Mountain henna for the past year,
    but my temple grays still resist coloring, my scalp itches like crazy,
    and worse, I get such a headache from the smell that I need aspirin.

    I really want to stay on the natural path as much as I can,
    but until I shave my head so I can try Hairprint,
    I’m thinking of trying semi-permanent color with no developer,

    Do you recommend this alternative?
    And what about TEA?


  2. I just stumbled across your website and your deep dives on product labeling. Thank you for making this so clear to understand. I also appreciate your comparisons. I saw your post on BeautyCounter but I didn’t see any direct comparison to Pure Haven and BeautyCounter. I see the preservative methods are different and would be considered “cleaner” in the Pure Haven products but I am curious what your direct comparison is otherwise to these two brands.

  3. I purchased your e-books bundle recently and now I really want to try Pure Haven’s shampoo and conditioner. I am interested in purchasing/joining for the wholesale prices. Could you please give me some more info?

    1. Hi Krista: Good idea! Many people do that to get wholesale prices. You can join with one of the 3 product collections. Please email me and I will send you a pdf describing the collections. ~Irina

  4. Thank you so much for this information. I’ve always wondered if Arbonne was as good as they say it is. I recently came across the brand DIME. Have you done any research on their products?