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  1. Irina, I was introduced to a product that has several chemicals in it. Dimethicone is number 7 on the list of 26. My skin has never looked better and I’ve only been using it for six days. I apply a ‘pea-size’ to various parts of my face and body. My question is will the chemicals (Glycerin, cyclopentasiloxane, propylene glycol, dimethicone, mineral oil, and a few more) accumulate over time and be harmful to my system? I love the product but am unsure of its long term use. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi I know this is an older post so hopefully you are still responding to comments. What are your thoughts on cetyl dimethicone and hydrogen dimethicone? How do they compare to regular dimethicone?

    1. Hi, Jessica, I think cetyl dimethicone is the best next to dimethicone in the dimethicone group of ingredients. As for hydrogen dimethicone, there is almost no information about its safety, and I’d need to look into it more closely. Thank you for asking. ~Irina

  3. I’ve been using Dr. Jart+Water Fuse Hydro Sleep Mask, which has dimethicone as one of the first ingredients and I haven’t noticed any unusual breakouts (that being said, I haven’t noticed any improvement in skin’s moisture either :))

    However, some hair conditioners that contain dimethicone cause me to break out around my hair line and behind ears … I can’t say for sure that it’s dimethicone, can possibly be some other ingredient, but I try to stay away from those.

    1. Thank you, Natalia, for letting us know. You are right, it is not easy to tell which ingredient in a product causes the problem. It is also the interactions of the ingredients in the products what makes the product ultimately problematic for your skin. ~Irina

  4. Hi Irina where can I find stay all day eye pencils crunching will have this year but not yet! Need smudge free like what I have now!

    1. oh, I second that question!
      I’ve been using 100% pure black pencil for years, but it looks like it might not be as great as they make it sound!

  5. What about dimethicone in hair products? I have read that it coats the hair and can eventually cause breakage because it keeps your hair from absorbing any of the beneficial ingredients in hair product, as well it can affect your hair’s natural moisture. I have noticed since I quit using hair product with dimethicone that my hair feels/looks fuller (I think this is because it has been stripped from that silicone coating??) and a lot of my natural curl has come back. My hair just looks and feels so much healthier! Do you think some of this may have to do with no longer using dimethicone containing product?

    1. Hi, Sheila: You are right that dimethicone coats the hair, which weights it down and possibly flattens curls. I do not use shampoos or conditioners with dimethicone. Thank you. ~Irina