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  1. My husband and I are in the food manufacturing business. We also had this issue when the “heart healthy” label came out. We wanted to put that logo on our label to show that our product was heart healthy but being a small manufacturer we didn’t have the $$$$$. To pay the very large fee. So the question is, do cosmetics companies have to pay to show they are EWG friendly (of course they do), so it’s all a money making deal in the end for this “non-profit” company.

  2. I recently have become extremely disappointed with the EWG certified products regarding Everyone for Everybody and Herbal Essence. I thought I could rely on the EWG organization to be forthcoming on trustworthy products. I bought several product for my family. Only to find out this past weekend all certified products have phenoxyethanol!! At a lost for words and really discouraged. Not to mention wasted a lot of money.

  3. I recently noticed an inconsistency when looking up an ingredient on the EWG database. When you look up “anthemis nobilis” (chamomile), for example, it lists it as both 0 and 4. As such, some of the products with this ingredient have very different ratings. This made me think twice about just taking the ratings at face value. Your tips are super helpful!