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  1. Having a GenX problem in NC. Want to get a whole house filtration system. Pls advise

    1. Hi, LaNita: I am so sorry to hear that. Jim, who is detailed in my article, is a great resource for that. Give him a call. ~Irina

      1. They don’t but claim to conduct more rigorous testing than required by NSF…

        Just trying to narrow it down as I need to pick a system in the next few days…

        thanks a lot for your wealth of information!!!

        1. I see. The test reports look good. Why do you prefer Berkey water filters over the ones I researched? ~Irina

  2. It appears that Tap Score does not measure fluoride content in water…correct?

    1. Hi, Sasha: Tap Score measures fluoride. What makes you think that it does not? ~Irina

  3. I dug deeper into their site, and read that the fluoride is indeed listed as a substance they test. Sorry — it was just not listed on the main page that compared products, so I assumed it was not tested for.

    I send water tap sample to them and there was a high Arsenic with a score water quality of 95 out of 100
    I send water filter sample which work with carbon black filer (BG 3000) there was a high Ni in water but No more Arsenic and quality sore of 87 out 0f 100
    I got Aquatru filtration which work with a reverse osmosis action and send ONE sample of both filter (BG 3000 and Aquatru filtration) that everything was fine and sore was 96 out of 100.

  5. Leslie Vergara says:

    Hi Irina, thank you for your tremendous work. Which test did you buy from tap score?

    1. Maria Simmons says:

      Hello, Leslie! Thank you for the question! Irina used an advanced city water test.