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  1. Could you please review for me Hemp Organics Brown Sugar Lipstick? I know you charge a small fee, so please tell me the cost of the fee. Thank you. Wendy Berg

  2. Hi Irina, thank you for this blog and hello from a fellow Eastern European in the US! 🙂 ever since my daughter was born a year ago I’ve been more concerned with toxins than ever – I guess being a mom does change you. I love checking your page for you opinions on products.
    I recently saw your recommendation for Henne lip tints and bought some. Afterward, I realized that the formulation or the way they list the ingredients, at least, may have changed. On EWG, as well, the ingredient list from 2021 for Desire, for instance, shows Mica and Iron Oxides as ingredients, but the Henne website now lists Red Lake 40 and titanium dioxide instead. Also, I believe I saw that the packaging is aluminum, not glass. Does that change your recommendation and analysis of the product? what do you think of Red Lake 40 in lip products- it’s a synthetic food coloring made of petroleum, I believe, not a mineral based color?

    1. Hi Anya! Thank you for reaching out to I Read Labels for You and your kind feedback! Also, thank you for drawing our attention to the changes in the Henne products’ ingredients. We would avoid products with synthetic colorants, such as red lake.

    1. Hi, Mary: there are some lipstick brands I like, heavy metal issue aside. Did you read my today’s post on mascaras? How do you feel about heavy metal test reports disclosure? ~Irina