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The Non-Toxic Shampoo to Know About

Written by Irina Webb

Do you have naturally coiled and dry hair and find it hard to locate a well-performing shampoo?  Well, this post about Hairprint hair wash and conditioner may help you solve this problem.  In fact, I have heard multiple times from women with natural coils that Hairprint worked well for them.  By the way, I have already reviewed Hairprint hair color restorer.  But Hairprint also offers a variety of hair care products including anti-dandruff shampoo, chelating shampoo, and baby shampoo and conditioner.  Though somewhat different in function and formulation, Hairprint non-toxic shampoo and conditioner products share the same core ingredients.  Let’s look into them to make sure that Hairprint plant-based shampoo and conditioner formulations are truly safe.   

Hairprint Non-Toxic Shampoo. Picture of Amla plant-based shampoo and conditioner.

I made it my mission to seek and promote safe products because of my own health condition and a family tragedy.

Because I have been researching shampoos for many years now, I understand the challenges of choosing the right shampoo.  Indeed, we want our hair products to be safe for both our hair and our health. 

Safety and health are not just mere words for me.  Actually, I have faced two serious diagnoses in my life –autoimmune diseases deemed incurable by conventional medicine.  One was Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and the other is Addison’s.  Much to the surprise of my conventional doctor, I recovered from Hashimoto’s with the help of functional medicine.  I believe that if I could cure from one autoimmune condition, I can cure from the other, too.  Interested in the steps I have taken to my recovery?  Please, refer to my posts Can Breast Implants Cause Autoimmune Diseases? and My Health Update After the Explant Surgery.  

Additionally, my father died of metastatic cancer at the age of 57.  So, I know that I must be careful about products I put on my body and use at home.

Hence, I rigorously study the body care industry using a multiple-step approach and reading tons of scientific literature.  My sources include PubMed publications, CIR expert panel reports, chemical databases (e.g., ECHA and OSHA), and many more.  

That said, let us put Hairprint hair wash and conditioner under the microscope.

Hairprint non-toxic shampoo ingredients

For our research, we are going to look at the ingredients of Amla plant-based shampoo.  As I have mentioned, all the Hairprint herbal shampoos have the same core ingredients.  By “core ingredients” I mean surfactants, emulsifiers, and preservatives.  To clarify, surfactants clean and lather, emulsifiers bind oils to water and add viscosity, and preservatives prevent bacteria growth. 

Generally, shampoos also contain conditioners, which, in the best-case scenario, are plant oils, extracts, proteins, panthenol, and amino acids.  In the worst-case scenario, they are silicones and waxes that hide the damage and make the hair appear shiny.  Additionally, most conventional shampoos contain quaternary ammonium compounds (quats).  They have anti-static properties and help distribute the shampoo evenly, impart a silky feel to the hair, and ease combing. 

So, here are the Hairprint Amla nourishing shampoo ingredients (source).




Decyl glucoside Sodium cocoamphoacetate


Radish root ferment (leuconostoc radish), Coconut milk ferment (cocos nucifera)


Guar gum (hydroxypropyl guar)

binder, viscosity agent

Citric acid

pH adjuster

Amla fruit extract (phyllanthus emblica), Pomegranate fruit ferment (lactobacillus/punica granatum), Rose of Jericho extract (selaginella lepidophylla), Elderberry fruit extract (sambucus nigra), Evening primrose oil (oenothera biennis), Japanese bloodgrass (imperata cylindrica), Gotu kola (tigergrass)

botanical conditioners

Now, let’s talk about them in detail.

Surfactants in Amla plant-based shampoo are gentle.

To begin with, there are two surfactants (aka cleansers) in this non-toxic shampoo: decyl glucoside and sodium cocoamphoacetate.  Unlike many other surfactants, they have some safety data.  They are not known to be either carcinogens, mutagenic, or endocrine disruptors.  Additionally, they are mild and gentle on the hair and will not strip it of much-needed proteins and oils.

In fact, they are so gentle that they won’t even irritate your eyes.  As an experiment, I lathered my eyes with the shampoo, and they did not hurt when I opened them.  Later that day, my friend commented on how very green my eyes looked. 😊  (I am not saying you should try this too.  Just know the lengths I routinely go to for you, my readers.) 

Regarding glucosides, I have nothing against shampoos with glucoside cleansers.  The fact that they are very common in non-toxic shampoos drew researchers’ attention to them.  Thus, the Department of Dermatology of McGill University Health Center in Montreal tested 3,065 people and found that 20 of them had an allergic reaction to decyl glucoside.  Given that some people are allergic even to coconut oil or chamomile, I consider this percentage too small to start telling you to avoid this ingredient.  But I wanted to let you know, just in case.  Actually, I have a very detailed review of glucosides – please, check it out.

A chelating ingredient in Hairprint non-toxic shampoo

Besides decyl glucoside and sodium cocoamphoacetate cleansers, the Chelating shampoo contains tetrasodium glutamate diacetate that acts as a chelating agent.  Specifically, it facilitates the shedding of metals and minerals accumulated in your hair, encapsulates their molecules and whisks them away.  The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) database lists no red flags in connection with tetrasodium glutamate diacetate. 

It is a good idea to use this plant-based shampoo before such coloring products as Hairprint color restorer or henna.  It removes buildup and increases the efficiency of these gentle products.  (Visit my shop for healthy henna-based hair color products.)

Preservatives in Amla hair wash are EcoCert certified.

Occasionally, I come across manufacturers who claim they do not use any preservatives even though their products contain water.  The absence of preservatives in liquid products creates a risk of contamination with mold and bacteria, which grow in water.  Some bacteria are potentially harmful, especially for a compromised immune system.  Find out why products without preservatives may be dangerous in my post about WaterWipes baby wipes.

The good news is that Hairprint non-toxic shampoo contains preservatives that are on my approved list.  (For your information, one of the preservatives I do not approve of is phenoxyethanol.)  Namely, they are radish root ferment and coconut milk ferment that utilize the self-preserving power of the fermentation process.

Moreover, they have moisturizing properties and are beneficial for the health of hair and scalp (source and source).  Plus, they are both EcoCert certified and have no hidden contaminants.  (Speaking of hidden contaminants, consider reading my post about hidden ingredients in cosmetics.) 

Guar gum binder in Hairprint products arouses no concerns.

There is not much to say about guar gum except that it is common in food due to its thickening and emulsifying properties.  Personally, I have found no indication that it poses any health risks when used topically, as it is in this plant-based shampoo. 

Other ingredients in this non-toxic shampoo are beneficial to hair and scalp.

First, citric acid is a popular ingredient in personal care and skin care products.  For example, in my Baby Wipes Rating List you will see that every wipe formulation has citric acid in it.  Citric acid is important to regulate the pH of a product, and its quantity is usually very small.  (Consider reading my post about the combination of citric acid and sodium benzoate.)

Second, the botanicals in this hair wash serve conditioning and nourishing functions.  I wish they were organic, though.

Various hair wash formulations

The Hairprint herbal shampoo formulations differ in the plant oils and extracts used. 

Thus, the Amla nourishing shampoo contains Amla fruit extract whereas the Wild Plum revitalizing shampoo contains Kakadu plum extract.  In addition, the Wild Plum plant-based shampoo has hyaluronic acid which is beneficial for hydration. 

Further, the Wash and Grow shampoo contains biotin and niacinamide that may help restore thinning hair.  And the Marine Bio-Active shampoo has Wakame algae bioferment that helps increase the strength of follicles and reduces excess sebum.  

For a problematic scalp, try the Anti-Dandruff shampoo that has anti-inflammatory white willow bark extract and healing zinc complex.

As for the Plant Baby shampoo, it has much fewer ingredients featuring Calendula extract and the same core ingredients.

The rest of the botanical ingredients that you see in the table above are in every Hairprint herbal shampoo formulation. 

And that’s it!  I like the fact that Hairprint uses no essential oils and very few ingredients, which minimizes the risks of sensitivities.  Especially when it comes to babies, I think it is best to use products with not too many ingredients. 

Hairprint conditioner ingredients

Just as non-toxic shampoo products, Hairprint conditioners have the same core ingredients.  They are leuconostoc radish and cocos nucifera ferment, trehalose, brassicyl isoleucinate esylate, and PCA glyceryl oleate.  

First, the preservation system in the conditioners is the same as in the plant-based shampoo.  That is to say, it is a combination of EcoCert certified radish root ferment and coconut milk ferment.  They work by the self-preserving power of the fermentation process.

Second, trehalose is a kind of plant sugar that functions as a humectant and moisturizer.

Third, brassicyl isoleucinate esylate has no safety data, but I am not too worried about that.  This is a relatively new ingredient developed for natural products and derived solely from fermentation and plant materials.  Functionally, it delivers manageability and silkiness to the hair without coating it.  I consider it a better alternative to quaternary ammonium compounds.

Next, PCA glyceryl oleate reduces static and helps with combing wet hair without making it greasy.  There is hardly any research on this ingredient, but the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) lists no hazards (CAS number 84608-82-2).  I also ran it by a chemist who said that it is essentially a partially saponified triglyceride, a type of fat found in our blood (source).  Though we do not know whether it is an irritant, I am willing to take my chances.

Finally, the other ingredients are botanical extracts and oils beneficial for scalp and hair.

All in all, I believe that the ingredients of Hairprint conditioners are safe to use.

Performance-wise, Hairprint non-toxic shampoo and conditioner products may be not for everybody.

For starters, chemically colored hair may have a hard time transitioning to this natural plant-based shampoo.  To clarify, chemical hair color (even ammonia-free hair color) may damage hair and cause it to need coating to hide the damage.  The need for this coating might not let this hair wash do its job effectively.

Personally, I find Hairprint herbal shampoo and conditioner products too heavy for my hair.  I like volume and lightness in my hair.  In other words, I prefer it airy and even fuzzy rather than flat and greasy.  My team member says the same about her experience with Hairprint non-toxic shampoo and conditioner.  So, these products do not work for us.

On the other hand, my friends and clients with naturally coiled hair deem Hairprint hair care products very effective.  Indeed, they say that their thick and frizzy hair needs some heaviness to ease the frizz.  So many people, so many minds.  And that is awesome!  Don’t you just love it how different and unique we all are?!

Conclusion about Hairprint plant-based shampoo and conditioner products

In sum, in my opinion, the ingredients of Hairprint hair care products are not only safe but also healthy. They are literally like food for your hair and scalp.  Make sure to leave them on for a few minutes for the nutrients to have time to work and absorb.  You can purchase them on the Hairprint website.  As a matter of fact, for extra conditioning, Hairprint offers a variety of hair oils, too.

As always, I invite you to join my Savvy Consumer Circle. It is a fun place to learn and share your finds and knowledge about non-toxic products and receive my guidance.  And, of course, you are welcome to contact me for assistance, and check out my shop and e-books.

155 thoughts on “The Non-Toxic Shampoo to Know About”

  1. I recently broke out with a rash on my neck. I’m wondering if it is from the burts bees shampoo I’m using. How often are people allergic to the plant based shampoos? Does it make sense that my scalp is fine? Trying to narrow down the cause of the rash. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, Shana:

      Yes, people may react to plants sometimes, not very often though. Burt Bees shampoo is not as natural as they claim it to be. They do have phenoxyethanol, which some people can be allergic to, and quaternary ammonium compounds detailed in this review to name a few. ~Irina

      1. Is hair print just for dyed hair? I’m a natural red head with thin hair. I need a shampoo to clean and volume. Any suggestions?

        1. This shampoo is designed with natural hair in mind. So if you do not dye your hair, this shampoo will be perfect for you. I bet your hair is beautiful! As for volume… You know that a shampoo can’t really create more hair and thicker for hair. My understanding is that volume shampoos have higher pH, which means that they open up the hair cuticles, which create the illusion of thicker hair, but the process of opening the hair cuticles is damaging for the hair long-term. There was a time when I was experimenting with baking soda. Baking soda has very high pH so my hair had lots of volume. But in a few months I had dry damaged hair… ~Irina

  2. Aloha Irina! Thank you so much for this awesome review! I’ve been using Hairprint for about 6 months now, and started with the shampoos & conditioner a month ago. It def took some time to adjust to the new shampoos & conditioner, but I can now say that my hair feels healthier, less frizzy & more ‘natural’ (like my hair was years & years ago before I started dying my hair…). Have you tried all 3 conditioners? I’m currently using the Alma butter, but feel that it’s not enough ‘conditioning’ in it for my thick hair and I’m wondering if I should try the Bio-Active Kelp instead. Would love to know your input 🙂

    1. Hmm… I have tried Bamboo and Alma but not the Bio-Active Kelp. I can try it with my next wash and let you know. And maybe somebody here else will have advice for you. ~Irina

    2. Hi Sarina and Irina,

      I use the bio marine kelp shampoo and I prefer it; however, I wouldn’t say it’s more moisturizing. Dryness is an issue for me as well so I purchased their new Amla conditioning masque and I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s like wax and you have to work it into the hair before shampooing and I feel like it just sits on the hair and doesn’t wash out unless you use 1/3 of the shampoo bottle. I tried using Hairprint color which didn’t work for me because I have stubborn white roots so it’s conventionally dyed. Want to do the right thing for my health and the earth but I’m not a huge fan of my dry fragile hair. And it’s pretty expensive for a small bottle.

    1. Hi, Candice. It is hard to say. When they designed the shampoos, they focused on natural hair meaning that the hair that is not treated with chemical dyes. If you give it a try, let us know. ~Irina

  3. Hi Irina,

    Previously, you mentioned that you used Shea Moisture shampoo/conditioner to prep your hair for Hairprint. Do you prefer the results you’re getting with Hairprint shampoo and conditioner ?

    1. Hmm… I did not use that shampoo but I remember somebody was commenting about it. Sometimes, one of the readers answers comments/questions, and it may seem as if I did. That’s why I always say, “~Irina” at the end. ~Irina

  4. Thank you so much Irina! I love your blog. Did you try all the different Hairprint Shampoos and Conditioners – or one type specifically? I use Hairprint now, but up until about 3 months ago, I dyed my hair for many years. I’m not sure which shampoo would be best for me. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Katharine: Good for you! I am so happy that you made the switch. I tried Bamboo and Amla. But everybody’s hair is different. Read the description and see what sounds more appealing to you. They are all good. I don’t think you can go wrong. 🙂 ~Irina

  5. I have used Hairprint twice now. I love the color even though I made a few mistakes the color is awesome. I never liked the results of chemical dyes so stopped using them. I love Hairprint. Wish it wasn’t so time consuming. Took me several hours. Hope I get faster.
    I bought Alma shampoo and Bamboo conditioner after my last coloring. I appreciate your comment about using too much conditioner will make your hair oily. That explains why I have to wash my hair more than my usual of once a week. I had dry hair in the past and could go 2 weeks sometimes.
    Hairprint email support is great. I bugged poor Angelina a lot trying to get a things right. Hopefully third time will be a charm

    1. Thank you, Teresa, for your feedback. I am so glad it is working out. Every time I hear a success story it is like a music to me. I am sure it will get faster next time. 🙂 ~irina

  6. What’s the pH of the Hairprint shampoos? The formula has lactic acid so it’s likely they will be in the skin-friendly range (around 5.5 ). I am happy with my current shampoo but I am always interested in finding shampoos with a good, clean ingredients list which are ph balanced.

    1. I will have to ask them but I am pretty sure it is pH balanced because remember it did not hurt my eyes. With high pH it would. ~Irina

    2. Hi, Akimon: here are pHs. As you can see, they are consistent with the pH of hair and scalp.

      Exfoliating 5.66
      Bamboo 5.65
      Kelp 5.68
      Amla 5.99
      Chelating 5.56
      Clarifying 5.97

      Bamboo 4.12
      Wakame 4.17
      Amla 4.15

  7. Hi, Irina. I’m still on my search for a shampoo that doesn’t turn on me. My hair is usually happy, but my scalp objects to everything after awhile. Before I give Hairprint a try, I wanted to ask if you have tried Face Naturals? Their Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo contains: “(Vegan) saponified oils of organic coconut, organic safflower, and organic olive, organic peppermint essential oil, organic tea tree essential oil, organic guar gum, vegetable glycerin (9 oz. BPA-free bottle).” I was alternating it with John Masters Organics Bare, and things were fine for a long time, and then they weren’t. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Hi, Judy! It is so nice to hear from you again. No, I have not tried Face Naturals. I tried other soap-based shampoos, but they left soap residue in my hair after 3-5 washes. You might have a reaction to essential oils. Some people are sensitive to them. I would be very curious to hear how you like Hairprint shampoos because they focused on healing the scalp as it is where the healthy hair start. ~Irina

  8. Thanks, Irina. Never thought about soap residue. Maybe that is what’s bothering my scalp. I do have extremely sensitive skin, so I like your suggestion that it could be essential oils. Looks like there aren’t any in Hairprint. Just to make sure I understand, their shampoo is good for anybody even those of us who are already gray and won’t be using the color restorer (?)

    1. Hi, Judy: Yes, their shampoos are good for anybody even for those who don’t use the Hairprint color restorer. Click on this link, you will receive 15% off on your first purchase. 🙂 ~Irina

  9. Thanks again, Irina. I wrote to the company and they suggested the Fermented Bamboo shampoo for my sensitive scalp, so I will order through your link. While I’m here, I also want to tell you again how grateful I am for the work you’ve chosen to do. My granddaughter’s parents love the Honest Company diapers and wipes and are spreading the word. I think of you every time I use my Urthware cutting board and am so happy with its beauty and non-toxicity. After trying many unscented, natural-type laundry detergents, I found that Molly’s Suds is by far the best. As the kids say, you rock!

    1. This is so sweet, Judy! I really appreciate your feedback. It makes me feel so happy knowing that I can improve people’s lives. 🙂 Hugs, Irina

  10. Hi! I recently used Hairprint to restore my hair and was blown away by the results. I used their Chelating Shampoo beforehand. I just ordered other Hairprint shampoo/conditioner for everyday use. Can you think of any reason why I should not use their shampoos/conditioners on young children? I would love to use for the whole family. Thanks so much–I recently discovered your site during the process of initially researching Hairprint and love it!

  11. I’ve been interested in alternative hair care for many years now. I did the baking soda and vinegar thing for two years, until my hair started getting too damaged. Recently I have been using conditioner only, one without any “cones” in it. My experience with conditioner only has been that I need to condition twice and use a lot of conditioner, but my hair actually comes out really clean afterward. My mom has been using Hairprint for about a year, and just found out about the shampoos and conditioners. I was initially going to try the conditioners with my usual conditioner only method, but after reading your review and comments, I’m not sure that would be cost-effective, and it’s probably not necessary since the shampoos are so friendly. Have you ever tried conditioner only? I’m also wondering if the shampoos are gentle enough and have enough oil in them to use without conditioner, since that would be the cheaper option and my funds are limited. Thanks Irina. I also welcome thoughts from the peanut gallery.

    1. Hi Theresa: my hair is healthy so I do not need to use conditioner. When I used no-poo method, it damaged my hair pretty badly. So using shampoo only might not be enough for you…You need to get your hair healthy again first. Maybe use shampoo and conditioner initially and then switch to shampoo only. ~Irina

  12. Hi Irina,

    I am afro american with 1 strand of grey hair at 46 years old. I have no chemicals or hair dyes in my hair, However, my hair is “off black” and very dull and lacking luste.
    ) Will Hairprint work for me?
    2) Also, should I use the chelating or clarifying shampoo prior to application?
    3) Finally, do I need to use a conditioner after the application or does the Hairprint kit come with a pre-shampoo or conditioner?

    Thank you so much for your assistance!!!

    1. Hi, Lisa: Hairprint was created for all types of hair, including afro american. However, keep in mind that since it is not a chemical dye, results may vary. It is a good idea to use Hairprint clarifying shampoo prior to application. The kit comes with a pre-treatment but not with a shampoo or conditioner. Let us know how it goes. ~Irina

  13. Hi Irina,

    I was so excited to read your blogposts about Hairprint and then their shampoos and conditioner. I have had grey hair since my 20’s and have been dyeing my hair every 3 weeks for 10-11 years. So was super keen to try a natural product that wouldn’t keep damaging my hair, despite the 5X hair color cost and 4X shampoo and conditioner cost.

    My first experience with hairprint was a huge flop and NONE of the grey was covered. But since this post is about the shampoos and conditioner, I will focus on that. I used the Amla (it’s not Alma) shampoo and conditioner after the process. As I applied the conditioner to my already very dry hair from the lengthy color application process, it felt as it it literally evaporated as soon as it touched my hair. I kept applying more and more (and this is a very expensive product) but my hair felt dry as if I were applying water to it. After completing my shower and light towel drying, my hair literally felt like chopsuey!! I could not run a comb through it even at the scalp!! I had to run some oil through my hair and after a lot of coaxing that hurt my scalp I had shed a ton of hair. This morning also, it feels rough and dry.

    It’s a lot of money to waste on products that don’t work. So I want to let others know about my experience so they can have the right expectations.
    (I am Indian, if that matters or helps)

    1. Hi, Rachelle: I used to dye my hair with semi-permanent color before I knew how harmful it can be. And I do remember how difficult it was to comb my hair without using tons of conditioner with coating agents that mask the damage hair dyes do to the hair. After I stopped dying my hair, my hair got more and more manageable. Now I use zero ingredients that are potentially toxic but used in almost shampoo, conditioner, hair dyes, styling product to coat the hair and make it look shiny and smooth. And I recently abandoned quats as well. My hair adjusted. I believe the hair needs to be trained and it takes time. My hair is naturally healthy now. Now sometimes I wash my hair and go to bed when my hair is still damp and it needs very little combing in a morning. People tell me that I do not need to do anything with my hair because it is naturally beautiful. I smile and receive the compliments but I remember that it took lots of time and money to claim my natural hair back. It is up to you. You can ask for your money back or you can buckle up for a journey to the beautiful natural hair with no long-term health effects. Don’t get me wrong. I know how frustrating it can be. ~ Hugs, Irina

  14. Thanks for getting back to me Irina – I was traveling and hence couldn’t respond. I am encouraged to hear about your hair health and hope the same for me too. I’ve been using only Hairprint shampoo and conditioner for the past 3 weeks but I don’t see any different results than the first time I used the product. I am sincerely hoping it has something to do with the level of hair damage and not that Hairprint will fail for me. I do want to use clean and natural products so am anxious about my experience. I also used the hair color for the second time yesterday and there was no coverage 🙁

    Happy New Year to you and this community!

  15. Hi Irina,
    If you are able, can you recommend which shampoo and conditioner I should purchase if I currently color my hair at a salon and use styling products for volume? I may just dump all of the styling products I have (I had planned to use them up and then replace with good things). I imagine if I search your site you have reviewed some volumizer products too?

  16. Irina, I have been using Hairprint color for about 6 months. I use the then-recommended Neutorgena anti-residue shampoo a couple of times just prior to coloring, and OGX sulfate free surfactants (that’s how the label describes it) between colorings. My color fades significantly between coloring. Do you think it is the OGX shampoo that is causing the fading?

    Best wishes for your surgery next week. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. Dear Irina, I’m probably 98% gray but have been fooled by Organic Colour Systems the past four years thinking I was helping my hair. I’m blonde over gray, btw. I cannot have gluten and that is what led me to discover after a horrible psoriasis breakout that the product (OCS) was not GF as promised by my stylist (whom I realize now just trusts the name & what she’s been told) Question: seems to me the only way to benefit from this Hairprint system is to let one’s gray fully grow out…’real hair’…which could take a couple years ‘then’ try the Hairprint. Am I correct on that? I’ve been told to just go gray but gray does age us ladies no matter how young looking we are at any age. So is Henna the best way to allow the gray to grow out over time, as I have heard that it fades away quickly vs permanent dyes. So I guess my question is two-fold but thanks for any help. Blessings

    1. Hi, Claire: I can’t speak from my experience. But there are a lot of comments here regarding using it on chemically treated hair. You can read those. No, you do not have to wait for the real hair to grow out. You can start applying Hairprint to your new hair and cover the chemically treated hair. There are detailed instructions on their website. And yes, Hairprint won’t last as long as chemical permanent hair dyes do. ~Irina

  18. Claire, my hair is mostly gray and I switched to Hairprint. The only real problem was that I had to give up my hight-lights because the Hairprint covered them. The first time I used Hairprint I tried covering the highlights but that was not successful so I am okay without them. It helps that my hair is getting healthier, shinier, and has more body than I have had in recent memory. It is much darker than I remember it ever being but I am okay with that, too, because it looks good! If you are a natural blond or want blond hair it probably won’t work for you from what I’ve heard.

  19. Dear Salsadancer & Irina…..thanks so much for the comments. No I was only blonde for the first two years of my life…the rest of my life was a continual darkening of some shade of brunette!! That is why I was wondering how to use this on my now blonde ‘colored’ hair! I went lighter/lighter because I was told it is more flattering for an aging woman. I’m 62 now but have ‘young looking’ genes. I have read all the comments above and that is why I was assuming that I really would need to grow out my ‘real’ hair before trying this product…otherwise I’d look like a skunk or something….dark roots (if that is what would happen to the gray roots) lining up with the blonde!! ha! I have never heard of this product before and it sounds like it really could be a healthier way to keep the hair long term….whatever color it gives me.

  20. I am in the process of working up to trying Hairprint “color” by not using products that coat my hair. I started with changing to Hairprint shampoos (Amla and Bamboo) and conditioners (Amla and Bio Kelp) but I continued for a few weeks using regular styling product (OWay which DOES have coating ingredients) as it was still warm and humid in Dallas and I was worried that my hair would frizz. Over the years, my hair has become dry, brittle and frizzy:(. The Hairprint shampoos were thinner than expected but lathered better than I expected. The Hairprint conditioners do not feel slippery going on like a “normal” conditioner. I was, however, able to carefully comb out my hair from the bottom up even though my hair did not feel slippery. After styling my hair with Argan Oil and the “illegal” OWay styling product, I noticed my hair looked oily on the sides and some at the top. So on subsequent attempts, I eliminated the “illegal” OWay styling product and only put a few drops of Argan Oil on my wet hair before drying and styling. It still looked a little oily but was much better. Surprisingly, my hair did not frizz more than when I used the OWay styling product. It was about the same. So now my plan is to continue this for three months and then try the Hairprint “color”, hoping that all residue from coating products will be gone and that the Hairprint “color” will be able to access my hair and turn it back to its original color. I plan on using Shea butter to coat the part of my hair that will still have color and only apply Hairprint to the roots. I will let you know if three months how it goes. In the meantime, I would recommend trying the Hairprint Shampoos and Conditioners but be prepared to give them a few weeks, realize they won’t feel like “normal” shampoos and conditioners and also you may not need styling products anymore.

  21. Irina could you tell me what application works best for the Hairprint? Some say rinse, towel dry between #1 and 2 others say to apply overtop of #1. Also do you apply something to your ends when doing a root touch up?

  22. The Hairprint directions say, do not rinse after applying the step 1 mixture. “Set your timer for 15 minutes. When the time is up, do not rinse.” Proceed to step 2.

  23. Hi Irina,
    I wonder if you have heard of Susan Henry’s Natural Color Process? She’s has a salon in Beverly Hills and states her product is the “first permanent, naturally based, non-toxic, and most importantly, 100% ammonia-free at home color in the world.”

    1. Hi, Mary: Thank you for your question! No, I have not heard of them. However, based on the description you provided I would be cautious. First of all, the words natural and non-toxic are not legally regulated and ultimately do not mean much. Second, all permanent hair dyes have to have an agent that opens up hair cuticles so the dyes can get in. If there is no ammonia, ethanolamine is used instead. In some studies, ethanolamine is found to be even more damaging for the hair. In fact, I have written an ebook that will allow you to gain insights into how permanent hair dyes are made and how to reduce your risks if you choose to use them. You can learn more here. Let me know what you think. ~Irina

  24. I just tried Hairprint for the first time and achieved wonderful results. I have natural brown hair, my hair is shoulder length, and I have about 30% gray. I applied to kits, it took me about 3 hours maximum. I was ready for the messy/time consuming challenge. It was a bit messy, but “no pain no gain”. Life can pretty messy at times, so I can relate with messy. My result are about 95% coverage. Hairprint you have a devoted new customer. I did not purchase the shampoo and conditioner, but reviewing the ingredients, I found quads and silicone. I am going to order the shampoo and conditioner because I want to continue to reap the benefits of hairprint. Take the hairprint messy challenge. It is interesting and fun, just like life

    1. Hi, Barbara: thank you for sharing your experience. And I am glad you achieved wonderful results. I am curious about your findings of quads and silicones in the shampoos as Hairprint designed their shampoos to omit them as most shampoos on the market have them and they may block Hairprint color from working effectively. Let me know. Thanks. ~Irina

  25. Tina Marinaccio

    I have been using Hairprint for one year.

    I did not do any transitioning from conventional salon dye upon the first application, and my light brown hair turned completely black, like Elvira, and stayed that way, like it is tattooed. Support didn’t really have an answer for me, other than maybe my hair was damaged, and soaked up the product.

    I switched from brown to light brown Hairprint over the past year, and despite using a clarifying shampoo, and leaving the pretreatment in 15 min and using baking soda, I am still not getting good coverage. I use no product on my hair for 3 days before the application, then use a clarifying shampoo before pretreatment and baking soda.

    My current hair color looks like a reverse ombre – brown/reddish brown on the top and underneath, and black on the bottom.

    And it’s really not covering my gray – not at all on my temples and hairline, and what does get colored at the roots doesn’t last very long.

    I can try their shampoo and conditioner, but what brand of gel can I use for my curly hair that is free of the mass of ingredients they say blocks the hair?

    I can’t see using no product at all for 7 days, let alone weeks.

    Thank you, Tina

    1. Rachelle Martins

      Sorry to hear Tina and I can empathize. I have been trying Hairprint for 5 months (that’s 5 kits) and have had very limited success like you – poor coverage, 0 coverage along the hairline, rapid fading. I keep pre-treatment on for 30 minutes including 10 minutes of baking soda at the end but nothing works. I don’t use any product in my hair at all and have only been using Hairprint shampoo and conditioner. It’s quite discouraging because I so badly wanted this product to work and for my regular dye-damaged hair to heal.

  26. I’m sure these are good shampoos, but have you ever looked into Morrocco Method products? They offer a completely natural full hair care system. I won’t use anything else anymore!

        1. Hi, Julia: Thank you for the reminder. I noticed that they reformulated their products. Let me look again, and see if I can recommend them now. ~Irina

          1. Hi Irina,
            Did you ever get a chance to look at the reformulated Morocco Method shampoos and conditioners? I use them often interchanging with Hairprint products as I like them better actually and was unaware they were no good. I am curious your thoughts and why.

            Thanks so much!

          2. Hi, Donna: When did they reformulate? I tried Morocco Method at the end of 2017, and I did not like them. It made my hair dry. ~Irina

          3. My apologies I was under the impression that your comment to Julia E meant that they had reformulated and you were going to check into their products again. I must be confused. Sorry about that.

          4. I re-published this post. The original post was published back in November of 2016 so there are old comments from that time. Make sure to look at the dates of the comments. I am sorry for the confusion. ~Irina

  27. Karen Mortazavi

    For those of you who use Hairprint Shampoo and Conditioner, I have a question for you. I have been using it for 4 months now and don’t use any other products. I have dry and damaged outer layers of hair due to a number of reasons. Because it’s dry, the top layers look fine when I use Hairprint Shampoo and Conditioner, but the bottom layers which are more healthy, appear oily even after I just washed my hair. You can’t really see the bottom layers but you can see the sides, especially when i pull it back and they look a bit oily. For those of you without dry and damaged top layer, doesn’t your top layer look oily when you use these products?

    Thanks, Karen

    1. My hair is healthy so Hairprint conditioners are too greasy for me. So I do not even need to bother with conditioners. Why spend extra money? 🙂 ~Irina

    2. Same thing happened to me. I’ve never had oily hair. I purchased two of there shampoos and two conditioners. I can’t use them.
      Seems to give like a wax build up:( I’m a Hairstylist, but was so wishing to switch to this line.

    3. I had a similar problem. I have healthy (untreated) hair and I used Hairprint shampoo and conditioner exclusively for over 6 months and they didn’t work well for me. My hair is thin and fine. Hairprint never quite got my hair clean feeling–it was hard to wash out fully–and yet the top layers dried out. So it was greasy underneath and dry on top. I tried only applying the conditioner to the dry areas, and leaving it in for a while, but that didn’t help. I’m back to using the John Master’s bare line–not perfect ingredient-wise, but much better results for me.

      1. Hi, Colleen: thank for letting me know. Have you tried using Hairprint shampoo without their conditioner? As I said, in the post, the conditioner makes my hair greasy so I have to use either a tiny bit on the ends or not use it at all. Please let me know. I am going to write a post on shampoos including your guys’ feedback. If you are reading this message and Hairprint shampoo/conditioner does work for you, please let us know that, too. I highly appreciate it. Karen, what shampoo are you using now? ~Irina

        1. I did try skipping the conditioner, but that just made the dry parts of my hair extra dry, and even then I didn’t feel like my hair was fully “clean.” I think the fine texture of my hair, plus the top layers that tend to be dry (especially during the winter and when I’m pregnant, both of which were true during the months I tried the shampoo and conditioner), just isn’t a good fit for these products.

  28. Hey Irina,

    Thanks so much for your comprehensive review. I’m just about to use Hairprint for the first time so wish ME luck!

    As an aside, would you mind sharing details on why you decided against endorsing Morrocco Method products? They’ve done wonders for my hair over the past six months.

        1. Hi, Sharon: Citric acid is not a preservative, and I do not have a knowledge of phenylpropanol used as a standalone preservative. My understanding is that normally it is part of a preservative system. I agree with you, the prices are steep. I have tried their shampoos and conditioners, and I did not like them. And I could have been paid commissions for recommending their products. ~Irina

  29. I love hairprint shampoo and conditioner. Although the color does not work for me because I’m 100% white. I use henna which is also a 2 step process. The only thing I miss is a bit of a scent, since my hair smells quite earthy after I wash it. I Is there any reason I could not put a few drops of Lavender Essential oil to the hairprint shampoo?

  30. Karen Mortazavi

    Christine, i have the same problem with 100% gray. What henna product do you use? Is it low on the toxicity scale? (I am wondering about additives.)

    Irina, have you investigated henna products at all?

  31. I am researching the Hairprint system and strongly considering it. I have had to go natural due to my skin sensitivity to home and salon hair color systems. Patch tests of high end organic salon formulas still result in intense skin burns. I see this original post is from 2015; are you still using the Hairprint system for color and shampoo/conditioner?

  32. Oh wow there’s so much you’re never told about the skincare products you use every day! I did not know quite a bit of this, it’s good to know, i’ll have to check my shampoo/conditioner.

  33. Hi Irina,
    I got the Hairprint Dark Color Restorer dyes all over my face (forehead and sides), scalp, neck, feet, arms, etc I have itchy eczema skin too. Do you know how I can get the dye stains off my skin? Thanks!

  34. Hi Irina,
    I am wanting to switch to all natural hair products. I have been researching Hairprint and Morocco Methods. Have you used Morocco Methods shampoo and conditioner? If so, which do you think is better? Thanks so much for your site and tour time!

    1. Hi, Mandy: this is very admirable! And I hope you will sign for my Wednesday email to keep in touch and join our community of savvy consumers: I recently bought and tried Morocco Method products, and as much as I wanted to like it, I did not like it. I did not see anything toxic in the Morocco Method ingredients so I started using it. I used it twice and I noticed that my hair got dry. I talked to them and they gave me good tips on how to use the products properly but I am just not willing to experiment with my hair anymore. Regardless which shampoo you decide to use, you might see a lot of frizz if your current shampoo has a lot of coating agents. You might have to go for a transitional shampoo first. Let me know what you think. We can also talk on a phone more: ~Irina

  35. Thank you so much Irina! I washed today with a homemade shampoo (Coconut milk, aloe Vera gel, essential oils and an acv rinse). Very oily on tops and dry on the bottom! You mentioned I may have to use a transitional shampoo first, which one would you recommend? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi, Mandy: I know it is very tricky to make your own shampoo. You are brave to try that. You can find shampoos/conditioners in this post here that do not any silicones. They contain quats though that help with frizz, detangle, and hydration, which helps transition out of silicones without missing them too much. Thank you for asking. What shampoo did you use before your homemade shampoo? ~Irina

  36. Hi Irina,
    I was using KMS frizz free. I purchased HairPrint Kelp and Chetling Shampoo and have been so thrilled with the results! My hair has never looked healthier! Thanks for all the time you have spent researching and educating the public!

  37. Hello Irina,
    Thank you for ALL you do to educate us and help us find healthy ways to care for ourselves and our families. We live in such a toxic world and it is so hard to make educated choices. God Bless you !

    I also wanted to ask you about the Everyday shampoo and conditioner (and body wash and lotion)by Allaffia. They have very short ingredient lists but I want to be sure as I am having a terrible body rash that continues to get worse. Margaret

    1. Hi, Margaret: I do not see anything harmful in the product you provided. With that said, we are all different I hear some people even have allergy to something as harmless as coconut. I think the best recourse is to stop using whatever you are using and see if you get a relief. Let me know how it goes. ~Irina

  38. Thank you Irina.
    Because my skin and hair/scalp are extremely dry (and flaky) I also wanted to ask your thoughts about pine tar soap for skin and/or hair? I bought some from a local shop that crafts their own products using a cold process method with no premade soap base. THey said it is good for dry skin and hair.
    THe ingredients are saponified palm oil, coconut , olive & jojoba oil, pine tar, Shea butter, lemongrass and cedarwood essential oil. No color or fragrance.

    1. Hi, Karen:

      Babassuamidopropyl Betaine is not quat. The NOW shampoo has keratin though that will coat your hair. Are you trying to find a shampoo to use with Hairprint Color Restorer? I just came across an inexpensive Puracy shampoo that does not have coating agents. The coating agents are in the Puracy conditioner so you might just not use the conditioner around the time you use Hairprint. Here is a link to the Puracy shampoo. Let me know what you think. ~Irina

      1. Irina-
        Thanks for all your hair color recommendations. I’m going to try hairprint too. Is it just their Herbal shampoo that was updated? I haven’t purchased their shampoo yet. I did want to let you know of my experience with Puracy shampoo though. I was excited to use it but i was disappointed with it. I knew not to expect great lather with it but it left my hair very dry like straw. The conditioner didn’t make any difference. Also it really tangled my hair when I tried to comb it out after washing it I had to spend about 10 minutes because it was so tangled & dry. Just wanted to share.

        1. Hi! All Hairprint shampoos and conditioners have been reformulated – thank you for asking! It makes sense about Puracy shampoo and conditioner. The formulation while safe is not strong in detangling and moisturizing ingredients, in my opinion. I have had straw hair before so I know what you are talking about. 🙂 Do you color your hair? Thank you for sharing! ~Irina

  39. Dear Irina,
    Have you looked into the ingredients of Hairprint shampoos and conditioners as of now? They told me they just reformulated all of them and I wanted to know if you still recommended them with their new formulations.

  40. Do you still recommend the Hairprint shampoos and conditioners? I have been researching a long time to buy their shampoos and conditioners for myself and my family consisting of my wife and 16 month old and was finally about to do it but see that they have “new and improved formulas.” I was basing my choice off of your blog and high reviews of the Hairprint shampoos and conditioners but wanted to know if they are still good in your eyes or if the new formulations of ingredients have any concerns?

  41. Do you still recommend them? I have been researching a long time and was finally going to make a big purchase for my family of the shampoos and conditioners based on your high reviews of them but just saw they were reformulated. Is there any concerns with the new formulas? I really appreciate it!

    1. I think they are okay but I want to be 100% sure. Let me work on this this weekend. Please wait a few days. Thank you. ~Irina

    2. I think they are okay but I want to be 100% sure. Let me work on it this weekend. Please wait a few days. Thank you. ~Irina

  42. Hi Irina,
    Thanks for letting us know about the update! I was looking forward to trying a new line, but then after reading it seems like this might only work for you if you don’t (or have never) coloured your hair. I haven’t coloured mine in probably a year-l have an ombré going on from the regrowth so I don’t need to. But I usually colour/bleach my hair at least 1-2 times a year. I feel like if I switched to this, I may get terrible results. What are your thoughts? I don’t want to buy it if maybe I’m just one of those people who needs shampoo with coating agents.
    FYI I currently use Monat.

      1. I have read it, thank you! That’s one reason I’m looking to change. I’ve also had some dry flaky scalp issues along with great spots and don’t know if it’s from monat or not, been using for 1.5 years. So I’ve been wanting to try something new.
        I was going to purchase the Body Deli after reading your shampoo reviews until I read this one today…not sure which would be better for my hair.

  43. Thank you Irina!…I will love to know what do you think about CALIA products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash)…They work really good for us…

    1. Hi, Rocio: It is so nice to hear from! I looked at the Calia shampoo briefly and I do not see them listing ingredients that produce lather. My guess is that they use saponified soap but I am not sure. Would you like to ask them? ~Irina

  44. Irena, I am using Madison Reed for color per your post on hair colors. Would Hairprint shampoo and conditioner compliment my hair.


    1. Hi, Lisa: which post on hair colors are you referring to? As I said in the shampoo review, I do not know if it would work on chemically treated hair. I would love somebody to try and tell me. Let me know. Thank you! ~Irina

  45. Wow, their Chemist must be brilliant.

    The Senegal Gum/Xanthan Gum (Solagum AX) is not an emulsifier. It is a mixture of natural gums that increase the viscosity of the shampoo. Xanthan Gum alone can thicken but can have negative textorial effects. This combination of the two potentiate each other. Nothing is emulsified.

    All Glycerin in Personal Care is plant derived. Crowing “vegetable-derived” is like bragging “4 legged dogs for sale!”

  46. Hi Irina.

    I was bed bound for close to a year, and I have gradually been able to walk the entire bedroom (9×12 feet) and even ten days ago I can walk into the teensy master bath and step into the tub and sit on the chair. During this period I was able to wash my hair twice. You can imagine how oily the hair is and the dirty, poor condition of my scalp. The last time I washed it, it was like it is now. I needed to wash four times to have clean hair again. I know that it will still be awhile before I can have a regular hair washing schedule. I still haven’t started showering yet, just not sure I’m strong enough to be up and active for that amount of time.

    I’m getting my ducks in a row and ordering new products I will need. Finding this site is a blessing Irina, as are you. Are the herbal hairprint shampoos the way for me to go, or is there another shampoo that is safe and will clean my hair quicker than 4 times? I’ve never colored my hair but it is fine with a soft feel. I use to use a volumizer, but that hair is long gone. Dawn

    1. Hi, Dawn: I am so sorry to hear about your health challenges. What happened? I am glad you are getting better. Yes, I think a Hairprint shampoo is a good shampoo to try. The last thing you want is to expose yourself to potentially harmful chemicals while recovering. The Hairprint shampoo should work well on your hair even if you do not see a lot of lather, it still cleans nicely. Let me know how you like it. ~Irina

  47. I recently fell down a dark hole of organic products. Your blog been very helpful and well researched. I definitly going to get some hairprint shampoo. However, I could not find anything about shaving lotions or wax on your blog. Im looking for an organic shaving lotion right now would appreciate any recommendations.

    1. Hi, Zoe: Just to make sure I understand your request correctly. By a shaving lotion, do you mean a shave cream used to be able to shave or an aftershave lotion? Thank you. ~Irina

    2. Hi, I also found the hairprint shampoos to be too greasy and heavy for me. I also find the fermented ingredients to aggravate and even cause fungal skin issues and scalp acne. What shampoo do you use now? Have you ever used soap nuts shampoo? I read about a lady using ground up soap nut shells and just adding to hot water to wash her hair. This seems a natural safe surfactant that acts as a natural detergent rather than bad synthetic detergents which are harmful and also natural true soap leaves residue on the hair and is too high of a pH for the hair.

  48. Irina,
    I stumbled onto your site when I was looking up information on Monat. I have been using that for six months and like my hair. I don’t like what I have been reading about the ingredients in the product and am researching other products to switch to. I think I am going to try the Hairprint shampoo and conditioner. What styling products do you suggest to use on your hair? My hair is naturally curly and want to use a product that will keep my curls throughout the day. Any suggestions??

  49. Thank you so very much for your blog. I am new to it and loving it! I want to put out a warning about the buzzword manufacturers of natural products like to use – wildcrafted. I am not sure I want to support companies that wildcraft for their product supplies. To wildcraft means to go into the woods, along a stream, into a natural environment and take what they need. This is not a sustainable practice! There are almost NO naturally occurring meadows in the US to date as they have been wildcrafted to death over the past hundred plus years. These are native plants that one cannot grow in a container and cannot be transplanted. When they are taken the seeds are gone, the area is trampled and they are unable to reseed in a natural thriving manner. I wish there was a certification for no damage done to the environment as there is to animals – like the leaping bunny : )
    In my search for safe and natural products I am also searching to products that do not ship from around the world (as this hairprint company does), I want a small carbon footprint, safe product and a product that is sustainably harvested, grown, collected… I will say collected because you can collect some plants and they will never be depleted (weed types, seaweed, kelp to name a few).

    1. These are good points, Ann. Welcome to our community of savvy label readers. I applaud you for your environmental awareness. By the way, Hairprint products are made in the US. May ask what shampoo/conditioner do you use? ~Irina

  50. Hello there I just found your blog and find it very enlightening! I am on a journey to switch as many things as I can to non-toxic. That being said do have my hair bleached, no color just bleach which I am sure is just as bad. But I am really in the market for a eco/green/non toxic shampoo and conditioner can I use this product or is it only for people that don’t get bleach/color?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Alicia: It is hard to say for sure until you try. That’s why I posed that question in the post hoping that people who have bleached and colored hair and used Hairprint shampoo would respond. In my experience, when people like a product, many do not make time to write positive reviews or comments so I still do not know. ~Irina

  51. Heather Perkins

    Hi Irina-

    I stumbled across your blog while trying to find a healthier and more environmentally-friendly way to clean my hair. I would really love to try the HairPrint Line but unsure of which formulation is best for my hair. I have been dying my hair (full coverage) Red for about 5 or 6 years and just recently transitioned (dyed) back to my natural color so I could grow it out. No more dye for me! My hair is long and moderate thickness with heat and chemical damage on my ends. Based on descriptions I am thinking the Chelating might be my best best but I would love to solicit your thoughts

  52. I just had to tell you about this new shampoo I have been using. It is truly awesome. I have a ton of very fine hair and very sensitive skin. I started using Tree to Tub and it leaves my fine hair lovely. It uses organic ingredients and a very natural preservation system. I asked lots of questions and the answered within minutes even sending me links about how they preserve their products because really – I want as chem. free as possible but I don’t want bacteria and mold. Just love it.

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I am always on a lookout for a great shampoo. I am not impressed with their ingredients, unfortunately. Do you color your hair? ~Irina

  53. Heather Perkins


    I love this blog and appreciate the time and effort you put into researching these ingredients. I have spent hours reading through your posts and researching other brands and feel so much more informed! Making the switch to a chem-free beauty regiment can be overwhelming, but you make it so much less daunting. Decided to make the switch to HairPrint because of it. Do you have any recommendations for heat shield or other styling products? Thank you!

    1. Hi, Heather: how do you like Hairprint shampoo? I assume you are talking about Hairprint shampoo, not the color? Do you color your hair? I have not been using styling products but I am getting a lot of questions about them (thank you for asking!) so I started investigating them. Stay tuned. Have a wonderful Sunday! ~Irina

      1. Heather Perkins

        I just got the shampoo and conditioner in the mail today. I am going to try it tonight! I used to color my hair red (natural brunette) and recently phased back to brown so I could grow it out. Not dying it anymore. I ordered the Bamboo shampoo and the Amla conditioner. I also ordered the HairPrint Argan Jojoba hair oil for treatment as well as a leave in heat shield. The website says if you work through damp hair and then blow dry it will work as a natural shield. Beyond that, I don’t typically use other styling products besides heat shield and leave in. I will let you know how I like this! I look forward to seeing your reviews on it! A lot of my friends have been suggesting BeautyCounter and Monat but I still have some questions about their products that make me hesitant. I wanted to get back to basics and give my hair what it needs!

        I also just ordered my foundation sample kit from Crunchi based on your blog. Going to see how that goes, interested in switching over to their products. Thank you for all of your insight and encouragement.


  54. Hi Irina,

    I have been using Living Libation’s products for a quite some time now. It’s a Canadian company and their skincare and hair care products are based on essential oils and organic ingredients. Have you ever come across any of their products? I would love to get your opinion, as I am considering trying Hairprint color treatment and maybe switching to their shampoo/conditioner as well. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Yuliya: they have a lot of products. Which Living Libations products do you use and like? Do any of their shampoo produce lather? I do not like that they do not use INCI names to list ingredients so at a first glance it is hard to say what ingredients they truly are using? ~Irina

  55. Hi Irina,

    Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it. I’ve tried all their products, using them for over a year. The shampoos do produce lather, although at first it was recommended to add a little bit of baking soda if switching from commercial line shampoo. Nadine Artemis, the founder of this company, is a frequent guest on all health and beauty related shows and podcasts, she promotes usage of organic and natural ingredients, no chemicals. But you are right, it’s not 100% clear how shampoo and creams are formulated. I really liked their shampoos and skincare at first, even my hairstylist complimented my hair condition. Now I’m not so sure, as my hair started shading again and became oily and some acne developed on my skin, which I never had before. Maybe it’s not related to their products, it’s hard to tell, but I like to question everything these days :). What I know for sure, that their essential oils are very high quality, use them all the time. Hairbrushes are also very good, had to buy several, as my daughters and my husband were fighting over them.

  56. Thanks for all your label investigating! Always follow your research.

    I am In search of a natural fragrance free conditioner that doesn’t dry out my hair, especially in the winter time.
    These Conditioners look great, but found this on the shampoos which contain disodium EDTA, trisodium EDTA) linked to health problems such as reproductive and kidney damage, fetal disability, and dermatitis


    I know its hard to find the perfect product…

    1. Hi, Steve: in that article the author says that there is no science to show that disodium EDTA has all these adverse effects when used in a small quantity in a shampoo. Yes, if you eat it in big quantities, it will deplete you of nutrients and thus may cause all kinds of health effects. Only Hairprint chelating shampoo contains disodium EDTA. ~Irina

  57. hi, I would like to ask for ingredient: Cocamidopropyl betaine. Is the name: Coco Betaine same as Cocamidopropyl betaine? As I noticed some companies use the first one don’t know why but I presume to mislead customers? I really appreciate the answer.

    1. Hi, Ilona:

      Thank you for your question! I was confused about that also and have an extensive research looking at the chemical structures, CAS numbers, CIR reports, and derivation process. In short, they are not the same, which is good news! I should definitely write an article about that. Are you subscribed to my newsletter? Stay tuned! I hope your shopping is going. Let me know if you need further assistance. ~Irina

  58. I love Hairprint products too. I’ve used the Color restorer twice now and each time my whites/greys have gotten darker. I think they won’t be noticeable by the last application. Their shampoos and conditioners are great too. The chelating shampoo is amazing. Even without conditioner, my hair was super soft the next day – I could not stop touching it! I guess you can’t use it all the time because it can dry out your hair I think, but it’s great for hard water or getting other chemicals out of your hair. I currently use the Amla shampoo and conditioner and have had many people comment on how shiny and healthy my hair looks now. My hair feels lighter as it’s not weighed down by any coating etc. They are super gentle and the company says I can use it on my kids.

  59. I just recently found your blog and obsessed over HAIRPRINT articles you’ve written. Went straight to their website and emailed back and forth with rep all day. I fall into that “transition” category, meaning applying hairprint solo would be quite tricky. Nearest salon that offers is over 2 hours away. What would your next best “cover gray” suggestion be?

    1. Hi, Katie! The next best would be henna/indigo but it would depend on how much gray hair you have. What do you think about henna? ~Irina

    1. My clients use it with success. It’s important to apply it properly. Let me know if you’d like to have a consultation about this. ~Irina

  60. Hi Irina,
    Thank you for another great informative post. I just received the Amla Shampoo and Conditioner and have used it twice. My hair is quite greasy from it and doesn’t feel “clean”. I’m wondering if there is a transition period with this shampoo? Should I expect amazing results after using this for a month or two and I just need to get through the greasy phase? I was using Monat shampoo before, then went to Attitude shampoo for a couple months when I stopped with Monat, so I’m assuming I have some coating agents on my hair still from that.

    Thank you,

  61. Lynnea Gallagher


    Recently I’ve been trying to find a natural shampoo that works for me! I first tried PureHaven – but the shampoo simultaneously dried out my hair and seemed really hard to rinse out. The conditioner left a waxy feeling as well.
    I have dry, wavy/curly hair that doesn’t like to be weighed down by product.
    I recently bought the marine bio active hair print Shampoo and conditioner – it is MUCH more moisturizing and gave me good Waves/curls but also seemed to leave my hair feeling greasy at the roots!
    Do you think I should try a baking soda wash to get all the residue out before trying hair print again? Or is there a transition phase? I wash twice just to be sure I get the greasy, but it doesn’t seem to help!

    Desperately looking for a shampoo and conditioner that work without harmful chemicals!

          1. my hair is actually quite dry and seems to really like the hydration from hair print shampoo; my curls look great, but my scalp feels like its got weeks of buildup after just one wash! I do have quite hard water at my house, do you think this is the reason for the shampoo leaving my scalp feeling greasy?

            I’d be really interested to try the one for hard water!

          2. Hi, Lynnea: Hard and unfiltered water is so bad for the hair and scalp. I’m so glad that we are installing a whole house water treatment system tomorrow. Yes, if you have hard water and a greasy scalp, you might have to use a shampoo with more powerful surfactants. While we have hard water, both my husband and I like this non-toxic shampoo. What do you think? As for the conditioner, you might skip it altogether or use a little bit on the length of your hair only. ~Irina

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