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  1. Do you know of any ingredients/recipes to make bar soap of my own based on the criteria in your article? Thank you for your VERY informative article. As I was attempting to purchase a soap base from amazon, I started looking further at the ingredients in the ‘natural’ products and wasn’t very happy with what I saw. Ultimately my search led me to your sight. Thank goodness!! In any event, hence my original question.
    Keep up the great work – I’m on to read your info regarding shampoo!!
    Suzanne Fisher

  2. No comment. Just seaching for a non-toxic, unscented natural and breathable soap to use as an air filtering liquid to filter viruses from breathable air…

  3. I tried the Mrs Meyer hand soap once and I found the fragrance to be so strong and and so artificial and it stayed on my hands. I couldn’t stand it. I tried diluting it into a foaming soap hand wash, but that didn’t help. I tossed it.

  4. For the Everyone Kids Orange Squeeze soap EWG lists Limonene at a 3, not a 5-7.

    I had previously been using another Everyone product and had no issues. After using the Kids Orange Squeeze for a couple of washes I started developing an ugly spotty red rash. There are a few ingredients in the Orange Squeeze that were not in the previous Everyone product and one of those was Limonene. It was also the only one that was different with a score higher than 1 so it makes me wonder if the Limonene caused the rash. EWG does list irritation for Limonene.

    Finding products is difficult even with EWG because I feel like their verified products sometimes still contain ingredients that can irritate in one way or another. *sigh*