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  1. I have used Hairprint for the past 4 years about every 4-5 months. I was very pleased to find something that did not have harsh chemicals. I am 41 with 30% grey. I am very sensitive and I do not react to hairprint so in that sense it is great. I have light-medium natural brown hair and even the lightest hairprint option makes my hair too dark, but it does lighten/start to fade after a few weeks and I really prefer it to the grey. It also stains my scalp for a week. At year three I began to notice hair breakage, but upped the approved conditioners and thought “no big deal.” However, in the past year I have major breakage despite being careful where I apply the prepare (first step) treatment. My hair has broken off so much where I apply the hairprint that I am unable to keep using it. It is very noticeable. My hair used to be so healthy so it is a shame. Using the prepare treatment and baking soda and the baking soda in the product is just too much over time and leads to significant breakage. I’m so bummed because I cannot find anything else I can tolerate. I would say if you are chemically sensitive you will likely do well with this product and to enjoy it for a couple of years, but the hair cannot handle it for the longhaul.

  2. I have been contemplating using hairprint for several years now. I’m 37 and have been showing some grey for a couple years now. I have never dyed my hair in my life and and scared but it’s to the point I need to do something about the grey. I have a few questions. I have light brown hair but on their color chart I am around 4-5 scale of brown. Would you recommend using the light brown or the brown color? I do have natural pigments of gold and red I my hair especially in sunlight. Hairprint told me my hair would be darker and lose some of my natural pigment. So I was leaning towards trying light brown color. I have fine wavy to curly hair and they recommended the regrow that shampoos along with it. My other question is, you had a 15% off coupon listed on your reviews for hairprint shampoos and the link does not work. Is it still a valid coupon? Thank you

  3. I have been using Hairprint for 5 years now (after seeing Irina’s recommendation) and am totally happy with it. After paying a professional to do it a couple of times, I’ve learned how to do it myself. It’s very messy but I have gotten a lot better with practice. Just to let people new to the product know – for me the initial color is not ideal but after a couple of washes it will mellow out and look much more natural. It’s not perfect but I’m happy to trade the low toxicity for the down sides.

    Thank Irina for all you do!!


  4. Hello Irina.
    I recently came across your website researching natural hair dyes or a better alternative and I have also been looking at hairprint. I have been coloring my hair for about 20 years! I started to get grey in my late 20s. Genetics! My hair has been through a lot and it is in pretty good shape because of my holistic lifestyle and the organic products I use on it. I tried the more natural hair color lines and they do not work well. I have been using matrix ammonia free and I know that is not good so I just stopped and I need a solution fast as my hair grows in grey! I have medium brown hair with some balayage in it closer to ends so I am really confused on how to use hairprint and if it will even work as my hair is over 50% grey. it grows in almost white. UGH! What solution do I have I am definitely not ready to go grey especially when everyone tells me I look 10 years younger.

  5. Hi Irina, I hope you’re doing well! I’m intrigued by Hairprint now, but was wondering if you possibly had a coupon code for first-timers (especially in the current economy, that would help SO immensely!).

    Thank you,


  6. Seven years ago I started to gray. I dyed my hair with chemical dyes products for a year and a half. I have really resistant grey hair but I also noticed an increase in scalp irritation and hair breakage. So I stopped dying my hair for over a year to help it recover. After I tried many natural things to dye my hair like black coffee and sprays but nothing worked. I read a lot about hairprint and the reviews were favorable. One thing that did bother me was the lack of reviews for people of color and after using it for a year I understand why. Simply it just doesn’t work for us. Like some others have mentioned I started out using baking soda in hopes that would help with the dyeing process. Nope no such luck. I was really hoping it would work because I don’t enjoy dyeing my hair and I hate gray hair more. I have tried Herbinant which isn’t too bad and Revlon Total Color which I don’t recommend.

    1. Hi, Shonni, thank you for asking. Last time I used it was this past summer. I am not using anything right now as I am too busy and kinda enjoying my grey hair. 🙂 ~Irina

  7. Hi all
    I’ve been using the Brown Hairprint satisfactorily for about 3 years now, but my soft, all-white hair has become very porous and the colour is coming out too dark. I’ve tried the lighter brown one, but it produces a very unsatisfactory colour on me.
    I’ve recently been reducing the timing on each of the Restore steps, with some success, but I now see that the Hairprint site recommends just a single application for this type of hair, which I am now going to try, but I’d be interested in other people’s experiences of this.
    (I was pleased to hear from Hairprint that you can buy extra Complete packets from them so that you don’t waste the left-over portions of the product.)
    All the best to you all

  8. Hi thank you for your site and all the information I know how much time it takes to research! I would love to try Hairprint but since I have white hairs growing out instead of grey I was told by the company it will not work well for white hair only grey but they are working on a solution and are close. Although Ive read news articles about a grey hair cure coming since 2012 with many discoveries in a certain protein lacking as we age and the dna switch that turns on and off the melanin it is yet to be out. I do appreciate Hairprint has solutions for some so far. I also checked out their shampoo and conditioners and the look great! I have used henna for the last two years which works great and gives a natural shiny beautiful color but it takes 6 hours to do with all the rinsing, applying and cleaning and the indigo gives me headaches. Also Im wondering if its drying out my hair over time Im only doing the roots now but it still seems like it sheds more and is dryer with more breakage at the top. After looking at the hair dye box I used to use for roots and remembering that it only sits on the hair for 10 minutes I wondered what is worse the chemicals on your head for 10 mins or the henna and indigo that might be weakening the hair sitting for 4 hours? I am definitely going to check out your e-book but was wondering if it includes semi or demi permanent dye brands as well?

    1. Hi, Lily: I hear you. The e-book includes permanent hair colors and one semi-permanent that works relatively well for grey hair. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair colors are not included because not many people ask about them since they do not cover grey hair well. Does it make sense? How much grey hair do you have? ~Irina

      1. I see that makes sense Im sure with semi it can fade quicker especially for the lengths. One thing that is great about henna is that it really covers permanently none of lengths show any white hair maybe some faded to a lighter brown but that is it and Ive been only doing the roots for about a year now. I have about 20% to 25% white hair do you think a semi dark brown or black could work? I would like to use something with the lowest toxins but also use something that is gentle on the hair. Henna seems the most natural but I don’t know if it’s actually gentle it could be the indigo that is drying or just that I have to let it sit for hours that its just too rough on the hair over time.

        I came across this product for gray hair yesterday, RE30 Anti-Grey Hair Treatment.
        The reviews are mixed and theres not too many of them. I think if it worked really well the company would show some before and after photos and it would be all over the news! But Im glad to see something that might possibly work for some is out so maybe more options will be available soon.

  9. I used Hairprint a couple times, and it didn’t work for me. I followed directions and used various tips I read online including baking soda, etc. I contacted their customer support, provided photos, and appreciated their honesty when they said it won’t work on my “resistant white hairs.” I have less than 5% gray/white but it’s mostly at the front and temples, and I have dark hair so it’s obvious and bothers me. Any suggestions for less toxic products (besides henna) that will work on these pesky white hairs? Thanks.

      1. That is the next thing I am investigating. I am new to hair coloring and this all new to me–too many choices. I was so hoping the Hairprint would work. It sounds like the semi permanent color is safer than the permanent? I was going to try the Naturcolor because I read some people comment on your site that it worked for their gray (and they used coconut oil to protect the scalp). I am frustrated at the time I’ve spent coloring and the lack of coverage so I want to find something that will work on my “resistant white” hair. I also read about the Wella Innosence but it looks like maybe they are not making the 4 medium brown color that I would use and it seems it doesn’t all come in one kit–as a newbie that is a bit intimidating. Suggestions welcome. My hair is a similar color to yours and my temples graying is similar to your photo (which took up some of the Hairprint) but i also have some gray/white hairs in front and especially along my center part line that just won’t cooperate. Thanks for any help.

  10. I LOVE Hairprint! Thank you so much for this post – it gave me the confidence to try it! I was about to stop coloring completely & go gray. I really didn’t want to go gray, but didn’t want to continue poisoning myself either – I used to feel horrible the day of & the day after getting my hair colored. Hairprint was my last option. Before I knew better, I used to use semi-permanent hair color at my salon: 1) a couple of typical salon brands – not sure what they were 2) then onto Wella Innosence to reduce toxins once I clued into the fact that my haircolor was harming me 3) then tried Naturtint from Whole Foods once, which made me feel worse than the Wella Innosence!

    My hair was thinning & has since returned to normal after switching to Hairprint. I don’t have side effects from Hairprint. I once got too aggressive with my scrubbing while using the chelating shampoo – I used it right before going to the salon & then my scalp hurt a bit during the color application. I now use the chelating shampoo the night before & am not super aggressive with my scrubbing at my roots. Sometimes I forget & have to wash my hair the morning of with chelating shampoo – I just wash it normally (not super aggressive at the roots) & have been fine. I now mark chelating shampoo on my calendar for the day before a color appointment.

    My hair is a bit darker the first week after application (which I think is fun), then it settles into its regular color. The drawback is how long the process takes (about 2 hours for me – the pre-treatment shampoo plus 3 color applications), but it is worth it to me! I use it about every 6 weeks because my grey roots show as my hair grows out. My colorist applies the first step to my roots only, then he applies it root to tip for the second and third steps. I was worried about having two-tone hair because I transitioned from regular semi-permanent color to Hairprint, but that was not the case. My colorist and I have been pleased with Hairprint – been using now for about 2 years. Wish I would have tried it sooner! Thank you so very much!

  11. So I did my research for a year after reading about Hairprint on your site. I finally used it. And I like it. Thank you!! My question is touching up my hair in let’s say 6 weeks. I realize everyone is different. I have shoulder length hair. Maybe 10% or less grey. Would I plan to just touch up the roots? I can’t quite find a good answer. If so, do I coat most of my hair in a coconut oil? Any good videos you’d recommend for touching up regrowth?

  12. Hi Irina , I used hairprint 2 weeks ago and wanted to provided some feedback. I followed the method for grey resistant hair ie splitting the box in two and doing a double application. I got great coverage but it left my hair very dry and brittle. I had to condition with coconut oil for the first fews days . Now I am using the hairprint alma shampoo and alma conditioner which seems to just leave my hair looking dull and limp. The main concern is 1 week after application I started shedding lots of hair which has continued. As I have never had that problem before I contribute it to the prepare shampoo or the hairprint. I notice you no longer use Hairprint shampoo but body deli can I ask Why? Also I assume the body deli shampoo does not contain any of the blockers that prevent hairprint from working? I will try one more time to use Hairprint but only the single application method however if I am still shedding hair I unfortunately will have to stop using the product completely.

    1. Hi, Pia: Thank you for letting us know. If you think you have an adverse reaction to a product, I recommend you stop using it and use it again a few months later to see if you can re-create the same adverse reaction. I test a lot of products and found this method works well. Because this is not a scientific experiment, we can’t hold all the other factors constant. For example, excessive hair shedding may be caused by low thyroid, low iron, low vitamin D, and stress to name a few. Know that you lose hair 3 months after a stressful event. You can read more about the causes of hair loss here: The Body Deli shampoo has a coating agent but the one that evaporates from the hair within 5 days or so. I use both Hairprint shampoo and Body Deli. Yes – if you apply too much Hairprint conditioner, it leaves your hair dull and a bit greasy. So I mainly apply it to the ends. Let me know if I can assist you further. May I ask you how much grey hair you have? Other people on this forum may want to know as well. ~Irina

  13. Erica, my natural hair color is similar to Irina’s, too. I used brown Hairprint as opposed to dark brown and was glad I did because Hairprint was very dark on me, darker than my natural shade. And subsequently, it got darker and darker although I tried to put it on just the roots or, rather, my daughter-in-law did as she helped me with this process every time.

    I didn’t know at the time that being a plant-based color like henna, you cannot color over it so you want to keep it on the lighter side.

  14. Hi. Just found your site and learned about Hairprint. Are you still using/liking the product or have you found something better? My hair color is similar to yours. Do you use the dark or brown Hairprint color? When you reapply is it just to the roots or all of your hair. I am starting to get some random gray hairs with more at the temple like your photos. I am new to hair coloring so thanks for any advice. Also, what shampoo do you use regularly–the Hairprint brand or another. If another, please let me know which one. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for doing your own research, Pia! Yes, some people take L-Dopa as a supplement or even as a medicine in very high doses like the one you referred to. I believe it would be impossible to reach these high doses with the Hairprint application. Mucuna beans are not very good at penetrating the skin, that’s why they are not developing L-Dopa transdermal system. ~Irina

      1. Thank you so much for the quick reply. I remember reading that L-Dopa molecules are too big to be absorbed by the skin but I could not find the article again so I wanted to get your opinion. I have used henna a few times but am a bit concerned just how safe henna is. Looks like it is Hairprint. Many thanks for all your valuable research you have helped any people. ☺

  15. Has anyone tried removing Hairprint using Color Oops, Effasol or L’Oreal Color Remover (also known as Color Zap)? I would like to hear your experiences with trying to remove Hairprint.

  16. I regularly use powders and sprays to cover my gray – is it correct that I must stop using this for a full week before each hairprint application?

  17. Is hairprint still available? I just found your blog and would like to try it! I love that you read through the labels – I might be a new addicted member of your blog! Thank you!
    P.s. the links aren’t working that is why I am asking.

  18. I have been using Hairprint for several few years now and alternate between going to hairdresser for ammonia-free “organic” haircoloring and doing hairprint at home to limit the number of professional hair colorings I do a year. I have more than 50 percent grey and it works for me when I also apply brown powder on the root areas of my finished hair that Hairprint misses. I feel I am getting less exposure to chemicals by using hairprint half the time and my hair still looks great.

  19. Hi Irina! I have been enjoying reading your blog. I was wondering if you have checked the ingredients in the Hairprint shampoos and conditioners. I have hard water, and I am guessing I would need the chelating shampoo and one of the other shampoos (and a conditioner) to use for a little while before I used the Hairprint color restorer.

    1. Hi, Kristie: I will be working on this today and/tomorrow to see what has changed in the new formulation of Hairprint shampoos and ingredients. Stay tuned. I will email the update to my blog subscribers. ~Irina

  20. I have more than 50% grey and have had wonderful results with Hairprint. My stylist does the application twice and this seems to do the trick. It is a time consuming process but it is so nice not to be allergic to the ingredients and scratching my head during the application . Also nice to know that the run off is not toxic to the environment. For me it has been a win, win situation.

  21. I have been using Hairprint since March 2016, and although I like it for the most part, I have a few issues with it that I’m wondering if anyone else experiences? I use the dark version for hair, and noticed after washing it out really vigorously, scrubbing my scalp, I still have black residue on my scalp that doesn’t come off. I also noticed that after brushing my scalp, little black specks come off my scalp (I’m assuming) clearly visible on my white sink. It’s especially noticeable when I bend over my white tub and brush my hair. The black specks and discoloration of my scalp last for quite a few washings. I don’t like the idea that these little black specks are coming off of my hair every time I brush my hand through it and falling on my clothes, furniture, carpet, etc.. The black specks turn into dandruff afterwards.. I’m not sure if this is caused by Hairprint or if it was there before because I never used to brush my hair and scalp every night like I do now.

    Some other observations.. I don’t have a lot of gray hair, and used to dye just the front parts of my hair where the gray was, but when the gray hair did start to grow out, there was a distinct line from the gray to the black hair. With Hairprint, there is no line, but a more natural blending that occurs. The black color looks more natural than regular dye because Hairprint leaves natural variations in color in the different hair strands, whereas the regular dye leaves the black hair looking flat and all one color which looks very unnatural. My hair has naturally started to have some waviness and slight curl, and Hairprint had a natural straightening effect, almost like a keratin treatment for the hair. I also use it on my eyebrows.

    Applying Hairprint can be quite messy as others noted, but I prep the areas that I’m going to be working around before starting the whole process which makes it easier for me to do by myself. The first two times, I went to a hairdresser which was very costly, just to get an idea of how to do it. To prep, I buy cheap, thin plastic painter’s sheets, and cut it up to cover my counters around the kitchen sink that I use to rinse my hair because it’s stainless steel and won’t stain. I tape the plastic around the sink so that I don’t have to be concerned about splashing and staining anything, and only shower in the bathtub after I’ve rinsed for the final time, and need to shampoo and condition. I also put plastic around my bathroom counter where I do all the applications in front of a mirror, also covering the walls and floor nearby for any accidental splashing, etc. It seems like a lot of work, but it would be far worse to permanently stain the wall or floor. I also wear a plastic garbage bag with cut-outs for neck and arms because no matter how careful I am, it manages to splatter and drip. After I’m done, I just throw everything out. I have a few towels I’ve set aside for drying my hair between the steps, that are now stained after many uses. I have a few damp paper towels ready nearby in case I need to wipe some of the product off of my face, or wherever..

    I’ve detected no odor and I’ve even accidentally dropped some of the stuff in my eye, but rinsed it out right away and had no problems with stinging, etc. The longest I’ve gone is about 2 months before reapplying. The gray hairs by the side of my face, next to the ears, take Hairprint the least, sometimes not at all, and show gray the fastest.

    I tried Hairprint’s shampoo and conditioner, but preferred the Bright Earth plant-based shampoo and conditioner as it made my hair feel fuller and thicker. I hope this info is helpful to someone.

  22. This is an update as of November 3, 2017

    I am writing this almost two years after I first published my review of the Hairprint Color Restorer. Yes, I still use it! And to save money, I apply it at home now instead of going to a hairstylist. While it’s a little more work, it is not too bad. Just know that if you splash it, wipe it right away as it stains. To make it easier, I do not rinse after the first application.

    Two years later, I have a bit more grey, not only on my temples but also on the top of my head. The Hairprint Color Restorer does not restore grey hair 100% (probably about 80%) and blends the rest so well that is hard to see it, if you do not know where to look. And it lasts me 4-5 months! Because this is not a permanent hair color, there is no color line. There is no hair damage. My hair is healthy and vibrant.

    If you currently use shampoo/conditioner with coating agents (99% of shampoo do have them), for best results, discontinue its use 3 weeks before the Hairprint application, and wash your hair at least 2-3 times first with a Hairprint clarifying and at least once with a Hairprint chelating shampoo. For more tips on the application, visit the Hairprint Support Center, especially if you have dyed or bleached your hair.

    If you have about 50% grey or more, the Hairprint Color Restorer most likely won’t work for you, and you might have to resort to chemical hair colors, unfortunately. In my efforts to help those who have to use chemical hair colors to cover grey hair, I studied every ingredient of numerous hair color brands and came up with a rating system so you can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in permanent hair colors and choose the least harmful ones. To learn more, head over here.

    1. Hi Irina~
      Just curious as of 2020 are you still using hair print?I am thinking of trying it,(at the moment I am using Nutricolor which I know has some harmful ingredients)~ after reading some of the comments I am wondering if it will still work, considering I have about 40% grey.I would love to find out if you are still happy with it and how often you apply it.
      Best, Penny

      1. Hi, Penny, I just got so busy running the business that I don’t have time for it. It’s a lengthy process. It depends how much it’s worth to you. With 40%, it might not work, especially if your grey hair is coarse. ~Irina

  23. Hello Irina,
    would you say “restore your grays” is a fancy way or marketing way of saying ” dye your grays”? Could Hairprint make the pigments come back?…

    1. Chemical hair dyes strip the hair of the natural pigment, open the shaft of the hair, and push very toxic hair dyes inside. Hairprint does not do that and instead works very similar to restoring our natural pigment; however, the pigment does not hold forever. 🙁 ~Irina

  24. Irena, Is your Permanent Hair Color Rating List 2018 edition the same as the 2017 edition with the addition of more products? I need it now; if I purchase the 2017 edition can I get upgraded to the 2018 edition when it becomes available?

    I am saying goodbye to Hairprint after 1 1/4 years. As my previously chemically treated hair grows out I have more and more fade. The color barely lasts a week while the pre-Hairprint hair still hangs onto the color fine, the result of which is quite a mix of faded hair color on top with dark ends. It’s a mess.

    Like Rihanna, I am looking for the next-best option. Where do I go after Hairprint? Thanks, Irina and anyone else who can offer advice.

    1. Could you hang on till next Wednesday? I have been working really hard to get 2018 Permanent Hair Color Rating List done and have more answers for you. ~Irina

      1. I can wait until Wednesday but that is the very latest I can wait to order something and get it here in time, i.e., before I have to go into hiding. Otherwise, I will be okay to order the 2017 edition if you assure me you will upgrade me to the newer edition when it becomes available.

        1. You and me, both! 🙂 I will have to go into hiding, too, as I have been working so hard on the permanent hair color list that I don’t have time to look in the mirror. 🙂 I recommend waiting for the 2018 edition, which will have 7 more hair color brands. I will have it for you this coming Wednesday! I am excited. ~Irina

          1. You are a very disciplined person, Irina – it is Wednesday and I have your Permanent Hair Color Rating list in front of me!! Thank you! Now for a dumb question. I want to be 100% sure: on the Summary, are the highest numbers in the ratings column the best and lowest the least good?

          2. Hi! I know how it feels when you wait and people do not get to you on time so I try to do everything possible not to impart that feeling on anybody. Anyway, there are no dumb questions. Thank you for asking. The lower the number the safer the product is. Go for the lowest numbers, which are on the top. I also recommend reading all 21 pages that come with it, which will make you a pro in choosing any hair color, not just the ones rated. Let me know what you think. Thank you for supporting our mission! ~Irina

  25. Hi Irina,
    Will you have to continue to use Hairprint regularly as your hair continues to grow, to cover the roots again?
    Does Hairprint replace regular hair coloring, or is it a permanent result that you achieved after using it for the 7 months where it permanently restores your hair color?

    1. Hi, El: Hairprint does not replace regular coloring. You have to do it with a frequency that will work for you. Before you make a purchase, make sure to read all the application instructions on their website. Thanks. ~Irina

  26. Irina, I am very interested in Desert Shadow but I think I may start with henna for hair chai kit since they will sell me just a swatch. (Less of an initial investment and also Desert Shadow is out of the walnut brown I’d like to try.) Do you think the henna is safe and/or not quite as promising as desert shadow? Incidentally Desert Shadow is available for sale in FL Whole Foods stores.

    1. Before I make a purchase I try to contact a manufacturer by email or phone, and I am not afraid to ask the questions I think I know the answers to. Sometimes, I get surprised. Contact them and make sure that their products contain only henna, indigo, and cassia and nothing else. ~Irina

  27. Have you compared desert shadow haircolor to hairprint? I am trying to decide which one to try. Desert Shadow also looks safe and seems a bit easier to apply. Thank you for any advice

    1. Hi, Mindy: how did you find Desert Shadow? I contacted them and they are actually certified organic. Yes, they are safe as far as henna goes. They are henna products with other plants such as cassava and indigo to achieve other than red colors. Some people love henna, some don’t. I think you won’t know which one you like better until you try. ~Irina

  28. Hello Irina,
    My mom has an autoimmune disease that will flare up with regular hair dyes, so we first tried no ammonia products… but her doctor suggested dying once or twice a year, then we turned into natural recipes… they worked well for a year or so, but recently they won’t cover her grey hair… I have read more than 30 articles in last month about natural and organic hair colouring products and I visited many stores. no one seems to accept what the other one is saying and everyone has proof for they are claiming… it is frustrating. I great a great article about Oway and found a salon close to where I live( Montreal) but then came across your article about Oway and all hopes vanished! I went to a natural /organic store and I saw SanoTint and HerbaTint, but can’t find good reviews bout them to compare them with other products… If you were to choose one product that covers most grey hair and won’t be wash off in rain(!!!) what would you choose? I read about Green Hare in comments part of your post about Oway but haven’t seen any reviews about it… also the Henna products you talked bout in your replies to some comments seemed interesting, but I can’t find any reliable brand… Please give as many free suggestions as you can…

    1. Rihanna, thank you for sharing your story. I applaud you for your efforts. To help you and others, I work hard every day deciphering the maze of unpronounceable ingredients. In order to know if a particular brand is safer, I need to get through the hoops to get a full list of ingredients, study each ingredient, and compare all ingredients to of other brands. I have created a rating system the benefits of which you can find in my Permanent Hair Color Rating List. In the 2018 edition, which I started working on, there will be more brands included. I hope you will make a purchase to fund my efforts to protect your health. ~Irina

      1. To be honest, I am looking for a foolproof advice-sheet! something to tell me, hey go and buy this product and if you couldn’t find it, this is the second best and this is the third best and so forth… I now know there are couple of chemicals in dyes that trigger autoimmune diseases. HerbaTint and NaturTint seems no to have those… Can you give your thoughts about these two brands?

  29. Hi again all.

    So many of us seem to have issues with the precise shade of brown we get with Hairprint, but am I right in thinking that the ingredients are the same in all three of the shades available – that they are just there in different proportions in each one?

    If so, I am at a loss to understand why it isn’t possible for the firm to formulate the product so that each individual user can adjust it to their own preference.

    (I have tried to do this by varying the amount of time I leave the product on my hair, with some success, but I have also asked Hairprint about mixing together the light brown and the brown to achieve an intermediate shade, and they said they didn’t recommend it – but with no explanation why.)

    Any thoughts on this?


  30. Hi Peggy, I also had a negative experience, but as I had not received, or opened they accepted the return (minus shipping both ways) it was a long battle. I let them know their website does NOT have the ‘transition’ if someone has colored/or currently colored hair really stand out on the website – recommended they put in a different font/color (like red). The option to use the product on 1-2 inch growth then cover the rest of the hair with Shea Butter is pretty crazy from my perspective. What if someone was born with dark hair, currently coloring lighter, then follows those instructions – they likely would end up with dark hair on top and rest the light color -how is that a viable option? At this point so frustrated with goal to find natural color thinking of letting it go…. drum roll natural! I swore I never would. Also, I think the Madison-Reed damaged my hair severely causing hair-loss, but of course one cannot prove that so easily. Appreciate everyone’s feedback, so helpful!

  31. You may have had a good experience with Hairprint, but I DID NOT. I must say that I am VERY disappointed in Hairprint. I purchased a hair color and shampoo. I opened the box to remove the shampoo and NEVER opened the hair color items. I changed my mind after reading some reviews and returned the unopened hair color. After weeks and weeks of waiting… I received this reply via email….
    Hairprint cancelled your return for the following reason:
    Item not returnable: used or worn or tags not attached
    A message just for you:
    Hello Peggy, One Hairprint True Color Restorer kit in Brown was received at the Hairprint Returns Authorization Department. The Hairprint True Color Restorer kits tamper seal had been cut open. Per policy all items returned must be sealed/unopened and in sellable condition. This item has been unsealed and opened and is not eligible for refund. Please see the refund policy on
    We hope to see you again soon shopping at Hairprint!
    NOPE! I WONT BE PURCHASING ANYTHING FROM YOUR COMPANY. I have never experienced this before. I think their return policy is ridiculous and not in alignment with their marketing.

  32. What do you think about this, love to know, thanks!!!:
    Ammonia is 100% organic from the earth and evaporates as soon as oxygen hits it (hence the smell) and has been demonized for no good reason except to say that companies want to sell you their brand new “Ammonia Free” hair color. Instead we’ve replaced Ammonia with an even greater evil, MEA. This horrible, man-made chemical will not only dry out your hair but studies are showing that prolonged use can lead to hair loss! Any “plant based” ammonia free dye is going to have MEA in it.

  33. Hi Irina! What do you think of Aveda hair dye? I’ve gone to an Aveda salon for hair coloring for years. Does it have MEA in it? Is it safe- safer to use? What about Teinture? Shades in Bev Hills is suppose to be “toxic free” as well- on their site store they sell at home kits- do you know anything about their hair color? Also, INOA claims “damage with coloring will be a thing of the past”- but it has MEA in it- do you know anything about this product? It’s by L’oreal Professional US. Oh!!! Also, Wella has something called Koleston Prefect Innosense Color, do you know anything about this?? It has ME+ in it- they have a youtube video all about it- this molecule is suppose to prevent sensitivities from hair color…Thank you!!!!

    1. Hi, Paula: The companies can say anything. It is marketing 101. 🙂 It might be helpful for you to read my Permanent Hair Color Rating List. I will consider including some of the products you named in its next edition if a lot of people ask for these products. Do you use permanent or semi-permanent colors? Thanks. ~Irina

      1. Thanks so much Irina. Great thank you, I will read your list! I do permanent hair color- brown or dark brown- I color my hair a few times a year- maybe 2 or 3. Thanks, Paula

  34. Hi Irina, Thank for all your research and hard work – I just ordered as product I’m using now myself, hair is breaking off! From reading above, crossing fingers successful for me -just not ready to go ‘all natural’ aka gray! It does seem like a TON of work – agree with others, who has time for full day to do hair?

  35. Hello Irina and HT

    I too am still struggling with the depth of colour issue – after almost a year. I want to achieve a soft mid brown – my original colour- but the Light Brown gives me a muddy greenish dark blonde colour and, if I do it by the book, the Brown comes out mega dark, (which my husband hates), taking ages and ages for it to fade.

    The best I have achieved so far is by using the new layering method with the Brown. I got the Hairprint on really fast, then started timing right away, leaving stage one on for 10 minutes and then on top of that the stage 2 for another 10 minutes. I did the rinsing and stage 3 just as it says. Even so, It’s still pretty dark for about a week (3 washes), and so I might reduce the time even more more next time.

    The real downside though was that after 2 weeks the colour started fading really fast – so I got one week too dark, one week just right, and a third week of faded out colour – and then it wants doing again!

    At the moment I’m topping it up with Vegetal (Herbatint). I need to do this every 7-10 days, but it’so easy to use, I’m inclined to keep it going with Vegetal as long as I can for now.

  36. I, too, used Hairprint for the third time just this morning. One of the hardest things for me is to still justify the time it takes to do, especially compared with the results. It’s somewhat disheartening to spend a full three hours and all four steps of the process (including Prepare) and still come out with so-so results. Yet I still “want” to like this product so much! The jury is still out, unfortunately. I am just hoping things somewhat improve… This time I went with light brown versus brown (my hair is in between, but the first two times I wanted to ensure sufficient grey coverage) because the brown made my hair way too dark for the first week or two (which I expected based on reading peoples’ experiences), but since I’m using the transition process (shea butter) on the majority of my hair it was a pretty stark contrast, requiring me to wear my hair tied up constantly for weeks. I was hoping I’d hit the nail on the head this time with the color. Thus far the Hairprint covered portion is indeed much lighter than it had been with the brown, but I still have certain parts of the lower region of my hair (supposedly covered with shea) having turned dark/black-ish. Also, the grey coverage did not seem to be as good this time as it was the last time. For reference, I have Hairprint’s chelating shampoo and have been prepping days, if not a week, and I also left my Prepare on for about 30 minutes (I did use baking soda the last 5 minutes of Prepare the first two times and not this time due to some forehead irritation that I was hoping to avoid). The stage should have been set for great results, especially since it seems many people report it gets better with more uses. So while this is sort of free form, I wanted to share my experience(s). I just really don’t know how I feel about the product yet (not to mention the intense messiness in my shower and elsewhere).

    1. HT: I have had the same feelings as you that I “want” this to work, but am having a hard time justifying the time and the mess for the results. I think when people say it worked better the 2nd or third time, they mean on the exact same hair, not on new roots. For me that is tough because my scalp is so traumatized from a long period of baking soda followed by all those stages of treatment, etc. and even my ears have sores on them from being wiped clean over and over that I can’t just turn around and do this again soon. I have to wait at least a month for everything to heal up in between.

  37. I used Hairprint for the 3rd time on Sunday. The first time, my hairdresser and I ended up skipping the “prepare” stage (a fail). And the second time, I bungled the different packets and mixed the wrong powders with the wrong liquids (fail).

    I contacted Customer Support to find the method for resistant gray since I figured this third time would be a real test if it could work if I did everything possible. I followed the directions fairly closely. T

    I used a liberal paste of baking soda in two packages of prepare, leaving it on for 25 minutes. I divided each stage in half. And I set it all up ahead of time in 12 glass bowls (4 stages of prepare and 2 of complete to be mixed together at the right time) And I labeled all these bowls with lids and had them set up in order. Once all was complete, I used a conditioner with dark roast coffee and coffee grounds in it for 4 hours followed by apple cider vinegar.

    So, basically, I wanted to see if I went 100% all out if I could get my hair to absorb Hairprint. I added the coffee part myself because I figured if the Hairprint didn’t really work, at least maybe the coffee would do something since the cuticle had been opened from the prepare and baking soda. Plus it is acidic and so closed the cuticle again.

    The answers:

    The good:

    Yes, the parts of my hair that I was able to access well indeed actually absorbed the color. The rest absorbed it fairly well.

    My hair was very shiny once complete.

    The bad:

    If you have dry curly hair and do all that to to absorb the prepare with baking soda, there is no way to part your hair anymore to apply the color. It is a giant dry mat of fibers locked together. So, I had to just massage the product into my scalp and hair roots as best as I could. The hair would not pull apart to expose the roots. So, those parts towards the middle of my head have about 50% coverage and those that were easily accessible near the edges of my head have more like 100% coverage.

    My scalp feels sore from first the prepare and baking soda followed by massaging in 6 stages of Hairprint (recommended for resistant gray). I have been treating it with aloe and argan oil.

    The process from set up through clean up took me an entire day. And I really don’t have that kind of time to devote every month for roots or even every two months.

    For the future:

    I may try to follow all the directions perfectly for non-resistant gray but include a few teaspoons of baking soda in the prepare and let it sit for 20 minutes or so and see if my hairdresser will do the rest. She will probably be able to part my hair even if it hurts me. And with fewer stages, it might be easier to handle.

    If that doesn’t work, I may move on to 100% plant-based with henna at a salon that has someone who specializes in henna in San Diego. Only I need to make sure she doesn’t use products with metal salts and additives first.

  38. Has anyone checked out this company’s color? How does it rate on toxicity?

    They claim the product is “ammonia free, no ABP, no animal testing, no mineral oils, no parabens, no PPD, no resorcinol, organic ingredients.” I am assuming that just as every other company that removes such toxins insists on keeping artificial fragrance, this company also is so doing since it does not say otherwise. Also, I am assuming this is the case since they don’t list what is in the product only select things that are not in it. But, nonetheless, I am curious if they have taken the revolutionary step of removing artificial fragrance along with the other toxins.

  39. HI Irina – I found Hair Print from your website and I even found Phillipa’s contact info from there. I had my hair done by her yesterday and I just want to warn potential customers that my scalp has been numb since the coloring. I went to the doctor this morning and she is researching the ingredients. I did contact Hair print and they told me that it will go away and if it doesn’t go see a doctor. There customer service was not the greatest to say the least.

    My entire scalp has been numb and still is. My doctor suspects that it maybe the baking soda but is going to do more research. I just wanted to warn people that its possible to have a reaction to the product. I’m not yet sure what it is that I’m reacting to but I am reacting to something. And it’s not a good feeling. I’ve used chemical products and I have never had this issue. I’m hoping the feeling will go away and if it doesn’t I will have to go to the dermatologist.

    Phillipa was really good in contacting the company and telling me that this has not happened to her other customers and she did her best to get a hold of the company. my communication with Hair Print so far has been only via email because they are too short staffed to be able to talk to a live person which is not comforting when your entire scalp is numb. It feels like you do after you go to a dentist and have Novocain.

    If you’re considering the product I highly recommend just doing a patch test first.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that, Anji! This sounds awful. Please let us know about your recovery and what you find out. Our bodies are mysteries. I heard that some people even have allergies to coconut oils or chamomile. Hugs, Irina

      1. Thanks Irina – I did hear back from doctor and she said that the mucona pruriens (velvet bean) is known to cause itchiness, skin irritation and allergic reactions. I’ve spoken with Hairprint and they say you can request a patch test for free but they don’t advertise it on the website. I cannot tell you how I highly recommend you take a patch test before applying this fully to your hair. I’m not someone who is sensitive to chemicals, foods, etc. and if this can happen to me it can happen to others.

        I hope the company does more to make people aware of the possible reactions. I also wished they had told me to wash my hair immediately after this happened. I was given no guidance on this. I’ve washed my hair now 4 times and I’m still finding product in my hair. If you react to it please just keep washing your hair to get the product away from your scalp as quickly as possible. My doctor is the one who told me to go home and keep washing my hair.

        I just want to say I really love natural products and I want to do my part to harm the environment less as well as my own body. So I really wanted to believe in this product and use it. But it is not for everyone. And please don’t make the mistake I made thinking that because it is natural and even edible that it will not cause a possible allergic reaction.

        1. Hmm.. This is very interesting to me. I am very curious as to how your doctor made a determination that “mucona pruriens (velvet bean) is known to cause itchiness, skin irritation and allergic reactions.” Could you provide your doctor’s name and the sources of her information? Thanks! ~Irina

        2. Hi, Anji, since you have not responded, I double checked my original research and I found only on some information about mucona pruriens (velvet bean). However, they talk about mucona pruriens pods, not the beans themselves. Here is what they say, “The pod hairs, from which the extract is produced, contain histamines and may trigger an allergic reaction.” The Hairprint representatives informed me that their extract is the protein extracted from Mucuna Pruriens and that the pod is discarded when harvested by a combine. The product they buy is pharmaceutical grade as it is used in Ayurvedic and conventional pharmaceuticals. I wonder if your doctor might have thought that the extract is made from pods. I hope this helps. Again, please let me know if your doctor knows of a study I am not aware of. I would like to know. How is your scalp feeling now? ~Irina

          1. HI Irina – sorry am on spring break so didn’t reply sooner. Irina I did not ask my doctor about the research she found. I think your explanation makes sense too – she may not have differentiated between the pods and the beans and based her message on that.

            Thanks so much for your well wishes. I am feeling better. Best, Anji

  40. Hi – a few ideas about disguising the new growth greys:

    There are a lot of powders and creams etc around that you can apply to the root area to disguise regrowth on a short term basis. My own favorite of these is Roux Fanci-ful Temporary Hair Coloring Mousse. All these wash out with the next shampoo, however, and tend to make me itch a bit.

    I’ve been using Hairprint for some time now, but when there is more than half an inch or so of regrowth and I am short of time and need a ‘quick fix’, I use Vegetal hair color (made by the Herbatint firm) on the hair that needs coloring.

    This works really well for me. It washes out gradually – I wash my hair every 2 days but I’m good for a week to 10 days with this, when I do it again if necessary.

    I’m really sensitive to hair dyes and a lot of other skin products, and Vegetal is one of the few products I have used without problems. I do hope this is helpful and you find something suitable for you!

  41. Hi Irina,

    I first found out about Hairprint from reading on your site. I am early 40’s, history of chemically dyed hair. It’s been maybe a couple months or more now that I haven’t used any. I was actually trying to decide my next move with hair coloring (I had most recently used Madison Reed) when I happened upon your site. As soon as I read/learned/heard about Hairprint I knew that’s what I wanted to do next…when my new growth came in enough. These greys are getting very difficult to mask and live with, especially with my most predominant ones right in front! What I’d like is any helpful suggestions as to how to navigate the greys while I am waiting for a couple inches of new growth (because I know I’ll need to mask with shea butter, I need at least that much – I’ll be doing this at home and I can’t imagine trying to start with less new growth). I did contact Hairprint recently with this question and they didn’t have much to offer except some natural “recipes” on a website, but I really need something tried and true to do the trick. The amount of grey showing right now is about all I can stand (and then some). I know that might sound trivial/vain, but I could really use some help in this department. Thank you (or to anyone) who has some real-life great results in hiding greys before being able to use Hairprint.

  42. Hi Irina and Kim.
    I have very sensitive skin and scalp too. I am using Hairprint without any problems (after major sensitivities and allergies to other colorants).
    I live in a very hard water area so I really need a good clarifying shampoo before a Hairprint session. I find Herbatint Normalizing Shampoo and Giovanni 50-50 Balanced Hydrating Clarifying shampoo are both excellent for me. In fact, because they seem to act a bit differently to each other, before a Hairprint session I shampoo twice – using first one and then the other.
    Hope something works for you, Kim!

  43. Hi Irina,
    I had been researching Hairprint and reading your blog for a few months. I finally decided to go all in and order Hairprint. I ordered the Bamboo Shampoo and Conditioner and the Clarifying Shampoo and the Hairprint. It sounded like you would get the best results from using their products. I decided to just try the shampoo first of all. Right after shampooing my head felt a little itchy and several hours later it was itching worse and burning. I had to reshampoo and take a few Benadryl before going to bed. Although I cannot use conventional hair color, haven’t been able to color in almost 3 years, and I also have some other sensitivities to products and foods. I haven’t however had a reaction to any shampoo, I can still use conventional shampoos and most recently had been using a more natural Acure shampoo. After reacting to the Bamboo shampoo I looked at the ingredients on the Clarifying shampoo and they have a lot of similar ingredients so I decided I better not use it. I contacted Hairprint and told them about the reaction to the shampoo and asked for recommendations of another clarifying shampoo I could use, other than Hairprints. They of course wil not recommend another since they make their own. They said no one had ever reacted to their shampoo, I told them their is always a first and besides its only been out a few months. People do react to natural things too. The only other suggestion they would give was just too shampoo with baking soda. After researching about shampooing with baking soda one site said it wasn’t really good if you have dry curly hair. My hair is dry and extremely curly I probably wouldn’t be able to get a comb through it. They also suggested trying some of their other shampoos, of course I had to purchase them. I’m already out over $60 in shampoos that I can’t use. I still want to try the Hairprint but need to clairfy my hair first. You apparently used something else before they came out with their shampoo’s could you please recommend something else. Also you said the Hairprint shampoo took some getting used too, but it made my look greasy and felt like straw, not a good combo. I’m all about using the most natural products, but their shampoo may not be for everyone. I would really appreciate another shampoo recommendation because I would still like to try Hairprint.
    Thank You,
    Kim M

  44. Can you use this if you don’t use any shampoos? Do you have to use a shampoo before or after? I am concerned that this will make my no-poo reset. I only use conditioners on my hair. I’m currently switching to water only wash.
    Have any fellow no-pooers used this?

  45. Wow you really have tried a lot of things and I am glad you’ve had success! I have been in constant contact with Hairprint but they haven’t offered to test my hair so I wonder if they do that anymore. I will ask if my third attempt fails. I guess I need to wait a few weeks before trying again because each time I use Hairprint, I get sick – as in a cold from almost 2 hours of a wet head in winter. Battling a cold right now!

    I haven’t masked my old hair with anything and my trouble with the extreme drying is more on the part of the hair that has the hairprint solution. I will look into the rich conditioners you suggested.

    thanks for your continued inputs and suggestions!

  46. Hi again Rachelle

    I gather that the Hairprint firm are willing to work with clients to troubleshoot their problems, and I wonder if they would be prepared to test a sample of your hair to see what is happening for themselves?

    The other thing they recommend to do about hard water is to use a chelating shampoo a few times before the colouring date to remove the deposits that hard water leaves on it. I think their website has some advice on this, but I like the Herbatint Normalising Shampoo, Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying shampoo, and occasionally dilute apple cider vinegar as a semi-final rinse (rinsed off well afterwards with spring water). I find these shampoos surprisingly gentle, and I wash twice with the Giovanni immediately before the colouring process. I’ve also found Herbatint Royal Cream to be a nice rich conditioner post colouring.

    I also avoid the rubbing and scrubbing they suggest, partly because my scalp is so sensitive, and partly because my hair is very fine, and I think this would cause it to get matted and tangled – so I use the brush to apply the colour – just stroking it on firmly in one direction only, and being similarly gentle with rinsing.

    The other thing I do is mask up the lower pre-dyed hair really thickly with pure shea butter before applying the colour. On the one occasion I didn’t do this, I too had a fair bit of tangling to deal with as the pre-dyed hair didn’t like the Hairprint at all. (I think life will get a bit easier when this old hair has grown out.) If it’s still feeling dry and tangled at the ends as it dries, I’ve found Wella Professionals Enrich leave-in conditioner solves it like magic.

    Obviously we’re all different in our responses to these things, but since I became allergic to PPD last summer I’ve benefited from other people’s experience and also done a lot of experimentation myself, and I’d be delighted if some of it helps others too.

    Good luck – Margaret

  47. Hi Margaret – Happy New Year and thanks for your response.
    I looked into it and water in my area is hard (one level down from very hard). I can sympathize with the complications because I already find the Hairprint application process to be super complex. I usually end up with stains on clothes, bathroom floor, mirror, the bath tub etc. as it’s hard to control the paste from flying everywhere.

    I used the hair color for the second time yesterday and sadly there was no coverage once again 🙁 I am rather disheartened since I followed the company’s recommendations – only Hairprint shampoo and conditioner for the past 3 weeks, no oils, no styling products. So not sure what else to do other than your spring water option one last time.

  48. Hi Rachelle – I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience and I am wondering about the type of water you used. I live in the UK, in a very hard water area, and Hairprint do warn about this type of water. So I bought a dozen bottles of soft spring water to do all the rinsing with. I’m afraid this added still further to the complications of the process, as I had to warm all this water in a kettle! However, it was lovely for my hair.

    I have been very pleased with the condition of my hair after Hairprint. I use Herbatint clarifying shampoo and dilute apple cider vinegar for the few washes prior to the Hairprint process to remove residues, and I find that Herbatint Royal Creme is also a very good conditioner after the Hairprint process itself. I have been masking the previously dyed hair (I had the same amount of regrowth as you) with pure shea butter.

    I’ve used brown Hairprint four times now, and my own problem is with my hair getting darker each time, even though I only do the roots – the rest of the hair still seems to absorb colour from the rinsing process, even though I have masked it heavily. I am going to try the light brown Hairprint next time. My natural colour is a sort of darkish medium brown, and I did ask Hairprint about mixing the brown and the light brown together, but they said they didn’t recommend it. But if anybody has had any success with doing this, I love to know!

    Irina, thank you so much for this forum for the sharing of experiences – we’re all on a steep learning curve, which can sometimes be a painful one, but it feels very supportive to be able to communicate in this way.

    1. Hi Margaret, I too live in the UK and would like to know how you obtain Hairprint. Do you have to pay shipping and import charges, or can we buy it from a UK distributor somewhere?

      1. Hi Penni – good to hear from you!

        I do indeed have to pay shipping and taxes. My last order from Hairprint was for a single box . (I was trying the light brown for the first time and wasn’t sure if it would be OK).

        Hold your breath now! – The shipping was $36. Apparently it’s this amount for any order, no matter what. And the tax payable on arrival was £19. So – approximately £80 in total.

        Looking at it in the round though, since the product suits me, and the colour has lasted for 6 months without washing out, it’s perhaps not as bad as it sounds. After the first time I have just been doing the regrowth, so now I only need half the box each time.

        I used to pay my local hairdresser £60 for new highlights every 4-6 weeks, so it compares well with that – and it’s much safer than the stuff she used – though it’s very hard work doing it yourself.

        Unfortunately there is no Hairprint base in the UK at the present time. I have contacted two English salons that claim to specialise in organic products (although when you check it out you find otherwise). I have said that if they decide to stock Hairprint I would be a regular customer, but I have received no reply.

        If you decide to join the clan do let us know how you get on!

        Best wishes

  49. My first experience with hairprint left me reduced to tears! Not only is the process incredibly complicated, messy and cumbersome, it just does not work.

    After two hours of this painful process it’s as if I used nothing on my hair. None of the grey was covered and I don’t know why. And mind you, I only worked on the roots as the rest of my hair has been chemically dyed.

    I used the amla shampoo and conditioner after the process. They call the conditioner rich but it felt as it it literally evaporated as soon as it touched my hair. I kept applying more and more (and this is a very expensive product) but my hair felt dry as if I were applying water to it. After completing my shower and light towel drying, my hair literally felt like chopsuey!! I could not run a comb through it and after a lot of coaxing that hurt my scalp I had shed a ton of hair. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN???

    I am so distraught that after waiting for a good inch or two of grey to grow out (so unattractive) and spending a ton of money on the color kit, shampoos and conditioner, I was left in the exact same spot as I was having not used any Hairprint product.

    I really need someone to help me make sense of this.

    1. Hi, Rachelle: have you read about coating agents that may block Hairprint from working? Yes, I agree that this process is not cheap and it requires time and effort to transition to the natural hair. I am sorry about frustration. Because there are no chemical dyes, results vary. Can somebody share their experience transitioning from chemically dyed hair? You might also contact the Hairprint company for answers. ~Irina

  50. Hi – I am very new to your site. Discovered it yesterday when I was looking into Madison Reed, but then your posts on Hairprint intrigued me very much. I spent time reading all of the comments following the Hairprint entries and those on shampoos, as well. I am motivated by what it sounds like Hairprint can accomplish, as I have been very unhappy with my hair’s appearance of late. Today I visited the Hairprint site, itself. I dye my hair, not super regularly, but approximately every 8 weeks or more. (I am 41, have had greys for years and am rather self-conscious about it.) I had hoped to just begin with applying Hairprint all over, but I noticed the transition instructions on their site today with the suggestion that any chemically treated hair must not be treated and only new / root growth should be treated. (I am in Santa Rosa, CA, by the way, so more likely to buy and use this myself, even though it sounds like it will be tricky. My hair is about shoulder length.) I must admit, having to avoid the chemically treated majority of my hair sounds almost too difficult, as much as I want to try and begin using Hairprint. Any words of wisdom to share? Must I really go the route of applying one of the recommended butters to my chemically treated hair before using Hairprint on the non-treated portion? Sounds overwhelming. I really want these results though. I am so hopeful Hairprint will work for me.

  51. Hi Denise,

    I had been using hairprint to color roots following my regular Ulta Salon color and highlights (blond on medium brown). It had been about a year that I had been successfully filling in my roots with hair print and I had planned to get a hair cut with “just the highlights” on the base of hair print (brown) color. I was very happy with the results of hair print. My hair felt healthy and soft to the degree that I did not return to the salon for a year and was able to redo the roots approx 1xmonth during this time from the original package and measuring just what I needed. Although growing longer, the style was sustained, color nice and I liked the way the highlights were still present. I treated my roots with hairprint immediately prior to the appointment so my stylist would be able to just apply base. My initial intent was to cut, re-style and then just do highlights but my stylist convinced me to re-do the base and highlights as I had left out areas I did not see and she would either have to match the hair print color or redo the whole head. She convinced me to redo the whole base and highlights as usual. Following this, I experienced major hair loss (chunks in the shower…now very thin) and was wondering if using chemicals and/or highlights on top of hairprint could have caused this. I had also been using Wen Shampoo since 2009 and not noticing any real significant hair loss until April 21,2016 when I had my last appointment. My stylist suggested that I look up Wen comments online. I did so stopped Wen, looked up shampoos with excellent reviews for regrowth and have been using only organic BWC and Shea Moisture shampoos to try to regrow my hair. At this point, I’m not sure whether it was the chemicals used that day, or some cumulative interaction between the chemicals and Wen and/or possibly the addition of hair print to the mix. THe combination of Wen and chemicals (about 2 times per year) had never caused this before…same stylist and salon since starting Wen). My question is motivated by wanting to rule out that Hairprint could have contributed to hair loss as a result of using harsh chemicals over it. No ammonia but still not healthy. At this time, I am not using Wen, Hair print nor coloring roots with anything but the temporary “mascara” that has the highest safety/health rating. I would like to continue to use hair print but only if I will also be able to obtain highlights on top of it. Is it even possible for hair print to have contributed? I’m hoping so much that it would not. I love this natural product which worked so well and I would very much appreciate any feedback you may have. This question may also be helpful for anyone else who may be wanting healthy natural “hair print” hair but also want the aesthetics of highlights. I would appreciate an e-mail notification of your response at address below and/or how I would contact Hairprint directly.

    Thank you for your time and attention,
    Naomi K.

    1. Hi, Naomi: I’m sorry to hear about your hair. Truly sorry. I think the best way would be to contact Hairprint directly: On the top of the screen, please see Contact us. I am pretty sure that Hairprint has nothing to do with your hair loss. I’ve been using it over a year now and have not experienced any adverse effects. On the other hand, permanent hair colors are laden with harmful chemicals for your hair, scalp, and health. You were doing so well, and it is sad that you got off the track. It might help if you read the Permanent Hair Color Rating List e-book that will deepen your understanding of hair dyes. It also has recipes to restore your hair that may be applicable to your situation. Let me what you find out from Hairprint, and how I can help. ~Irina

  52. I have a question, is this just for restoring your natural color? I would like to try the light brown even though my hair is more of a medium. As a child it was very light with blonde streaks. I’m curios what my end result will be. Thank you, I found this information helpful.

    1. Hi, Denise:

      I am sorry but I don’t think I am qualified to predict what your hair color is going to turn out. You might want to contact Hairprint directly or simply try it. Let us know, okay? It is exciting. Thank you! ~Irina

  53. Hello Irina,

    I just purchased my first kit and can’t wait for it to get here to try it. I have lots of gray on the top of my head, I am 41. I wanted to know that if on your second and third time did you apply it to the whole hair or just the roots?? I am little scared to do that and get real dark. Can you help?

    Laura R.

      1. I have been using the brown (my natural color), and after the first time of using Hairprint I just did the root regrowth, but it still goes darker each time – I imagine from the rinsing water getting on to the other hair. As I have a very pale complexion, this doesn’t really suit me. I have tried masking the rest of my hair with shea butter, but it is difficult to do this to almost a whole head of hair and just leave a 4 week regrowth to re-color.

        I asked Hairprint about mixing together the light brown and brown, and they say they don’t recommend it, but I would be interested to hear if anybody has tried this.


  54. Recently ordered application # 3…………First one did not cover grey completely but blended in well. My hair was soft and shinny. I waited too long in between so second one was ok but not a good coverage. Still looked better at the crown of my head where the majority of my grey is.
    This time I will apply at the 4 week time frame and hope for a better result. (using dark color)

    The product has no odor,staining and for me no allergic reaction as in the past with other so called
    “natural” products.
    Thankfully a good friend of mine handles the application as it is a bit messy.

    Thank you Irina for all your wonderful and very helpful information for many products.

    PS- Just harvested quite a bit of sage from our organic garden. I prepared a mouthwash for the first time
    with the fresh sage. I have to say Not bad… 🙂

  55. Hi,
    I would love to try Hairprint and my hairdresser has agreed to apply it for me. If this product doesn’t work, I will just grow the gray out. My mother was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and when we asked the doctor what environmental factors could possibly be linked to it, one was possibly hair dye. So now my quest to find a safe alternative, or go gray. Never ceases to amaze me that toxic products can be sold without warning labels. Most women have no idea what these chemicals are doing to their health.
    Anyway, my question is, how is the process different for hair that has already been dyed? I do not want to grow my hair out before applying as that would take forever. Any tips advice will be appreciated. I use only Beautycounter shampoo and conditioner which I am guessing will be very safe for my hair after treatment.

    1. Hi, Kathleen: Do you want to hear something “funny”? Two hair dye companies I know of that call themselves natural or organic, do not release ingredients to the public. I think it is illegal but who is going to sue them? Anyway, I am glad you are trying Hairprint. As far as I know if the hair has been processed with a hair dye before, that means that the hair is damaged and porous, and can absorb more Hairpint; thus it can come out darker than the rest of the hair. You might want not to apply Hairprint as many times to the damaged hair. Also, some ingredients in shampoos and styling products may block Hairpint. For more information read my article here. There are also lots of helpful comments to this post and the other post I gave you a link, too. Good Luck. Keep in touch! ~Irina

  56. I am 85 years old and after receiving a Hairprint kit I realized the process was too involved for me to tackle alone. Since I have no one to fill that position I have enveavered to return the kit. However I can’t find your phone number or any other logical way to reach you. Please advise.

  57. I really wanted to like Hairprint. That is why I tried it 4 times before deciding that I needed to find another option. I followed all of the instructions exactly and checked and rechecked all of the products I use on my hair, but Hairprint doesn’t last. The first couple of days after I use it, my hair is quite a bit darker than normal. Then there is about a week where it is perfect, followed by a week of fading so that you can see my grays again. In less than 3 weeks I look exactly the same as I did before using Hairprint. Since I love the fact that Hairprint is non-toxic I would probably go through the long process of using Hairprint if it weren’t so expensive. The combination of the expense, the length of time it takes to use, and the very short amount of time that it stays in my hair are the reason why I will never use the product again.

    I think Hairprint is a great idea, but was released prematurely before it had been perfected. I truly hope to be able to use Hairprint in a couple of years when it will last long enough to make it worth the time and expense.

    1. Hi Carrie,
      I had the same experience. I’d love to talk to you about alternatives if possible.
      Please reply to me so we can connect. Thanks so much. KathrynK

  58. I use the henna from Henna Guys
    you can get on Amazon or on their website.
    I may give hair print another try but after i finish all my henna

  59. Hi Irina
    I tried Hairprint and it didn’t work
    I wrote to them asking what I did wrong and they said it was because of Acure shampoo
    I’m disappointed because my investment was pointless and they recommended I try again
    I thought it was super messy and prefer henna indigo then to put another $44 in the hope of it working this time

    1. Hi, Batya! It is so nice to hear from you again. I thought you were using a Herbaliz shampoo. When did you switch? Hairprint is a new product and they are still in the process of figuring out the application process so it works for everybody. They made a discovery just a a couple weeks ago that one of the ingredients in Acure shampoo builds up in the hair and blocks Hairprint. It is so good to know! This ingredient is called Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride. Maybe after you switch to a shampoo without this ingredient, silicone, and waxes, you can try again. And I want to thank you for supporting Hairprint in their efforts to bring a safe hair color product to all of us. I have faith that they will figure out the best to way to apply. In fact, this fall they are coming out with safe shampoos that will work well with Hairprint. I have a question for you. How long have been using henna? I heard that henna may build up in the hair as well. What brand do you use? Thank you. ~Irina

      1. Hi Irina
        I’m flattered you remember me. I actually do still use Herbaliz but when i read that you like Acure I ordered it. I feel my hair looks best when i switch between two shampoos after one bottle finishes i use a different brand.
        So that is why i was using Acure when i tried Hair Print. I find henna much less messy. I use organic natural henna from the henna guys. After the red sets into my grey i wait a day or after the hair dries and i put the indigo color which is also all natural.
        It is much cheaper and lasts forever.
        I only have to apply and wash once insrtead of 3 times with hair print. If there is buildup i am not sure but you can always use a vinegar rinse to take off buildup

    2. I have used henna for years. Hairprint took some practice. After the secong application it worked great. After the third my hair is bouncey, all grey covered. Ive been using for over 2 months. Henna didnt block anything.

  60. Great articles but this product is so expensive! Why? Plus it costs the same for shipping to the UK as for the product. So I’ll be going for one of the other products like Naturtint.

    1. Hi Kev, I totally agree that Hairprint is not cheap but it is also the only product that I found to be safe. I double checked Naturtint and concluded that it is a conventional hair dye with common concerns and allergens applicable to other hair dyes. ~Irina

  61. Hey Irina, like you I only have a few grays at my temple and just a tad bit through my hair and when my hair is down you can’t see it either. I don’t know how much to order since I read if your hair is mid back you may need 2 or 3 boxes, what do you suggest?

  62. I Love love Hairprint. I’ve found the prep is key: Since I have hard water, prior to this most recent application I used a mineral remover (Malibu Hard Water Wellness Remedy, which in fact Hairprint recommends), followed by a clarifying shampoo, followed by Hairprint’s own pre-treatment shampoo. At this point I can split the kit, 1/2 is plenty for my shoulder- length hair. I apply to roots and then pull through the hair, working it like conditioner. It honestly gets better each time. My hair is less frizzzz, and actually I like the temporary dark color! ( I use Brown). Thanks, great blog.

  63. Hello!

    I so appreciate this review. I found hairprint a few months ago and LOVE the idea of it! My problem has been getting it to fully-cover my roots. I contacted Hairprint and they said it was the type of hair products (shampoo, conditioner, gel etc) I was using that kept the hair from absorbing the product fully. They recommended using a different type of shampoo and conditioner but I can’t find one without any pesky ingredients.
    Hairprint worked so well on you! Would you mind sharing what type of shampoo and conditioner you use?

    1. Hi Amber! I can’t find a shampoo that I whole-heartedly recommend. Among other things, I battle with the issue of disclosure or more precise with the lack of it. In other words, finding an honest company is really tough. I think Hairprint is coming out with their shampoo in September, which I can’t wait to see them. As for Hairpint to work, I believe you have to watch out for silicones or waxes that build up in the hair and may block Hairpint from working. In the meantime, let’s ask here. For those of you who have had success with Hairprint, what shampoo do you use? Thank you, guys! Believe me not a day go by without my calling a company and looking for safe products ~Irina

      1. I realize this is an old post but wanted to comment on this shampoo issue. I’m a happy Hairprint user of two years. Love the color but not the shampoo, except for chelating, which I only use before HP color. But I have found a new shampoo product I love called Nu Wash. No need for conditioner. My hair loves it.

  64. I just applied Hairprint last weekend and I am very pleased with the results so far. I have an extreme allergy to PPD so have been doing Henna/Indigo 2 appliction process for about 5 years. I was worried that Hairprint would not work on my hair. It took kits and two applications but it worked. It’s not 100% coverage but close enough! There is no smell unlike Henna and Indigo.

  65. Is Hairprint available through your website? I already have dyed hair; would I apply Hairprint to just the roots every time or all over? Thanks.

    1. Hi, there! I don’t sell Hairprint on my website. You can click on the links in the article to take you to the Hairprint website to make your purchases. It depends on your hair whether you need to re-apply it to roots only or the whole head. You will see. Hairpint acts differently depending on your hair type. Keep in touch. Let’s us know how you like the product. ~Irina

  66. Irina,
    I read in the comments that the company is coming out summer 2016 with a product for blondes. Will this work on redheads, auburn, strawberry-blonde, variations of red? Or strictly only blondes.

  67. So very interesting to finally read the truth about hair coloring. For many years I have colored my hair. Started in my 30s, had no problem until a year ago when I had a serious reaction to my regular hair color. (L’oreal) I saw my dermatologist who suggested I stop using any dyes because of my systemic reaction. For awhile I used a semi-permanent color by Clairol . Then I was fooled by Madison Reed’s commercials stating no ppd etc. I tried it and had a very serious reaction …burning all over scalp, swelling around eyes, large lumps behind ears horrible itching all over scalp. Had to take Benedry and use cortisone cream on scalp and skin . I like many others do not want to have grey hair and mine would be mostly grey. I am very temped to try Hairprint. Thank you so much for all the hard work and research that goes into this blog. I am very grateful.

  68. Hi, glad I found this blog! I’ve been mulling over whether I should start using henna but scared of the unpredictability. I have only some gray hairs on my temple and crown, probably only 3%. However, about a month ago, my hairdresser persuaded me to do a brazilian/keratin hair straightening (which only lasted after 1 wash). Do I have to wait a couple of months before I apply hairprint or since the brazilian treatment didn’t work for me, can I use it right away? I am excited to know such a product exists since I do not really want to dye my hair, just cover up the grays. Although I am apprehensive since each gray hair strand I have is somewhat thick and really white. Thanks in advance!

      1. Thanks, I contacted them but haven’t heard a response yet. I decided to take the plunge though and go for it. I can say that my white strands are not as obvious and they are a bit darker, although I can still see them. I’m hoping the next time I use hairprint, it will be darker! PS: I use the dark one… maybe next time I will have my hair dresser apply it instead of myself, it was very messy! Overall, I’m satisfied… it beats dyeing my hair with harmful chemicals!

  69. Great review and I used it once and noticed less grey. I’m happy I tried it. Question do know if you can highlight your hair after using Hairprint? Have you or your stylist done highlights since using Hairprint

    1. I have been using Hairprint for about 10 months now and am so grateful for it. I would say it covers my gray about 90% so I do highlight (balayage) to blend the grays. Fortunately, I do not have to highlight every time – I usually Hairprint the roots twice and then Hairprint and balayage. The Hairprint website explains that you can’t put the Hairprint on the highlights/color so before she does the roots with Hairprint, my stylist covers my highlighted hair with oil to protect it from the Hairprint. Works perfectly!

      1. Hi Tracey,
        This sounds really cool! I’m a bit confused at the process. So, do you HP and cover the highlights with oil so as to not get them dark or HP twice, HP the whole head again and then Balayage? I would appreciate it if you could go over it again, thanks so much.

  70. Hi Irina
    I’m about to give Hairprint a go for the first time. My hair is very similar to yours in length and texture, and similar amount of grey as yours. Can you tell me did you need more than one pack of Hairprint? Living in the UK and getting this sent from the US is very expensive so I’m hoping just the one pack will be needed per application!

  71. Hi Irina,
    You may have answered this question in a previous post but I’m on a time crunch to find an alternative solution to hair dye. I got severely burnt on my scalp, ears and upper body. I tried Madison Reed because it was “free of” all the things my dermatologist told me I was allergic to so in researching Madison Reed ingredients, I found your blog because I had the same bad reaction to my skin! Wish I had found your blog sooner. I love it! You have really educated me. So I was wondering if you had the same reaction to hair dye as I did which prompted you to look for healthier alternative to hair color. Hairprint sounds so great but I worry that I may have the same bad reaction. I’m even surprised to still find phenelen dyamine (sp?) in organic hair dyes! What are your thoughts? Should I give Hairprint a try?

    1. Hi Tina: Hairprint is not like the others. I never heard of anybody having a reaction to Hairprint. I think you should give it a try. However, because it is not a chemical dye, result varies. ~Irina

      1. I decided to give it a go! My hairdresser will be helping me on Thursday. I’m quite excited but am very well aware it may not cover all the first time. Thank you for your honesty and for all the research you provide us! I will be in touch to let you know how it goes!

      2. Hi Irina,
        I tried it and LOVE it! Although it wasn’t 100% coverage, it did get at least 95% of my grays which is better than where I was. The best news is that I had NO reaction. NO scalp or skin burning/irritation and you are so right, it left my hair so silky and shiny! I know the coverage will bet better as I use it since my hair did take. I’m so thrilled! How soon before I can do a 2nd application?
        Thank you so much for recommending this product. My hairdresser was quite impressed by the product and is going to recommend to a few other clients she thinks will benefit (especially one going through cancer). THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

      3. I know I’m replying to an old post, but I tried Hairprint 9 days ago and my scalp still hurts from it, I was already dealing with hair loss and ever since it got worse, my scalp is still stained and flaking badly which I didn’t have before the application, needless to say I won’t be trying this again. Also the coverage for me wasn’t what I expected, I’ve washed my hair 3 times using their shampoo and conditioner with only cool water, I’ve avoided drying my hair but the color is quickly fading. I had high hopes but it left me back to searching for an alternative.

          1. Hi Irina, thank you for your reply. Does your Hair Dye guide include options for those of us who want to find dyes free of gluten? My scalp reacts to wheat germ too and I have not tried henna as I’m not ready to go that route.

          2. I recommend contacting hair dye manufacturers for gluten-free information directly. Unlike the toxicity information, that information they will provide easily. Thank ou, Jo. ~Irina

  72. I wash my hair once a week with an ayurvedic, organic shampoo. Both times I used Hairprint, the color faded before I even got to the first shampoo – within the first week of coloring. Right after my last comment, I went back to henna/indigo and that has faded already, too! I must have super resistant grays. Toxic dye seems to be in my future 🙁

  73. I tried Hairprint two times, with 2 1/2 weeks between applications. At first, it looked great! And then, color faded on the grays by the end of the first week. Totally disappointed!

    What’s your second favorite option for hair color? I have naturally super dark brown hair with gray just around the temples and part. Everything I’ve tried seems to last three weeks at the most…so, I am in desperate need of something easy. I’m so sick of mixing henna/indigo. I’m about to go to the best of the worst at-home colors. If you had to go one level up in toxic chemicals, what would you consider after Hairprint and henna?

    1. Hi Lola: From what I have seen (some dye manufacturers stopped disclosing ingredients), all hair dyes are pretty much the same. When they say, a product is free of something, the substitute is not any less toxic. And when they say “organic,” it just means there are a few certified organic oils or plant extracts but the dyes themselves are still the same. In general semi-permanent dyes are a little better than permanent. I wished I had a magic answer for you. By the way, what shampoo did you use? Maybe shampoo was not gentle enough and removed the color. How often do you wash your hair? Thanks. ~Irina

  74. Hi! Irina,

    I am wondering how Hairprint compares to Henna? Would you recommend one over the other? Also, I read that once you use Henna, you are married to it. One has to wait till ones hair grows out before one switches to new hair coloring system (and the other around). Is this the case with Hairprint? Also, do you stay away from hair permanent?

    Thank you so much for writing this blog.

    1. Hi Jeannie: I have not used henna long enough to make that comparison. I heard that henna can build up in the hair – do not know if it is an urban myth. I think you choose what works best for your hair. I do not think you have to wait for the hair to grow out to switch. As I am not a hair stylist, I recommend visiting the Hairprint website and contacting them for instructions specific to your hair. I hope you will get to get Hairprint. Thank you. ~Irina

    2. Yes you are married to Henna…..I am in year 2 of trying to grow mine out. Even the strongest bleaches will not remove it (yes I was desperate and I went there with the chemicals).

      I have regrettably had to return to boxed at home color for my gray roots, which I do use over my henna-colored hair with no adverse effects thus far. No effects meaning the henna hair doesn’t change; it just kind of ignores the boxed color entirely.

  75. Hi Irina, can you please explain me what function has the diatomaceos earth in the formulation? Thank you!!

  76. I seemed to be the perfect candidate, dark brown hair, grown-out greys, etc. THIS DID NOT WORK ON MY HAIR AT ALL. I still have grown out greys. Also, the way they package it is extremely wasteful, I could have used a scant 1/3 of the product at a time, and I threw away a ton of unused product because there was no way to just use a portion. Also, the CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE. It has been a week, and despite multiple attempts to contact the company, no one responds AT ALL. I NEED TO KNOW if it safe to use the organic hair dye I usually use to fix this expensive (bc I paid my experienced hair dresser too), time consuming and failed experiment. I don’t understand why the company is ignoring my polite attempts to learn more about what to do next. I am so disappointed and frustrated. What would you suggest since Hairprint is ignoring all attempts at communication?

    1. Hi Nicole: I am sorry that the product did not work out for you. But I am glad that you tried it, and I am sure Hairprint will contact you soon and help you figure the reasons as to why it did not work. My understanding is that you they always respond. Please share what you learn with us. Thank you for commenting! ~Irina

    2. I am considering the use of Hairprint and asked them if I can immediately go back to using my regular dye if this product does not work for me and they said yes. I have had excellent customer service from Serena at Hairprint. Of course, it’s true that I am a potential customer rather than an unhappy one so that may be the difference. Plus they do not have phone support which is inconvenient if you need a fast reply.

      I have a question for Nicole and the others who had no luck with this. Did you cease using the long list of products they recommend before trying Hairprint? For instance, they say to wait 1 to 3 months if you have used non-hydrolyzed proteins or keratin and 5 to 7 days for a variety of other products. It’s a quite detailed and difficult prep. I’m not blaming you for the failure but want to check this out very carefully before I invest the time and effort. I am almost totally grey with dyed dark brown on top of it. Thank you.

  77. I guess you should have stated early on in the article it is only for black and brunettes….no help to us red heads at all :-/

  78. Appreciate this info. I am 44 and have been debating on what natural product to use to replace chemical salon dye. I have used henna in the past, which worked well for a while. But we have well water, so I would get the Garfield orange tone at times. Not to mention the mess to apply it! But I always had nagging doubts how truthful the testing was for heavy metals. So when I started to read this blog on Hairprint I was hopeful…but in the end it almost sounds too good to be true. Honestly, there almost is a catch to anything and I am starting to think the only reliable hair product is to accept the color I have along with a stylish cut. Thanks for your research.

  79. Hi Irina, thank you for the reply! I misunderstood when you replied to julianne in the comments and you said that you was going to stop using can you reccomend it..? this product it’s really expensive! Another you think the prolonged use of mucuna pruriens..which is used for deseases such as Parkinson..can be harmful? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Francesca: this is funny. It is one of my blog followers who is also Irina replied to Julianne. This is a good question. The only reference to side effects I found is this one, “Some studies indicate that L-dopa derived from M. pruriens has many advantages over synthetic L-dopa when administered to Parkinson’s patients, as synthetic L-dopa can have several side effects when used for many years.” So as you can see, the side effects from a prolonged use are from synthetic L-dopa. And again, we are talking about concentrated and bigger amounts taken orally. In other words, these are not Mucuna pruriens (velvet beans) but a medical substance derived from them. The fact that M. pruriens (velvet beans) are eaten makes feel pretty good about applying them topically. Also, I like the fact that Mucuna pruriens have been researched well so it is not one of those things that we use without any knowledge about them. “All parts of M. prurient possess valuable medicinal properties and it has been investigated in various contexts, including for its anti-diabetic, aphrodisiac, anti-neoplastic, anti-epileptic, and anti-microbial activities.” (Source) But the way, Fava beans contain L-dopa too. I hope that helps. ~Irina

  80. Hi Irina:
    Thank you for your comprehensive reviews of both Madison Reed and Hairprint. I wondered why you had not mentioned peroxide as one of the objectionable ingredients in the MR product; it certainly is to those of us who are cancer survivors. I was disappointed to see it is also in Hairprint, but at least it is a small amount. Can you tell me which product has less?

    1. Hi Suzanne: I am so sorry to hear about your cancer. And I am glad that you were able to survive it. Hairprint has the least amount of hydrogen peroxide. I have not find any information on hydrogen peroxide being toxic in 1.5% concentration applied topically. There is a lot of controversy about hydrogen peroxide as some even recommend drinking it to treat cancer at 35%. Which aspect of hydrogen peroxide are you concerned about? Thank you. ~Irina

  81. Hi Irina, i’ve read that you don’t use anymore Hairprint..if so, can you please tell me the reason..i’ve not tried yet but i’d like to know the negative sides priorly..thanks a lot is you can reply me!

    1. Francesca: Where did you read that I do not use Hairprint anymore? In fact, I had my hair done today with a new hairdresser who is interested in doing Hairprint for other people, too. ~Irina

  82. Thank you for your response…I’m baffled as to how there is no regrowth (roots)…how does the hair growing out of my scalp grow in brown which was once grey? I guess I need to trust the process…if this is so its a dream come true…as a colorist I was dreading the monthly “touch-ups” that are required to camaflouge greying hair. Can’t wait to try it

    1. Sorry, Denise. I misspoke. Yes, there is regrowth roots for grey hair. For non-grey hair, there is no regrowth roots, at least for me, because it matches the color so closely. Thanks. ~Irina

  83. Do you get “roots”…also know as regrowth? Hair grows on average 1/2 in per month…I thought I read/heard it reverses the greying processes…is this so? I am a licensed cosmetologist in Massachusetts as well a Certified Stott Pilates Instructor with a passion for health and wellness. I started greying about a 1 1/2 years ago and I’m about 10% or less on top…I’ve been using Demi/Semi Permanent Colarance by Golwell and would like to switch over to Hairprint but am concerned after reading the comments that it can turn too dark. My natural hair color is light brown. Can you advise on color? As well we I get roots in a month or two?

    1. Hi Denise, there is no roots regrowth because it is not a permanent dye. When you buy it, choose ‘light brown’ in the drop down menu. They have black, brown, and light brown. I buy brown for me. Let me how it worked for you. ~Irina

    2. Yes, you will get roots/regrowth. It does not change the color of the hair that is yet-to-grow. I use the brown color, which is dark, but not too dark. But they do have a Light Brown that I would assume would work well for you.

  84. Hi Irina!

    Are you able to post pictures of how much lightening occurs once it starts to wash out? With peroxide as an ingredient, you’re probably getting some lightening before you use the product again? I’ve been using the toxic stuff at home, can’t bring myself to pay hundreds to be poisoned at a salon! But try to only color 3-4 times year, and I’ve noticed my hair looks splotchy and orange after about 3 months. I’m a medium brown naturally, and more ashy. So it’s hard looking at the orange ends! But it’s also hard seeing those nasty white hairs popping up.

    1. Hi Jennifer: I know what you mean about orange ends. Those look pretty bad. There is no lighting effect here. My hair looks better long time. And I can go in-between treatments just fine. 🙂 The amount of peroxide they use is very minimum. ~Irina

      1. Hello Irina 🙂
        Thanks so much for being so honest and caring… you make a great contribution to all of us “organic gals” out there looking to only use safe, non-toxic products! 🙂 I just found your website and love your post here (since I’ve been trying to replace a so-called “natural” permanent hair color product for a year now with a completely non-toxic hair color option)… but alas, I’m a blonde who now at 49 years old has some grays starting to show up, so I wondered if Hairprint has come out with a safe formula for blondes yet? Also, do you know if their hydrogen peroxide is “food grade”, since I’ve heard that the regular peroxide (like in drug stores, etc.) has lead in it… so would love to know if they only use food-grade H2O2?

        1. Hi, Brandy:

          Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet. I don’t think it is chemically possible for hydrogen peroxide to contain lead. ~Irina

  85. Hi,
    Trying to find a blonde option as well. Wondering what Trace uses for balayage? Wouldn’t any balayage products be toxic?

    1. Unfortunately, my hair stylist uses toxic stuff to do the balayage. However, I never touch it and it doesn’t touch my scalp. It’s only on for about 10 minutes so my exposure is minimal.

  86. Just wanted to comment that I have been using Hairprint for about 6 months now – it has been 4 applications. I am so excited!! My scalp feels so much better – no more sensitivity or flaking. I use the Brown color and it does look dark on me, but my hairdresser does balayage once we’re done with the Hairprint to lighten the overall color. It’s a bit expensive, and it does take longer than regular color, but the end result is beautiful, covers my gray, and is non toxic 🙂