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  1. Hi Irina,

    Thanks, once again, for a thorough review. I am excited about the new Crunchi eyeliner but have some questions for those of us who are older and have crepey and saggy eyelids. Will this eyeliner go on smoothly on crepey skin (I tried the au Naturale eyeliner and could not get the pencil onto my skin) and then will it rub off if our eyelid rubs against the product? You probably don’ t have this problem but perhaps you can rub your finger along your eyelid to see if it stays put. The problem is that usually if a liner is soft enough to go on smoothly, it will also rub off on my upper lid. I’ve tried liquid eyeliner but I don’t like the look on me. It’s too stark for my look.

    Also, maybe you’ve talked about this but as a fyi for those who are going to try new Crunchi foundation, the new colors don’t exactly match the old colors even though the names/numbers are the same. I ordered the same number (2.5) for the new foundation as I did the old foundation but the new one is lighter than the old.

    Thanks again, Karen

    1. Hi, Karen: thank you for your question and suggestion. I thought about it, and I have to say that most likely it will rub off. You will probably be okay applying it. You can also return it if it doesn’t work… And you’re right that the new one is 0.5 shade lighter. ~Irina