Curl Enhancing Hair Care

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Pure Haven curl enhancing shampoo, conditioner, and serum (or a 3-piece set) help moisturize and defrizz your hair, nourish curls, and reduce breakage. If you have curly or dry hair, you will appreciate that the shampoo doesn’t lather much and the conditioner doesn’t have proteins and coating ingredients that would weigh down your curls. All three products contain beneficial organic plant extracts and oils to restore the vitality of your curls. For more information, read below.

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Even if you don’t have curls but feel like your hair needs more moisture, you will appreciate these curl enhancing products for their moisturizing effect:

All Pure Haven hair care products, including those for babies and kids, contain some of the safest ingredients.  For lather, Pure Haven uses the mildest and safest surfactants – glucosides.  Their preservatives are compliant with a European standard for organic and natural products ECOCERT/COSMOS.  Also, Pure Haven does not use any quaternary ammonium compounds.  Further, they contain beneficial and nutrient organic plant extracts and oils.

In addition, Pure Haven tests for contaminants, sources high-quality and high-purity ingredients, and values my advice on ingredient selection. Plus, they manufacture all their products in their own certified organic facility with full control over all processes from their incoming water to machine cleaning. They also require 3rd party testing for heavy metals, PFAS, benzene, etc.

I have tried these Curl Enhancement products and they have a mild and pleasant scent from the plants!  They will work well for people with thick unruly coiled hair, too!  Know that the shampoo is not very sudsy, which is what you want.

In my case, I like my hair light, soft, volumized, and flowy.  Hence, I use Supergreens shampoo and conditioner. I even see new hair growth!

Further, Pure Haven hair products:

  • have a very mild scent (which is what I prefer)
  • don’t irritate my sensitive scalp and make it feel calm
  • make my hair healthy, shiny, and voluminous.

Additional perks for Pure Haven customers:

  • new customers get 15% off (embedded in my Pure Haven affiliate link).
  • existing customers have an option of creating their personal referral link to give 15% off to friends and earn the same 15% in product credits.
  • customers also have an option of using the Pure Member program and Subscription program, separately or together (to learn more about their benefits, click on “Rewards” in the top menu).

*Just to clarify, you don’t have to sign up for any rewards to shop at Pure Haven.

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