Pure Haven Stain Remover

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Pure Haven stain remover is a spray solution scented only with essential oils.  It contains enzymes that improve its performance substantially.  Pure Haven stain remover breaks down even red wine stains and oily stains.  It is my go-to stain remover.  For more information, read below.

More info

Pure Haven stain remover called “Master Blaster” is a spray solution made with safe ingredients. 

It is scented only with essential oils (which is good) and contains enzymes that improve its performance substantially.

Pure Haven stain remover breaks down even red wine stains, and in my experience, it works very well on oily stains, too.  It is my go-to stain remover.  In addition, it is designed to eliminate odors, deodorize shoes, and freshen fabrics and furniture.

If you already have a spray bottle, you can buy a refill.

And if you want to avoid buying a product in a plastic bottle, consider Meliora stain remover, which comes as a stick packaged in paper.

I believe that all Pure Haven products are safe.  Check out Pure Haven laundry detergentPure Haven sunscreenPure Haven shampoos and conditionersPure Haven bar soapPure Haven skincarePure Haven surface cleanerPure Haven body wash, Pure Haven dishwasher detergent, and all other Pure Haven safe products.

By the way, Pure Haven dishwasher detergent falls in the “best” category in my Dishwasher Detergent Guide.

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