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  1. Hi Irina and Maria,

    I was reading this article about water based adhesives and was wondering what your thoughts are on Tightbond original glue. Thanks!


    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Thank you for reaching out to I Read Labels for You! To our knowledge, manufacturers do not disclose their glue ingredients. But this is a good opportunity for all of us as consumers to contact them and request full lists of ingredients. The more of us do that, the sooner we’ll see the changes for the better. As for the article, it would be great if the author used this method to compare several options and select the safer/better one. It is how we do research: we analyze multiple options and choose the safest.

  2. I am SO GLAD I found this post! Thank you so much for all your research and for sharing all this info! Quick quesitons – what are your thoughts on companies like Sabai and Burrow that are using CertiPur Foam? Is that safe(er)? Thank you!

    1. Hi, Sara! Thank you for reaching out! I Read Labels for You does not recommend polyurethane foam regardless of its certification. I hope this helps!

  3. Hi Irina,
    Thanks for all this wonderful research! Do you have any idea about non toxic furniture in the Boston area? I need to be able to sit in the furniture to test it out. We’re very picky about comfort since we’re all readers. 🙂
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi, Karen! We appreciate your kind feedback! We do not know any furniture in the Boston area. However, the How to Buy Non-Toxic Furniture blog post was written specifically to help consumers buy furniture based on the education it provides. We believe that the knowledge it contains will help you make an informed decision about furniture choices around you. Thank you for reaching out to us!

  4. So glad i found this blog. I am living in Europe and recently bought a great couch from biosofa. they are a small atelier based in northern italy and i’m very happy with my couch.

  5. Hi! Thanks for the info and research that you share! How is your Cisco Brothers couch holding up? I recently purchased Smith Brothers furniture, and realized it contains flame retardants. 🙁 Not sure if I should try to return them (I’ll probably get a 25% restocking fee). What do you think the risk is?

    I do have more furniture that I need to purchase (mattresses and sofa/chairs for another room). I’ll be much more careful with those purchases. I’ve looked at Stem, Joybird, Room & Board and Cisco. I just need something that will really hold up. Any information is much appreciated! Thanks!

      1. Hi Irina, Our whole family (2 adults and kids). We do dust weekly and vacuum weekly with a dyson vacuum cleaner. I did find out that Smith Brothers does not contain flame retardants in the cushions any longer, however we did purchase some leather and the smell is quite strong, I think it is more of a “leather” smell. But now, I’m concerned about whatever the leather may be off gassing. Ugh! How have you liked your Cisco sectional? Does it wear well? Thanks!

        1. Hi, Cary:

          We love our Cisco sectional. It is not cheap but I believe it is worth it. I literally feel better when I spent time on it. It has this natural, comforting non-synthetic feel about it. I recommend contacting Rowena Finegan, the owner of Pine Street Natural Interiors, by phone (415.331.9323). She is a wealth of information. And she will help you find a local showroom for Cisco Brothers line of natural furniture. Mention my name for a discount. Let me know what you think. ~Irina

  6. Hello All – and Irina!

    Thank you for all of your kind comments about the products and services that we offer at Pine Street Natural Interiors. Since Irina started this blog, we have completed our website and you will be able to find a lot of very in-depth information regarding everything you need to furnish a healthy home – including healthy home interior design. As you will see, when you visit our site, we are very particular about what items we offer our customers. We cater to a lot of people with chemical sensitivities, so we have to be very careful in order not to add to their already very extensive list of woes. Please take a look at our site and don’t hesitate to contact either Lali or myself with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you! And don’t forget, 10% discount to Irina’s referrals!

  7. Hi…I am looking for a fabric manufacturer in the US, preferably in North Carolina, that carries fabrics that are in the same ballpark as Cisco Brothers fabrics. I would like to get the names of a few if possible. I love Cisco fabrics, but like to have multiple options. It would be for 2 couches and 8+ chairs.


  8. I have to add my voice to the chorus of praise for all the meticulous research you are conducting on ways in which we can decrease the amount of toxins in our home.
    I love all the suggestions for furniture retailers, however, I live in Perth Western Australia and am really struggling to find any suppliers over here. I am in the market for a non-toxic lounge.
    It’s a long shot, but I was wondering if you might know of any suppliers over this way?

    1. If they just offer no flame retardants, it is not good enough because most furniture manufacturers stopped using flame retardants. The flammability law has changed. You want natural latex foam over polyurethane foam.

  9. I am new to your blog and wish I found it years ago as I love to read information on healthier products. Thank you for all of your hard work! Do you know anything about Eco Select Furniture? Thank you so much!

  10. Thank you!! I did not see that; for some reason the Cisco Home site only lists their locations not how to find a retailer. I found one an hour and a half away. Not ideal but do-able! Thanks!! I’ll check out Earth Weave. Are rugs equally full of toxins? It seems we can’t escape them! argh!

    1. Great! Be sure to call Rowena first to see how you can buy through her (cheaper and 10% off). She will tell what to ask for when you are in a showroom. Rugs are not as a big source of exposure just because they are smaller but they may have bad chemicals such phthalates, formaldehyde, and flame retardants.

  11. This could not have come at a better time! I am in the market for a non toxic sectional and chair. I found Cisco a year ago or so and loved him! My laptop got water spilled on it an died so I lost his website and couldn’t remember his name. Only problem I don’t live in Ca or NY so I can’t visit a showroom. I’m like you I really want to sit on it and touch it before I purchase especially at this price! Now I don’t know what to do. But thanks again for your hard work!! PS Yeah do you have any info about non toxic rugs?

    1. The rug is a funny coincidence. We did not try to match the rug with the house or furniture but it happened that it works for both. I got the rug long time ago before we bought the house. It was in one of those boutique stores that probably is not there.

  12. I want to buy my son a small kid-sized chair (not a hard wood one, a comfy one we can put in the tv room with us). It doesn’t appear any of the recommended manufacturers make these (or I missed it on their site!). Do you have any recommendations for toddler-size chairs? Thanks!

  13. Thanks for the great info! Do you have any idea on how I would go about finding non-toxic furniture in Canada? How would I find a store like this? We recently bought new couches and the smell when they were delivered was horrible and my husband and I were worried it would cause harm to myself (being pregnant) and my 2 year old son as well as everyone else at home.

    1. I believe Cisco Brothers as well as other companies I recommended will ship to Canada. You can check with Rowena. You can also search online for Canadian manufacturers of organic furniture.

  14. Great posts and excellent to know about Rowena resource as working with a smaller boutique has it’s perks and sounds like better pricing too.
    I just got my ekla custom furniture delivered last week. We did sit on a piece by meeting the delivery van carrying one couch and pillows. We met them in a parking lot and went into their delivery truck. Funny experience but well worth it. We preferred it for comfort and looked good so we took the leap. We liked viesso and they could apply the wood stain with no voc but they had less organic healthy textile options. At viesso, their showroom has a mix of healthy non polyutheane products so be sure to talk to knowledgable specialist. I wonder what that means for the rooms they manufacture and assemble? Both viesso and ekla have some options but will customize. We understand that ekla has no Voc stains and their manufacturing warehouse won’t allow other types of furniture ie no polyurethane dusts.

    They use the certified organic natural latex rubber cores and wrap layers of needlepunched eco-wool around the rubber. This makes it firm and comfortable. – it was our favorite. They then upholster in undyed organic cotton twill fabric and use the upholstery fabric of your choice n the outside. We love oeco textiles and I met the founder in seattle. It started as a small woman run business and sthe is still at the helm working to grow it. I saw more than just what ekla offered from oeco but found by getting the ekla oeco textiles I got the bet price since they buy in larger quantities. Many designers can get the oeco fabric samples for you to explore more options but ekla has chosen fabrics that will last.
    Oeco textiles website is very knowledgable about these same issues. They have strong clients and designers in Europe but possible still small here. Of all the oeco fabric options they were one of the most strict about the fabric quality. I highly recommend them
    Slip cover was not discussed. Good idea. I would think ekla and viesso could do that too.

    The good news is whether Cisco, viesso, ekla or ?? , there are increasing choices of true healthy soft coverings. Thank you for bringing up this important topic!

  15. I love Rowena at Pine Street Interiors!! I’ve also used her in the last year and purchased a Cisco chair – it came out beautifully. Highly recommend her – she has impeccable and classic style and is extremely knowledgeable. Not to mention, fun to work with 🙂

  16. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know much about Cisco Brothers or their Inside Green line. I have tried researching this topic quite a bit but never have finished the process or made a decision. It’s hard! What do you think of EKLA Home or Ecobalanza (if you have heard of them) and do you know how their prices compare to Cisco Brothers?

    1. I like EKLA Home a lot too. And they might be even cheaper. But they do not have showrooms and that’s a deal breaker for me. Ecobalanza is non-toxic too but I found that their customer service is inconsistent.