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  1. I am very interested in the Humble Subs laundry detergent. I have an HE front load washing mashing and I did not have success with Melioria laundry detergent, it left un-dissolved bits of soap on my clothes. I realized it was when I used cool or cold water the Melioria laundry detergent did not seem to dissolve. How do you think the Humble Subs would perform in cool or cold wash in an HE front loader washer?

    1. Hi, Charity: I have not had the experience you described. However, the chemistry of water is different. You can always order a free sample from Humble Suds and try. ~Irina

  2. Hi Irina. Have you heard of The Laundress products? Please tell me what you think, if so. Thank you.

  3. How long does the all purpose cleaner last in a glass spray bottle if filled with water? Only 2 weeks? I know without preservatives the water will grow mold. Is the all purpose cleaner good for cleaning toilets?

  4. Hi Irina,
    Thank you for the article & all of your hard work. Do you think the Humble Suds laundry soap works better than Meliora Means Better laundry soap?
    Thank you!