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  1. Thank you for all the amazing info you provide on your site!
    Question about Austin:
    What do you think about them using Zeolite in the carbon? Also, i read a few reviews saying that they actually release back a bit of VOCs. Have yo heard anything about it? (about the Austin off gassing).
    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Maria: regular change of filters should prevent any off-gassing. I can refer you to a very knowledgeable dealer who can answer all your further questions. ~Irina

  2. What kind of air filters do you recommend for your HVAC unit? Is there a safer brand over another?

  3. Hello Irina,
    Since this is the only article I found where you mentioned supplements and fish oil I thought of leaving my question here. Forgive me for the long post. Sometime early this year, I had begun to research more about what I could add to my diet to help boost my dental health and had come across videos and blogs which advocated Dr Weston Price’s theories in his book titled Nutrition and Physical degeneration. To consume more fat soluble vitamins. With cod liver oil being a great option. I never bought any kind of fish oil before at that point, and somehow after a lot of research I came across Rosita Cod Liver oil. I haven’t come across an article of yours that talked about supplements specifically? So Im not sure if you avoid them because food is superior to what the market offers these days, with a lot of them being actually synthetic and not natural at all. However, Rosita claims its the only true cod liver oil in the market and it almost seems too perfect to be true to me, theres no synthetic additves or preservatives, no heat, no added vitamins (its all straight from the fish). They even claim to be using an ‘ancient extraction’ method to produce this. Its nitrogen flushed and oxygen free, meaning they claim it can be shipped in very hot weather without getting spoiled. I actually bought this oil twice, one was last winter, so I didn’t know how to trust how much it wouldnt spoil this summer, so I got another one when it was around 40 degrees celsius outside. When I received it, the bottle was really really warm, but it did not have even a slight change of taste. I honestly do not even know what other fish oils taste like. But this one is very raw to me. They often pair it with Emu oil capsules for its vitamin K contents. There’s other different health products on there that all seem to be highly natural or even raw in comparison to others you’d find in a store, so I’m honestly baffled that something like this exists in the market of supplements. I’m curious about your take on this personally because I haven’t seen you discuss this topic in specific. Therefore I would appreciate it greatly if you checked this out.

    Thank you for your time, and I admire your great efforts in helping others change and improve their lives no matter their position.

    1. Dear Wafa:
      Thank you for your question. I do not specialize in supplements and vitamins, at least not yet. 🙂 Luckily, we have a lot of functional and integrative medical professional for that. When I was at the integrative oncology conference last month, I attended one workshop on how to understand supplement labels. There is a whole science behind it. We will see if there is enough demand from my followers, I might get into that. But that would require a lot of time investment on my part. For now, I can just tell you which brands I use for me and my family if you are interested. I hope you had a relaxing Thanksgiving! ~Irina