Organic Kids Mattress

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Naturepedic organic kids mattress is certified by GOTS and made with safe and hypoallergenic materials, such as organic cotton, non-GMO sugarcane PLA, and stainless steel coils.  It does not contain latex because some people can be allergic to it.  Naturepedic carries both a waterproof organic kids mattress (one side, non-petroleum bioplastic cover) and a non-waterproof kids mattress (uses organic wool).  My son sleeps on a waterproof mattress.  For more information, read below.  To get 15% off, use my discount code IREAD15.

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Our whole family sleeps on Naturepedic mattresses now!  My husband and I and our guests sleep on this Naturepedic organic mattress.  Also, after I discovered that I was allergic to down, I bought this Naturepedic adjustable pillow that became a perfect substitute for down pillows.

Naturepedic was the first company to complete the Organic Trade Association’s new Organic Fraud Prevention Plan (source).  In other words, Naturepedic verified the integrity of its organic supply chain and got official proof of its commitment.  You can see all their awards, certifications, and accomplishments here.  This is the brand I trust!

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