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My Favorite Non-Toxic Skincare Products

Written by Irina Webb

non-toxic skincare organic skincareDo you feel that you have to use one skincare line at a time or do you mix and match like me? I like to try new non-toxic skincare products and come up with my own skincare routines. And today I am excited to share with you my two absolutely favorite non-toxic skincare products.


Daily Harmony Facial Cleanser by Thesis Beauty


Ingredients: Saponified Organic Coconut Oil, Saponified Organic Olive Oil, Saponified Organic Jojoba Oil, Natural Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Guar Gum, Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic Geranium Essential Oil, Organic Petitgrain Essential Oil, Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Organic and Natural Peppermint Essential Oil Blend


My Thoughts About the Ingredients: There are no ingredients that I find concerning. There are three saponified oils, which means that the oils have been reacted with an alkali – just like soap has been made for hundreds of years. I prefer this soap to those made with synthetic surfactants.


All the essential oils are organic. The guar gum is derived from the seeds of legumes and it is used in food. Here it is used to make the cleanser thicker; not so watery.


What I Love about this non-toxic skincare product: I am all about the speed and ease with which it can be used. It foams and removes my mascara and makeup very well. I do not have to use a makeup remover or do double cleansing.


While it removes makeup well, it is not drying to the skin at all. My skin is mostly normal and on the drier side. With a soap-containing cleanser, it can get a little dry, but not in this case. So I am excited that I found a cleanser that hit the perfect spot – it removes makeup well but does not make the skin dry.


I also love how my skin feels refreshed and invigorated with the help of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils.


And I like its packaging. It is easy to dispense the right amount. Because of its viscosity, it does not shoot out too quickly at you. I use two pumps.


Last but not least, I love its scent. It is just right – not too strong but enough for me to enjoy the scent when I use it. It smells of mint, eucalyptus with a slight hint of lavender.


By the way, my husband uses it, too, and he loves the scent and performance of the Thesis Beauty cleanser.


Where to buy:


Thesis Beauty Website


I interviewed Julia, the owner and formulator and her whole line adheres to my standards.


Renew Crème by Hana Organic Skincare


Ingredients: *rose & *lavender-infused *almond oil; *rosehip seed oil; *^aloe vera gel; *rose hydrosol; pure filtered beeswax; Vitamin E; Leucidal liquid SF ECOCERT; *lavender, *geranium, *ylang ylang & neroli essential oils

*certified organic ingredient

^contains trace amounts of potassium sorbate, citric acid and xanthan gum


My Thoughts About the Ingredients: Because there is water in the composition, a preservative has to be used. The common difficulty with traditional crèmes is that that they have to contain water and preservatives. Those preservatives are often a source of skin irritation or even endocrine disruption. I love Karen’s (the owner and formulator) choice of a preservative, Leucidal Liquid, which consists of an isolated peptides secreted by bacteria during the fermentation process of radishes with Leuconostoc kimchi.  Be sure to wash and dry your hands before using this product, so you do not introduce bacteria to the crème.


I also like that all of the essential oils are certified organic.


I love the fact that all ingredients that can be organic are organic.


With crèmes, emulsifiers have to be used to bind water with oils. Karen does not use typical emulsifiers and only uses beeswax to fulfill this function, which means that you will experience separation in the crème. Do not be alarmed by that. It does not mean that the product went bad. It is like cream gathered on top of milk in non-homogenized milk. You can just mix it when it happens.


What I love about this non-toxic skincare product: I keep reaching for it. My skin is very sensitive and sometimes I get a few unexplained blemishes. Since I started using Hana Organic Skincare renew crème and Thesis Beauty daily harmony cleanser, I have never gotten those blemishes.


This crème is not as heavy as straight facial oils can be. It absorbs easily without any greasy effect. It has a perfect balance between being light and at the same time moisturizing and nourishing.


I also love the fact that it contains rosehip seed oil because it is rich in retinol acid (Vitamin A), which is great for helping replenish and restore aging skin.


Last but not least, I like its very mild, pleasant scent.


Where to buy:


Hana Organic Skincare Website


In case you are wondering, I interviewed Karen, the owner and formulator, and her whole line adheres to my standards. In fact, two weeks ago, I recommended her moisturizer with SPF.


Please share with us in the comments what you think about these products and whether you like to use products from different brands or stick with one brand at a time?  What is your current skincare routine?

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