Pick My Brain About a Product

Do you want to know if a product you are thinking about buying is truly non-toxic?

Do you wonder if your favorite product is really THAT bad?

Do you need help figure out a cost effective but safer solution for your family and you?

Then the 15-min phone consultation is for you!

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In 15 minutes, I can tell you my opinions, how I formed them, and even teach you simple techniques for you to gauge a product’s safety.

(Plus, there’s a chance I may even be able to answer your question for free. Just e-mail me your question, and suggest it as a blog post. Assuming it is a topic that may benefit my readers generally, I may select it and, if I do, I will write up my opinions as a blog post at some point in the future. That way, you won’t have to pay me, but you may have to wait awhile as well.)

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"Being a first time mom, I have had so many questions when it comes to finding safe, non-toxic products. Being able to call Irina for a quick phone consultation has been so helpful! She always provides me with information, advice and, ultimately, peace of mind. :) " Lisa


"I had a phone consultation with Irina today and just love how she genuinely cares about her reader's health and wants to help. I also appreciate her holistic approach to health, not just looking at products that alleviate symptoms but considering root causes and overall lifestyle. I could've picked her brain for hours!" Grace 


    Please make a $30 payment via PayPal here. Email me your question(s) and please provide me with 3 options as to when you'd be available for our phone conversation.  I'm generally available between 9 am and 2 pm PST M-F. 

Instant Clarity

I am looking forward to sharing with you the knowledge I accumulated reading product labels every day for the past 5 years! 

If you need help shopping for a mattress or other big ticket item or you are doing remodeling at home or have been recently diagnosed with allergy to a particular chemical, please visit here. Thank you!


I Read Labels For You

When I was expecting my son, I wanted so much to keep him healthy and safe. I picked up a bottle of baby shampoo and read the ingredients, most of which I couldn’t pronounce and obviously did not come close to understanding. It took me a month of research before I decided which shampoo to buy. Since then, researching products has become my calling.  

I have forgone my career as a financial analyst to do this full-time.

Over the years, I have encountered resistance from some companies while doing my research. Sometimes when I call them, they try to avoid my questions. I am not easily discouraged, however, and I keep asking hard questions.

Five years later I’ve become a professional product researcher and an expert consumer.

It is crucial for me to minimize exposure to potentially harmful chemicals as part of functional medicine approach of dealing with chronic diseases. To the disbelief of endocrinologists, I was able to recover from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition, and now I have been working on reversing Addison’s, another chronic autoimmune illness.  To read more about my health, please visit here.

What Others are Saying

I Read Labels For You Testimonial
I Read Labels For You Testimonial Irina Webb
Testimonial Irina Webb I Read Labels For You Consultation