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  1. Well done job by the blogger, this is really informative, i have also shared to others, your analysis is very good and you have written everything in detail.

  2. Hi Irina,

    I loved your post and found it full of valuable information. I bought many of the Crunchi products per your recommendations and really like them! I will buy look into the moisturizer, cleansers, and toners as well.

    I also use Purity Woods – Age Defying Dream Cream, Age Defying Eye Cream, Serum & Cleanser. They are USDA Certified Organic and Non GMO. I don’t see this company on your list and thought to mention it to you if you don’t already know about them.

    Also, Hylunia Cleansing cream, Beyond C, Night serum, Daycream. Should I be sending in for a product review by email?

    All the best!


  3. Hi Irina! Great post, thank you! I haven’t noticed any Mineral Fusion products in your posts. They show up pretty well on the EWG’s Skin Deep site. They have a non foaming creme cleanser. I wonder what you think about that product line? Thanks for all you do!

  4. Hi, I really appreciate your research on skincare products for dry skin. Organic skincare products are the best for nourishing the skin in the long run. Thanks for sharing your skincare routine, Irina!

  5. I have a 11 year old son who deals with severe eczema. We have determined that he is allergic to a few things like DL alpha tocopherol, propylene glycol and hydroperoxides of linalool. If I ask for a consultation, can you guide me in finding appropriate lotions, soaps, shampoos, etc…

  6. Hi Irina.

    I am also interested in learning the product routine for body skin. I realize until reading the article that it was just for facial skin. Thank you for your review of facial skin products for dry skin. I did learn the reasons for using different products and the results of using certain ingredients.

  7. Hey Irina,

    I tried to use your discount code on Primally Pure’s website and it didn’t work. I’m not sure if it expired. But if it didn’t, I just want to let you know!

    Thanks, Leah

  8. Thanks, Irina, this is helpful. I wonder what you suggest for the rest of your body. I have great products for my face (some are on your list) but the rest of my body gets very dry in the mountains and/or winter and it seems hard to find clean and affordable products to use in larger quantities. Maybe you’ve addressed this in another blog?

    Thanks, Karen

      1. I am also interested in total body support for both dry and crepey skin. I have switched over to Crunchi based on your reviews and am interested in some total body lotions and scrubs. Thank you!