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  1. Thank you for the quick reply! Was there a link on your site where you talk about Cocamidopropyl Betaine? The one in the comment goes to Moo Goo. I do see on EWG that skin irritation and potential impurities are mentioned. Somehow I missed that. I’d love any recommendations you have for eczema prone sensitive toddler skin.

  2. Hi Irina,
    Can you tell me what shampoos are on the list? We are using Moo Goo Milk Wash for the kids right now, and so far so good. I’d love to know if you’ve rated that one.

    1. Thank you for asking, Katherine! I am not a big fan of Cocamidopropyl Betaine. You can read more about it here: Also, the fragrance is an undisclosed mixture of numerous chemicals. You can read about it here: For safer options, you might download the Shampoo Rating List ebook: Thank you for reading my posts! ~Irina

  3. What do you think about Nine Naturals shampoo and conditioner? And Andy Pandy baby shampoo/body wash?

    1. Hi, Mackenzie: From a quick glance, I do not see any preservatives listed in Andy Pandy shampoo. I would have to investigate more into that. It might be in that silver water they use. As for Nine Naturals, I would not use it on me or my son. For more information, you can buy the Shampoo Rating List, which will give you an overview of shampoos and for an additional fee I can rate these shampoos so you will see where they land exactly on the spectrum of 114 shampoos rated in the Shampoo Rating List. Alternatively and in addition, you can book a consultation where we’ll talk about shampoos and I’ll help you make the right choices for you and your family based on your hair type, skin, health, and risk tolerance level. Thank you! ~Irina

        1. Hi Irina,
          I just read your article on shampoo ingredients. I’ve been researching shampoo ingredients for years myself. What is your opinion on ” Decyl Polyglucose ?

  4. Hi Irina,
    I was wondering, what shampoo do you use on your son? I use original sprout on my almost 5 year old son but not sure if it’s totally safe.

    Thank you,

        1. Hi Irina, I read all or post and it change our life, Thank you.
          I have a 2-year-old with coil hair, 4A. and his hair requires a styling cream after washing. but I’ve been looking for one without success. recently i came across to CARINA ORGANICS products, that are unscented. it will be awesome make a post about products for people with different types of hair.