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  1. Thank you for writing this article. Everything you wrote about has affected me. I started losing my hair 2 years ago. Im 57 post menopausal and much healthier now.
    2.5 years ago my husband was involved in a serious head on collision which caused tremendous stress. At the same time my best friend single female 48 was diagnosed with cervical cancer at stage 4. I was so worried with both situations I didnt have time to take care of myself. I was also using Monat products knowing we have hard water. Although I never knew at the time anything about hard water.
    When I got really sick I went to Dr she had me do bloodwork which revealed my thyroid wasnt working. It was all at this time my hair just was falling out faster then I could ever imagine. I always had thick very thick l9ng dark hair. My hairline receded in front and my back of head completely gone. I felt I looked like my dad not my mom anymore. So scary, over lots of time, reading great articles like this one has helped me understand what happened and why. Since my hair was l8ng it looked to weird with bald patches that I shaved all my hair off. It is finally after 2 years coming back. Everyday I see new hair growth which gives me hope. I wear wigs mainly for my husband or I just tie a bandana around my head. After 2 years it almost feels normal so seeing big patches of new growth is making me extremly excited. Im just hoping it grows back somewhat the same as before. If you have any advise extra I would love to read about it. Im Taking Viviscal Pro vitamins they seem to help. Never use Monat ever again, having house remodeled right now and having a water softener added, put shower head filters. Im eating much better and healthier foods. My Thyroid is back to normal so things are happening. Just seeing and reading this article helps. Now I do see all the conclusions I was working on that you have dealt with as well. Thank you for helping women feel hope again. Your a blessing.

  2. I was losing hair and the first thing I did was go to a dermatologist. I was diagnosed with lichen planopilaris after a biopsy. It is an autoimmune disease that mostly affects women; however, it is on the rare side. My dermatologist said using hair color is fine, but I find that Aveda is less painful for my scalp, so I am going back to it and coloring my hair less often.

  3. Hi Irina, just read your article about Mobat products. Thank you! Just just saved me from wasting money!
    Can you please recommend any product for growing thicker hair? Since you don’t believe in shampoos making our hair thicker, then maybe some other products? Also I want to add I checked my thyroid, its fine, and take biotin and a few others vitamins

    1. The Nioxin hair line has been useful in growing hair. I believe it helps make the skin at the scalp a little thinner so it makes it easier for hair to grow through

  4. Hello! I’m interested in the brand and type of shampoo and co do too we you use? I want to find something as natural and healthy for my hair and scalp as possible. Thank you!

  5. Thank you for this article…a very timely topic for me, as I have been experiencing ongoing hair loss for quite some time now. Pretty sure mine is due to way too much stress over a long period of time, as well as hypothyroidism. But I’m interested in ruling out any vitamin/mineral imbalancing. One I didn’t see you mention is a selenium toxicity. When I was first researching causes of hair loss, I came across selenium…the major symptom of a toxic level is hair loss. And my RBC selenium level is high!

    Also, I had a question regarding your NutrEval test… since the test doesn’t know if a person is supplementing already or not, wouldn’t you assume that any amount it suggests you should take would be intended to be over what you are already taking? So when it said you should add 3000 units of vitamin A, wouldn’t that be 3000 more than you were already getting?

    1. Hi, Lisa: thank you for your good question! Before taking Nutreval I discontinued taking supplements so I could get my baseline results. I am actually going to repeat the test next week and this time I am going to stay on the supplements so I can see how well I am absorbing them. Does it make sense? ~Irina

  6. Hi Irina,

    I am writing this in case it can help anyone out there needlessly suffering. I experienced a lot of hair loss this year at the age of 49 for about a 4 month period and finally believe I figured out why as it has now stopped. Firstly, I should tell you I am an ALL organic gal (LOL)… for example, I do NOT color my hair at all because of the damaging & dangerous chemicals (as you well know :-). I also only use 100% organic, non-toxic hair products (or make my own shampoo with 1 egg & fresh aloe vera gel mixed together which has also helped offset the issue), so I knew it was not anything like that or over-styling since I also let my long, blonde hair dry naturally 95% of the time.
    After 4 months and many hours of research, I am now back to normal with NO excess hair loss anymore. I am almost certain it came down to the fact that I had over the last year literally created my own hypothyroidism issue as I had begun getting too much iodine in my system via green powder nutrients (which I now know can cause hypothyroidism). At first that may sound crazy, but even though they were some of the BEST organic, 100% whole-food sources of greens (like kelp, wheatgrass, spirulina, & chlorella) from VERY reputable companies, I realized I was just plain taking too much every day. (Note: I’ll still continue taking them as they’re still very important, quality nutrients, but I will just take about 1/2 the amount I was taking.) I realized that I needed to offset all that extra iodine in my diet and begin balancing it by taking in more Selenium-rich foods too.

    So what FINALLY worked for me (after trying some topical things like castor oil, rosemary essential oil, etc. which are all great for the hair but did not ultimately work), was:

    #1. I immediately backed off to about half the amount of the green powders I had been taking; and
    #2. So as to help support my thyroid in handling this temporary imbalance strain AND to also help balance my hormones better (which are beginning to show some initial signs of peri-menopause since I am approaching 50 years old), I started taking (only for just a couple weeks before my next period) a small amount (1/4 teaspoon) of a safe, organic 100% whole food sourcing of progesterone cream (called “Feminine Balance Therapy” by Organic Excellence). Even though I’ve only done it for that short 2-week time frame, all of my excess hair-loss has just stopped almost immediately… thank God! 🙂

    So I think the combination of those 2 changes really were the result of my finally positive results.

    Hope this helps anyone out there in cyberland!

  7. What about postpartum alopecia and telogen effluvium? These happen after a baby or shock to your system like surgery or stressor. They can even happen 6 months after the event!

    1. Yes, I remember how much hair I lost postpartum but I also grew lots of hair during the pregnancy. It was the thickest ever so postpartum hair loss was in a way returning back to “normal.” Thank you, Dr. Elle Brown, for your comment. ~Irina

      1. Hi! I experienced a lot of hair loss when I came off the pill. Even though I hated to do it, I cut back on shampooing, cut the length that had thinned out and cut back on treatments (highlights). I finally started having less fall out and once I became pregnant I thought for sure I would regrow my hair in no time. I can tell my hair is thicker but it’s mostly all on top. Once the length reaches ab half way down it starts to thin out and look scraggly. What can I do? Obviously these pregnancy hormones aren’t having the same effect this time around.

        1. I also experienced very serious hair loss when I went off birth control. It has stabilized somewhat, but I would say now that years after going off birth control my hair has only half the density that it did when I was on birth control. This is something that doesn’t get talked about enough, but I believe hormonal birth control methods (especially going off of them after being on them for years) can trigger permanent hair loss in some women.

  8. Great information Irina! thank you!… the best way to take vitamins is complex, not isolate, and we find this way in the foods. IRON: liver, oysters,mussels, clams,cashew, almond, beef, lamb, garbanzo, pumpkin seeds, white beans, lentis, sesame seeds, honey,spinach, etc. BIOTIN:Mushrooms turkey, avocado, egg, sunflowers, berries, almond, walnuts, banana,pork , beef, kidney beans, liver, seafood, eggs,carrots, sunflowers, green peas,lentis, tomatoes, raspberries, etc.
    STRESS: omegas 3,6,9 :Hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, spinach, broccoli, edamame, red pepper, cod fish, shrimp, oysters, pork, beef, seafood, eggs, onion, col, avocado, etc. For make serotonin: Eggs, cheese, pineapple, banana, nuts, turkey,seafood,vegetables, spinach, mushrooms, lentis, chick peas, navy beans, kidney beans, popcorn,grain, seeds, foods with vitamin B, with fatty acids, with L-Theanine( green tea, etc), rich in magnesium(hemp seeds, spinach, raspberry tea,etc), chamomile tea, exercise, sun.
    Also best way to have vitamin D is taken SUN!
    If your immune system is strong, you will not have any problem: hemp seeds,Green tea, echinacea tea , garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar,etc… the most important for all, CAYENNE. 🙂