Hairprint Shampoos and Conditioners

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Hairprint shampoos and conditioners share the same core ingredients.  They contain some of the safest and gentle non-stripping surfactants and some of the safest preservatives.  The main difference between the formulations is in the botanicals used.

Additionally, Hairprint shampoos and conditioners have no coating agents and are perfect for those who do not want gentle Hairprint hair color restorer or henna to be blocked.  Plus, they should be a good option for coarse, dry, and naturally coiled dry hair.  

Note that if you like the effect of light, fluffy, fuzzy, voluminous hair after washing, Hairprint shampoos and conditioners may not be for you.  They tend to weigh the hair down and produce a greasy-looking effect.  However, many of my clients with thick and naturally coiled hair have praised Hairprint products, because that is the effect they are going for.

Also, Hairprint shampoos are rated some of the safest soap-free shampoos, and Hairprint conditioners are rated well, too, in my Shampoo and Conditioner Rating List e-book.  This e-book will help you select the best shampoo and conditioner that work for your hair, health, and budget based on their ingredients.

Please know that I consider all Hairprint products safe.  To read my detailed review on Hairprint shampoos and conditioners, please visit my post The Non-Toxic Shampoo to Know About.

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