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  1. What is your opinion of Zuzu brand lipstick ? I love Zuzu brand “Starlet” color lipstick. I did not see it on the list of good and bad lipsticks. The ingredients cited on Zuzu label seem “clean” but I don’t have much to go on except I’ve bought it for years at Sacramento Natural Foods Coop and they have an extremely strict policy and high standards on everything they sell…..completely the opposite with marginal stores like Whole Foods or Sprouts Market! Sacramento Natural Foods Coop was founded in 1973 and refused to succumb to being GreenWashed!

    I was shocked to learn Jane Iredale flunked! But not surprised about the Honest Brand flunking

    I bought a new customer promo box of household cleansers from The Grove based in San Francisco – from their website. Lots of limolene and Linolool in their cleaning products and worst of all is they proudly boast how fabulous Mrs Meyers brand is…..IMHO it’s not far from Clorox! Plus they brag how sustainable they are but all their products are made in China, the MOST polluted nation on earth!

    So I just stick to Dr Bronners, vinegar and baking soda and good ole Bon Ami cleanser to scrub and clean!

    Thanks for being a Truth Teller!

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Colleen! To see if Zuzu lipstick is okay, please look for the ingredients of concern specified in the designated sections of our free blog post on lip color products. Or follow the instructions in the “Services” section of the menu bar at the top of our website to get an email product review.