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  1. Hello! I am from Chile and I thank you very much for this information. I read all your articles, I’m not sure if you still recommend Homichef? Thank you very much

  2. Hi! thank you for such an informative article. I’ve been trying to find a safer alternative to my pans for the longest time, and this really helped. I’m trying to buy the stainless steel pan from the site but the IREAD 20% code isn’t showing up, how do I get that?

  3. Irochka, thank you so much! I have ordered the 9-piece set from 360 Cookware using your discount code. Excited to try it, just a little nervous about food sticking to it, will follow the advice you gave about heating up the pan first, then the oil, then reducing the heat while cooking. I hope you guys are doing well!

    1. Hi, Olya! Thank you so much for reaching out to I Read Labels for You and for your kind feedback! We appreciate it a lot! We are happy to be of help and wish you all the best!