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  1. Hi again, Irina. I wrote previously regarding mattress foundations/frames and to ask what you have purchased. Just a follow-up comment, while metal frames may emit EMFs, a bed/foundation made from wood most likely will have been sprayed with pesticides. Increasingly, pesticide exposure is so harmful, such as the glyphosate and cancers. I’m not sure which is the better of the two evils. Thinking of getting a metal frame, but then the box spring/foundation is still made of pesticide-sprayed wood, so why not just get a wood bed frame and skip the metal? Any thoughts would be most appreciated. TY again!

  2. I’m on the fence….Happsy vs Plushbeds. Plushbeds has better online reviews but I suspect they might hide poor reviews. They seem a little shady with advertising which I don’t like. Happsy seems to be more transparent/trustworthy. But maybe not as comfortable. I haven’t actually tried either.

    Am I correct in believing plushbeds is GOTS certified now? Does this link show that?

  3. Hi Irina — I am in the market for a new mattress due to neck and shoulder pain. ( I also have issues with inflammation, so I want to make sure I buy non-toxic.)

    I have a Tuft & Needle memory foam mattress, and I’m wondering if an innerspring mattress would be better for my neck. Do you look at innerspring mattresses as well as memory foam mattresses in your new e-book?

  4. Irina – this is all so helpful. As many others have said – THANK YOU!! If we buy a Happsy (or other firm, non-toxic mattress) and are wanting a similarly non-toxic topper to add softness, what do you recommend??

  5. Thank you so much for all of the research that you have done on so many items! I was wondering if you had any thoughts on Savvy Rest mattresses? I live in Iowa and there aren’t many options for organic mattresses. There is one show room that only carry this brand. I know they are GOTS certified. Thank you!!

    1. Hi, Kim:
      Yes, I have some thoughts about Savvy Rest mattresses. You can book a consultation with me or wait for an ebook on mattresses that I’m planning to release in September. Thanks. ~Irina

  6. Hi Irina,

    Love your website and incredibly detailed oriented research and explanations. Any thoughts on Hope Latex Mattress from My Green Mattress? Has nearly identical sale price to Happsy, good 100 day free return guarantee and seems like a nice option. Thinking about it for myself or for my partner who has pretty severe MCS.

    Thanks you!!!
    Mark in Massachusetts

  7. Hi Irina,
    As usual, great diligence. Out of curiosity, did you research Avocado mattresses at all?

    1. Hi, Katherine: Yes, I have researched it, Katherine. It is more expensive than Happsy. It’ll be included in my upcoming ebook. Do you own Avocado mattress or are considering to buy it? ~Irina

      1. After much research we purchased Avocado for two bedrooms. I recommend the mattress topper as without it’s fairly firm, but overall excellent mattress and customer service. Wondered how the brand ranked from your research as well.

  8. Hi Irena,
    It was a few years back, so hard to remember; but, I read an article about EMT’s, coils, and cancer. And, I honestly can’t remember the details. But, it had something to do with a study on how incidents of cancer, maybe in the heart (not sure), increased in people who slept on a particular side of the body. And, they linked it to coils in mattresses acting as a type of transmitter or something for the EMT’s from Wi-fi, etc. Wish I could remember where I read it. I’m just also wondering about whether mattress coils could be a potential problem. I eventually purchased an Essentia mattress for our son. It’s safe and a great mattress, but I’m trying to look into other more affordable options for a mattress for my husband and I. Our old mattress is over 20 years old. Thanks for having a curious mind! I appreciate all your investigating!

    1. Hi, Jamie:

      Yes, it was a hypothesis (not a study) published on the Scientific American blog (not their website). It was blown out of proportion by some bloggers. The long story short I took it very seriously and had professionals come to my house with the right equipment. I paid them big bucks. The result was that we use coil mattresses with confidence. I will be describing all that in the upcoming ebook on the mattresses. Thank you for asking. ~Irina

  9. Hi Irina,
    You are the best. I just adore the info you’re putting out in the world. You make it clear and concise which is such a time saver. I just recently purchased two Austin Air purifiers for our home based on your suggestions and gosh darn, we just bought a mattress in February after SO MUCH research (albeit my head spun from trying to make sense of all the certificates!). We live in Canada and purchased a Naturelle Organic Latex bed. Have you seen their website? They have many claims and certificates (including GOTS) pasted on their website – ohhhh I hope we didn’t get duped!! Keep up the great work!

      1. Wow. Thank you, Irina for such an in-depth article, it was just what I needed now! Love how thoroughly and patiently you make all your research. I thought I am the only one taking a long time to inspect everything before buying. Reading you is like having all the important things you need to know and might miss, all in one place and as sincere as if done by myself for myself. 🙂 Keep grinding!

  10. I went to the Plushbeds website and they have GOTS certification. Can you please explain why you said they do not?

    1. Hi, Leah: None of the Plushbeds mattresses are certified by GOTS. And the reason I know that is that they do not provide a GOTS certificate (it is not on the website, I just double-checked again) and they are not found in the GOTS public database. ~Irina

        1. Leah, this is a Transaction Certificate that shows that some organic wool was shipped from point A to point B on January 10 of 2019. Please take a closer look at the Transaction Certificate. There are two other companies I know of that show Transaction Certificates instead of GOTS-certificates. I am writing an ebook about that so people who want to buy a GOTS-certified mattress, buy a GOT-certified mattress, not something else. Are you in a process of buying a mattress or bought it already? Thank you for bringing this up. ~Irina

          1. Wow, thank you. I am very disappointed in how deceptive the company is! I already bought two mattresses! What do you recommend I do? (I look forward to your ebook)

  11. Irina, thank you so much for all the work you do. I went to the GOTS public database, searched “CANADA” and found a number of companies, including a Mattress company based in Montreal called Essentia. I would never have known about them. This is great! Thanks so much for this information. Keep up the great work, you are doing us all such a great service and I appreciate it!