Pure Effect Water Filtration Systems

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Back in 2015, I found Pure Effect – a company that claimed that their water filtration systems are as powerful as RO but they don’t demineralize water. In addition, there are no water storage tanks in Pure Effect filtration systems.

If you’re familiar with my work, you know that I don’t rely on advertisement promises and always prefer to see some evidence. So I was initially skeptical about Pure Effect’s claims. Over the years (serious – years!), I’ve asked numerous questions of the Pure Effect owner, Igor Milevskiy.  By the way, my questions never annoyed him, and he took the time to educate me and answered all my questions to my satisfaction.

Here is what I like about Pure Effect:


  1. The owner of the company himself provides customer service; he was the one who designed the water filtration system, so he is both knowledgeable and courteous.
  2. Pure Effect systems reduce fluoride, radioactive elements, arsenic, chromium-6, and pharmaceuticals — essentially, the pollutants that reverse osmosis systems are designed to filter.
  3. There is no activated alumina filter (unlike in Berkey’s filters) that is normally used for reducing fluoride. The performance of activated alumina is dependent on the pH of water.  It works best on pH between 5 and 7.  Normally, the pH of tap water in the US is much higher.  The pH of our tap water is 8.17.
  4. Instead of activated alumina, Pure Effect uses a unique mineral-based media that uses calcium, phosphate, and carbon to deal with fluoride.
  5. Pure Effect publishes test reports on its website.
  6. Not all their systems require installation, so if you rent or are planning to move, you can find Pure Effect water filter models that will work for you.
  7. Pure Effect systems do not use water tanks.
  8. Pure Effect systems do not waste water.
  9. The filtered water will contain magnesium, calcium, chloride, and sodium.
  10. The filtered water will be slightly naturally alkaline due to the presence of the above-mentioned minerals.
  11. Over the years, I have never heard any complaints about the quality of Pure Effect products from my clients who bought the water filtration. In fact, my clients who bought the filters rave about them.

Please watch a video interview with the owner of Pure Effect, Igor Milevskiy, about why we need to filter water and why this filter is better than reverse osmosis filter here.

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