Pure Effect Water Filtration Systems

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Back in 2015, I found Pure Effect – a company that claimed that their water filtration systems are as powerful as Reverse Osmosis (RO) but they do not remove beneficial magnesium and calcium from the water and thus do not demineralize water. In addition, there are no water storage tanks in the Pure Effect water filtration systems.

If you’re familiar with my work, you know that I do not rely on advertisement promises and always prefer to see some evidence. So, I was initially skeptical about Pure Effect’s claims. Over the years (seriously – years!), I’ve asked numerous questions of the Pure Effect owner, Igor Milevskiy.  By the way, my questions never annoyed him, and he took the time to educate me and answered all my questions to my satisfaction.

Further, I bought this Pure Effect water filter system and tested it with the Tap Score service.  By the way, I believe that the best way to know how a particular water filter works on your water is to test your tap water and then your filtered water.  The reason for that is that water has different contaminants, pH, and hardness.

In my case, Tap Score testing showed that the Pure Effect filter worked well.  Among other things, it removed 100% of uranium.  Can you believe that we had uranium in our water?  You can learn more about that in my What You Can Do About Uranium in Water post.  However, it did not remove fluoride 100%.

As perfectionist as I am, I decided to get an Aquasana Reverse Osmosis and test it. Unfortunately, it leaked when an Aquasana-approved plumber installed it.  When I called them about that, they made me feel that it was my fault.  It took Aquasana 2 weeks to ship the replacement cartridge, and I paid for expedited shipping.  The Tap Score test showed that the Aquasana filter removed 100% of the fluoride.   However, it also removed beneficial magnesium and calcium and added potassium to our water.  By the way, over the years (literally) I kept calling Aquasana and asked what minerals they put back and how much.  I could not get any satisfying answers.  Moreover, it raised the water’s pH to 9.5, which, according to my doctor Myrto Ashe, MD, MPH, IFMCP is too high for our natural stomach acidity and can interfere with digestion and absorption of nutrients.  Furthermore, we did not like the taste of water.

In the end, I returned the Aquasana filter and re-installed the Pure Effect water filter.  To sum up, here is what we like about the Pure Effect water filtration systems:

  1. The owner of the company himself provides customer service; he was the one who designed the water filtration system, so he is both knowledgeable and courteous.
  2. Pure Effect systems reduce fluoride, radioactive elements, arsenic, chromium-6, and pharmaceuticals — essentially, the pollutants that reverse osmosis systems are designed to filter.
  3. Pure Effect systems do not have water tanks so the water does not sit in a tank lined with plastic.
  4. Unlike RO water filtration systems, Pure Effect systems do not waste water.
  5. The filtered water retains beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium. I am chronically deficient in magnesium so it is very important for me to have magnesium in water.  Most RO systems do not add back magnesium, only calcium.
  6. The filtered water’s pH is below 8, which is the level the EPA and health experts recommend.
  7. The filtered water tastes really good. My son loves drinking it.
  8. Over the years, I have never heard any complaints about the quality of Pure Effect water filtration systems from my clients who bought the water filtration. In fact, my clients who bought the filters rave about them. And now that we own it, I can attest to the great quality and customer service.

Please watch a video interview with the owner of Pure Effect, Igor Milevskiy, about why we need to filter water and why this filter is better than a reverse osmosis filter here.

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