Seeking Health Prenatal Vitamins

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Seeking Health was established by a naturopathic doctor Ben Lynch, the author of the Dirty Genes book.  He strives to create supplements that would actually get absorbed by our bodies.  One of the many things I like about Seeking Health is that they offer a bioavailable form of folate.

However, some of their products have California Proposition 65 warning.  The company explains that it is due to the natural ingredients they use.

I examined all of their products to see which ones would meet my safety criteria for inactive ingredients and heavy metals.

Among the many formulations of prenatal vitamins, these are the only ones I can recommend because:

✅ They have no natural flavors. 

✅ Their heavy metal levels don’t exceed the California Proposition 65 limits.

To see the other supplements that meet my criteria, refer to Seeking Health Supplements page.

Remember that I’m not a medical doctor.  Please consult your doctor about the supplements that will be right for you and your baby.

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