Dry Shampoos

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Dry shampoos come in the form of powder and are very convenient, especially during traveling, because they help you wash your hair less frequently.  Consider the following options:

For more information on each product, read below.  To shop now for Primally Pure dry shampoo, click on the purple button.

More info

Primally Pure

The ingredients are straightforward; there are no ingredients that you won’t be able to pronounce.  They carry dry shampoo for light and dark hair.  All ingredients that can be organic are organic.  I also appreciate that the packaging is not plastic.  I have used this dry shampoo and liked it a lot.  You can learn why I chose Primally Pure dry shampoo over many others in my Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo Guide.  By the way, I believe all Primally Pure products are safe, so look around.  Use READLABELS10 discount code.

Beauty by Earth

Just like with Primally Pure, the ingredients are easy to pronounce. The ingredients that can be organic are organic. They carry dry shampoo for dark and light hair.  Please use the discount code Read12 to get 12% off.

Pure Haven

This is another non-toxic dry shampoo made with natural and organic ingredients. It is scented with essential oils. I use and like Pure Haven products.  Learn more about them in my Pure Haven review.

Meow Meow Tweet, Light

Glacial Marine Clay + Organic Arrowroot Powder.

Meow Meow Tweet, Dark

Glacial Marine Clay + Charcoal+ organic ingredients.