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  1. Hi, what are your thoughts on ecover automatic dish powder or tablets. I didn’t see those same preservatives listed. Thx!

  2. What is the current status on the MI in Ecos dishmate free and clear liquid? I was recently diagnosed with the MI allergy so I bought it because it was not listed. But I definitely react to it? Thanks.

    1. Had to look up MI allergy….that’s me!! everthindg getting worse….down to having no clean clothes or dishes, without dizzy/nauseous, and now vertigo/vomiting with cardboard boxes. Just trying to find a place in Florida where I can get MCI/MI testing. learned much today. Thanks. sami

  3. It might be good to look into the ingredients that are labelled as “plant derived”. Simply because something was made from plants does not make it safe. There are manufacturers that make SLS (a carcinogen) out of coconut oil. Does that make it less carcinogenic? Obviously not.

    1. Have you checked out ecover zero fragance free dishsoap. I have been researching ingredients but am not sure about it

        1. Ecover unscented dish soap DOES HAVE methisothiazolone!!!!! I just got a call back from the company today after seeing a review on Amazon that stated it is lying on the label. The rep for Ecover said that the manufacturer adds it!!! And they don’t put it on the label. She said she will for sure bring up to her higher ups the need for transparency. I almost bought a 6 pack on Amazon and now know to stay away. Please spread the word!!! How many other companies are lying about ingredients due to obvious loopholes??

  4. I am disappointed to find out here that Ecos is now the maker of my favorite Dishmate. I’ve tried Ecos laundry detergent and the scent makes me gag. Of course I bought it from Costco. I don’t think Costco can truly carry anything I approve of.

  5. Unlike the old Ultra Dishmate, there is no label of “1, 4-Dioxane free” shown on the new Ecos dish soap bottle. Does this mean they are no longer free of 1,4-Dioxane? I am hesitating to buy the new one.

    1. As a consumer, we never know for sure. That’s I try to avoid ingredients that may contain 1,4-dioxane altogether. Check out this list of dishwashing liquids here. Thanks. ~Irina

  6. Have you looked into any of the crystal spray deodorants?

    How can I set your blog as the recipient of all of my Amazon purchases? I’d be happy to switch my settings, but I think I need your link.

    1. Hi, Kamila! Yes – I have looked into crystal spray deodorants and I do not recommend them. Crystal spray deodorant contains potassium alum, which is a form of aluminum. More about aluminum is in this post here. Have you seen my list of deodorants my husband likes?
      As for Amazon, please bookmark any page of my blog, such the ones above, as Amazon. When you want to shop on Amazon, open my blog page and click on the Amazon link on the bottom of the right panel. THANK YOU SO MUCH!