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  1. Hi Irina,
    I just googled the Crest Toothpaste i use and came upon your post. I’m so glad you wrote a review of this Toothpaste. Otherwise, i would have never found you. I had no idea what all the ingredients in the toothpaste meant. You broke it down to make sense. Now i am immediately ordering a more natural toothpaste. Your article positioned me to make better and more informed decisions for my oral health. I appreciate you and look forward to devouring more of your content.

  2. hi Irina,
    thank you for your post, very informative! i was searching for the ingredients in Crest and Colgate because i developed an allergic reaction to them and I was wondering what they might have in common that I may be allergic to. i don’t seem to be allergic to Sensodyne. staying informed about ingredients in products it’s so important nowadays.

  3. I’m really opposed to any form of fluoride. Let’s be real, it is going to be swallowed, even if just residue after brushing. Fluoride free toothpaste is probably still loaded with chemicals, but since I have to shower in fluoride every day (house water filtration systems to remove it are very, very expensive) I try to limit my exposure.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. You are right! Also, if you eat any processed food or go out to eat, you will get fluoride from the food. Moreover, if you drink tea, you will get fluoride from it. Thus, even if we drink fluoride-free water and use fluoride-free toothpaste, we will still be ingesting fluoride. ~Irina

      1. Irina – Pls mention that children exposed to fluoride is more damaging than for adults. There are now so many unknown sources “monitoring” fluoride and not feasible. Also industrial commercially produced fluoride (a toxic waste by-product) is not the same as naturally found fluoride. Sounds like you prefer to gloss over the whole affair and really do not want to get-into-it. How about a like to site that explains the toxicity?

  4. Okay, yes you do say here are the ones I recommend, but to even write that Crest improved their toothpaste when the ingredients are still toxic is just wrong, sorry.

    1. Walter, did we read the same post? I read that Crest has improved their ingredients, but not enough be recommended yet, and you even agreed with him about several of the toxic ingredients and explained how and why they are unsafe.

      Thanks, Irina, I found it very informative.

      1. Yes I read the same post. I guess my point is why even make mention of such a toxic product on a site like this even if they did delete one bad ingredient. Just not worthy of mention in my opinion. Toxic is toxic, why even bring it up.

          1. Hi Irina,
            I think you’re doing a great job on your website. It’s just why post something that is irrelevant in the search for healthy products. Now if their product had changed drastically to where it was 100% healthy then that would be good news to some. But the changes they made where not out of health concerns for the people using their product otherwise they’d get rid of all the other ingredients and just have an empty tube, ha ha. Which is about all they are capable of doing in the health segment.

        1. I almost bought crest until I stumbled upon this post, so yes it is very important to inform people about what’s out there. Especially important from a trustworthy site.

          Thank you, Irina, this helped me while standing in the isle looking at all my options and trying to make the best choice for my family.

  5. Really, are you really recommending this tube of toxic rubbish to use in your mouth. I can’t believe you would do that, I’m at a loss for words!

    1. I can’t believe that you think that I recommend Crest toothpaste either, Walter 🙂 I do not. At the end of the post, you can find links to the toothpastes that I recommend. ~Irina