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  1. Irina,

    Found a dead link where it reads, “The good news is that some states have banned it…” (second paragraph under the heading, “Problems with Polyurethane Foam”). I realize this is an older post, but it’s still being read ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve just discovered your blog and wanted to thank you! I plan to read up on most of the topics but seeing as I’m already commenting, I thought I’d ask a couple questions. I apologize if you’ve already addressed these questions from other readers or within your blog.

    Any recommendations for other non-toxic blogs?

    And, what are your thoughts on Cream Haus products?

    I looked up this product after seeing it mentioned here:

    Thanks again for all that you do!

    1. Thank you, Amy, for pointing out the dead link. Updating all older posts has been on my to-do list, and you motivated me to speed up the process. As for the Cream Haus play mat, in an ideal world we probably all want to use natural petroleum-free materials; however, in real life, it is not always easy to do, and play mats are one of those areas. Among petroleum products, it seems to be not a bad one. And it is refreshing to see test reports. I wish they had a test report for VOCs. It sounds like they will. Do you want to contact them and ask about a VOC report? How old are your kids? ~Irina

  2. Hi!

    I will add the link. I registered for this before learning about how toxic mattresses could be. My folks had already said they were going to gift me a mattress. Once I found out they were not swayed that it was worth double the price. Now I am unsure if I should save and return this for the expensive supposedly safe mattress or if this one is safe… thanks for any help!!!

    1. Hi Kris,

      The company that makes Sealy mattresses is not very forward with the information their crib mattresses are made of. Moreover, there seemed be less information now since Kolcraft does not have functioning website any more. Most of the questions and concerns I raised in the post apply to your model of the mattresses. Except that your mattress is PVC free, which is very good. However, the foam seemed to be soybean which is mostly petroleum. And we still do not know what flame retardants are used to comply with the Federal Flammability regulation. The mattress is certified to the Greenguard Gold standard (see the certificate here), which means that it has low emissions but emissions nevertheless. Anyway, I was in your shoes, going back and forward on this. My advice is if you can return, return it. Your baby is going to spend a lot of time on it, possibly face down. That’s how my son sleeps. I got him non-waterproof Naturepedic mattress and am very happy with my decision. See my post about it here. Good luck!

  3. Hi my mother purchased a Sealy Natural Luxury crib mattress for my son who is due in January. Can you tell me if it is safe? After reading this I tried to find more information but am having trouble. Thank you!

  4. Wow, this was a lot of great information. Thanks so much for doing all this research. I couldn’t decide between the Sealy Soybean or an organic one my husband has picked out and now I know which one I’m going with lol.