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  1. Thanks for your site. Years ago, I developed MCS/Fibro/CFS. It was shocking for me to learn that my HFS was selling greenwashed products. What was even worse was finding a non-toxic cleaning product and then reacting to it, only to find that they had been purchased by a big brand corporation. These companies sold out. You really have to be on your toes.
    I got lazy and when I saw all the “plant based” advertising on Method’s website, I allowed our cleaners to use these products. I felt horrible after they used the products. That’s all I need to know they’re toxic. Greenwashing at its best.

    1. We have several options on our website. Type the search word “dish soap” in the search bar and you will see what we have to say on the subject as well the safe dish soap options.

  2. I’m no expert but if anyone is still wondering how to dispose of their Method or any other products safely I would suggest putting it in some sort of container and throwing it in the trash. That way at least it will be in a landfill and not waterways that could hurt aquatic life or contaminate our drinking water. I understand this isn’t 100% perfect but I think it’s better than dumping it down the sink.

    I agree with Maria we shouldn’t overwhelm ourselves when transitioning to safer products. However these products seem pretty bad so I can understand why someone would want to immediately stop using them.

    1. Being in a landfill, it will ultimately wind up in the earth/water. I suggest contacting your local hazmat pickup service (most cities offer something for free or cheap) and dispose of it properly.

  3. I have a large container of the Method refill in pink grapefruit, 3/4 full. What’s the best way to dispose of it?

    1. Hi Flowerlady! Thank you for the question! Unfortunately, there is no way to dispose of this product without any consequences because it will get into the water or soil anyway. On our website we promote stress-free transition to safer products. You could finish using this product and then just order a different one.

  4. i have been usin method antibac sprays for a year and when i use them in the kitchen i have realized only now that that they make me lightheaded and feeling sick

    1. I am a cleaner and a client has the Anti Bac Bathroom cleaner. Used it again today and felt sick dizzy, have a headache and feel quite disorientated. Covid test clear. I also find it affects my voice, it seems difficult to speak

      1. Hi, Hazel! Thank you for sharing! We are sorry to hear about the reaction you have to the cleaner! Is it possible for you to use your own cleaners, non-toxic ones, at your clients’ homes?

  5. I may have missed the best liquid dish soap and automatic dish soap with No Toxic Chemicals Thks.

  6. Greenwashing at its best! I bought several packs of their Gel Hand Wash Free of Dyes and Perfumes at the beginning of my non-toxic living journey because I didn’t know better. As soon as we finish them we’ll switch to castille soap. Plus I’ve recently found out both Method and Ecover were bought by Johnson several years ago, yet another reason to be wary of these brands.

  7. As soon as Method was first on the market I read the labels and realized it was massive GreenWashing rubbish. Method was created for supermarket Big Box stores. Unfortunately so many companies that started out very pure wound up being sold to new owners and the ingredients became degraded. Seventh Generation brand is an example. It is CRAP but very slick packaging and public relations advertising and I am stunned how the majority of people think it is a “green” product!

  8. Great information, Irina!! Yes, I am one who believed Method products were safe. I just switched over to their laundry detergent and now I’ll return to my former one. Thank you so much for the eye-opening information! I will be forwarding your information to others.