2023 Permanent Hair Color Rating List E-Book

The ingredients of 50 permanent hair color lines are compared so you can make the safest choice!

If . . .

. . . you have no idea why your scalp itches and burns after switching to a new “organic” hair color;

. . . you are terrified after your hair starts falling out at an alarming rate;

. . . you are concerned about chemicals seeping into your brain and entering your bloodstream;

. . . you have thyroid disorders or want to protect your thyroid;

. . . you are planning to become pregnant and are switching to organic products;

. . . you are scared to learn the truth;

. . . and you must keep coloring your hair, because

Going grey is not an option for you . . .


Ever gotten an itchy scalp while dying your hair?

It could just be a little itching … or it could be the start of something worse.

Studies show that some itching may signal an allergic reaction that could result in hair loss in mild cases, or even anaphylactic shock!

Even if you’ve never suffered an allergic reaction before, the FDA and the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety warn: You can develop a reaction to the same hair dye you’ve been using for a decade or more. That’s called “sensitization,” and it’s your body’s way of saying “enough.”

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of lower-toxin hair dyes on the market.

The European Union Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has assessed over 110 hair dyes for safety in the last 5 years.

The bad news? Reading over 600 pages of scientific jargon, chemical formulas, toxin advisories, and professional gobbledygook would take you weeks to untangle.

The good news? You don’t have to do that because I have done it for you! As a consumer product researcher, I’ve spent hundreds of hours culling down scientific data to specific recommendations you can use right away. In short, I’ve read the reports so you don’t have to!

Introducing the 2023 Permanent Hair Color Rating List!

This groundbreaking e-book will empower you!

You’ll be able to …

The following brands are rated for safety in the e-book (listed in alphabetical order):

Don’t see your hair color on the list? No problem! With the purchase of the Permanent Hair Color Rating List E-Book, you can get any additional permanent hair color rated for ONLY $14.99.

organic hair color

When I was expecting my son in 2012, I wanted to keep him healthy and safe so much! I picked up a bottle of baby shampoo and read the ingredients, most of which I couldn’t pronounce and obviously did not come close to understanding. It took me a whole month of research before I decided which shampoo to buy! Since then, researching products has become my calling and full-time occupation.

Over the years, I have encountered resistance from some companies while doing my research. Sometimes when I call them, they try to avoid my questions. I am not easily discouraged, however, and I keep asking hard questions.

Now, I’ve become a full-time product researcher and an expert consumer. This unprecedented Permanent Hair Color Rating List e-Book is a result of my tireless work.

Permanent Hair Color Rating List

I was anxious to read it and hoped that it really made it clear what hair color brands were the best choices. After I read it, I felt very informed. It was easy to read! Without the e-book, I would just be doing trial and error at salon after salon trying to find one that doesn’t irritate my skin and not really sure what I was ending up with. You made the choice so easy.

Brooke Mudd​​ ​​
keri headshot

I’ve been dealing with perioral dermatitis for several months and have been trying to replace all of my skin and cleaning products with “safe” options. I’ve spent hours scouring the internet and was completely overwhelmed by the time I stumbled across your website. Sanity! These e-books helped me narrow down selections to a few, and then I was able to look at descriptions and reviews to determine a best fit for me. I really like how clear the e-books are and that the supporting documentation is available in the analysis e-books.


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