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  1. I have a latex allergy. I am looking for the safest mattress possible so this means I also can not have a mattress that contains coconut. I am a side sleeper. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. Hi Irina, how about nectar? I’ve been finding different information online? Is CertiPUR certified bad actually??
    Thank you for your time

  3. Hi! Have you heard anything about My Green Mattress? They seem pretty transparent with their materials and their price point is lower than Naturepedic. I’ve called both companies (2 times each) while trying to pick which one to try. Each time I asked the reps on the phone for their personal experience, neither of the Naturepedic reps used their companies product, however the My Green Mattress ones did.

    1. Hi, Tamara: Tell My Green Mattress that they have an expired GOTS certificate on the website and the second page is not showing. Ask them they have a better certificate. Thanks. By the way, we have been sleeping on a Naturepedic mattress for 2 years now, and it is VERY comfortable. We love it! Have you seen my post about Naturepedic? ~Irina

      1. I have read your post about Naturepedic, one of my concerns is that the closest place for me to test one out is over 3 hours away. 🙁 I need to get 4 mattresses, so my thought was to start with one (probably the smallest size that I need which is a twin) and go from there. My ultimate goal is to have a comfortable and non toxic mattress for every family member. I also want to be conscious of cost, which is why My Green Mattress has my attention (I can return for a $99 fee, vs 50% and $300 to ship back to Naturepedic). I was wondering if there is anything that stands out between the two that should influence which one I purchase.

        1. Hi, Tamara:
          To start with, I want to say that I have not researched My Green Mattress as closely as Naturpedic. When I went on My Green Mattress website I noticed that their GOTS certificate has expired and the one they have posted seems to be missing the second page so it is impossible to say which products that certificate applies to. In my opinion, it is important for a mattress company to certify their products (not just a facility) because then it gives us consumers a peace of mind that most materials used are at very least natural without synthetic undisclosed additives. Does it help? ~Irina

  4. Thank you for the helpful information! Wool is a natural fire retardant and I am glad you pointed that out. I hope more people spear some time and read your story! We bought our mattress from ‘The Home Of Wool’ ( They make pure wool mattresses. I was very satisfied with the quality of fabrics (100% natural cotton, wool, silk, flax), craftsmanship and customer service. My wife and I decided to change our son’s latex mattress and our choice is, naturally, ‘The Home of Wool’ again.

  5. I recently bought a greenguard gold certified crib mattress from simmons, and was upset to see the tag read 24% polyester fiber and 6% polyurethane foam pad. How can this be advertised as low toxicity? I feel swindled!

  6. Can you give me a “specific” company that uses non-toxic materials? I have been researching this for a couple of years and am lost in the info. Who to believe? Many companies tell you that they use non-toxic materials. They say their wool allows them to pass the fire test. We are looking at Holder Mattress in Indianapolis and Beds By Design in Harbor Springs. I am not too worried about the springs just chemicals as both of these companies use inner springs. Please advise! Thank you! Margo

    1. Hi, Margo, thank you for stopping by. Please refer to my post here for a specific company. They use springs but I am learning that it might be a good thing from the comfort standpoint. My blog readers tell me that 100% natural latex mattresses are not comfortable for them.

    2. Margo… did you find out any more information about Beds by Design? I know this post is old, but wonder if you found out any information on whether their beds are truly non-toxic? Thank you! Kylie

  7. I would like a non-toxic mattress, however, I do not want any latex, or natural rubber in the mattress. do you have any suggestions?

    1. Coincidently, my next post is going to be about a customized non-toxic mattress that has a latex-free option. Make sure you are subscribed to receive my blog updates by email so you do not miss the post. Let me know if you are still looking for a mattress after you read the post. Thank you for your comment!

    2. Hi, Kirsten. I’m at Naturepedic and was reading some nice things about us on a recent post here (I’ve been caught, but who doesn’t like to read good reviews of their company!) and saw your comment. Are you looking for an adult mattress? Naturepedic has organic mattresses made completely without latex, including our Adagio, Essentials, and EOS. If you’re looking for a crib mattress, we never add latex since it could be a potential baby allergen.

      1. Do the Naturepedic mattresses sleep warm? We currently own an organic latex mattress but it is not comfortable and sleeps way too hot for us.

  8. Take a look at Naturepedic mattresses – their entire concept is to make a healthy mattress. They use organic cotton, and the foam they use is plant-based, organic, and contains NO petrochemicals. The company started making safe crib mattresses for babies, and now makes regular mattresses, too. The company is in Ohio, mattresses are made by Amish craftsmen, of materials from USA. They also make pillows and bedding – all organic & not toxic.

  9. Do you have any suggestions for mattresses? Have you heard of organopedic? I think they’re a local Bay Area company. We’re looking for a mattress now so I’m interested in finding out more about good companies. We were also looking at ergovea, but the mattress is cotton based and now I’m weary.

    1. The mattresses you mentioned are not bad options at all, of course it also depends on your personal preferences. I was doing shopping for a client and I found a great option for a very reasonable price. The mattress is made of organic latex, eco wool and covered with organic cotton. Nothing else. Simple and pure.

      1. Hi Jason: Are you a representative of Ergovea or their retailer or simply own a Ergovea mattress? Is the natural rubber foam 100% natural rubber without blends? From the description, these mattresses seem too firm. Do you they offer softer ones? ~Irina

        1. HI Irina, I’ve been to the parent store in Auburn, CA called Tucked in. The founder of Ergovea who owns this store can order the mattress in various levels of softness. I preferred the firmer side myself. My understanding is the rubber is of extremely high quality sourced from a sustainable private rubber tree farmer in India. And everything then is manufactured to very high standards in the US. – After an exhaustive search with many different manufactures and price points, I was really blown away by Ergovea’s line. Though they’re on the higher end as fully organic latex mattresses go. The quality, durability, and longevity is built into this brand like no other mattress I have ever bought. – I know it’s a difficult and confusing search, best of luck.

  10. Thank for your information about the non – toxic mattress. Of course, this information is very useful for anyone, including me. Because we are all always sleeping using the mattresses. If stuffing mattresses are not safe from the toxic, we naturally become unhealthy. Who will like it?