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Goldwell Elumen

Goldwell Elumen ForumThis post is for you to talk about Goldwell Elumen if you have bought the Permanent Hair Color Rating List.


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To make this forum efficient, please answer these questions when you place a comment about Goldwell Elumen.


  1. How many times have you used it?


2. Have you applied it yourself or gone to a hairdresser?


3. If you like your Goldwell Elumen hairstylist, please share their information with us.


4. If you applied it yourself, please tell us where you bought it and any helpful details of the application.


5. What do you like/dislike about the results of it?


6. Please make sure to specify how much grey hair you had before the application, maybe in terms of a percent?


If you have not tried Goldwell Elumen yet, please let us know in the comments what you would like to know about its application.


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29 thoughts on “Goldwell Elumen”

  1. Hello,
    I have used Goldwell Elumen for 14 months. I use it about once a month mainly because my hair is very fine and I like that frequency for the extra volume it provides. I have used it myself. I have bought the products off of Amazon or I use wash, treat, [email protected], clear, lock, and clean. I weigh the color and use 55 ml [email protected] and 20 ml of clear. I might use more clear next time to try to lighten it more. I would like it to be medium brown. I am aboiut 50% gray and it covers it 100%. My hair looks very healthy. Any color with a G in it picks up too much red on my hair. I am very happy with it.

    1. Hi Terri Sharpe,
      Do you know what I can mix with [email protected] to take out the red? I’m looking for light to medium golden brown color like my natural color. I used Goldwell Elumen on my roots only and loved it, but too reddish!
      Thank you,

      1. Hi Carole,
        I was using [email protected] and mixing it with clear trying to get a medium brown because it was too dark. I have changed to [email protected] and love it. It is a medium brown with warm tones without being red. I go to an Aveda salon for haircuts and this is the first time my stylist complimented me on my color. I have tried many Goldwell Elumen colors. Any color with a G in it is too red. I hope this helps. Terri

  2. Hello Irina,

    I found your website after I had a fairly severe allergic reaction to the hair colour may salon had been using on my hair for 15 yrs+ years. I purchased the Hair Colour rating list and I have been a subscriber ever since. Irina is doing great work!

    I have now been using Goldwell Elumen for almost a year, every 4 weeks, and I am very pleased with it. I had been dealing with Psoriasis with my previous colour, and my dermatologist had suggested Elumen in the past, but at the time my salon did not use it, so I managed by having a prescription topical cream to use for about a week after each of my colour sessions, which is when the Psoriasis would flare up. It was a band-aid solution at best. However, I am at least 75% grey, and I did not want to give up full grey coverage, which would have been an issue with all the natural products, so I kept using the colour despite the annoying psoriasis flareups.

    About a year ago, I had a much more serious allergic reaction a few days after my usual colour. I was afraid to use it after that, and yet I had to come up with a solution fast if I wanted to continue to cover the grey.

    I decided I would have to find a salon that used Elumen so I could try it. Unfortunately no salons in my area used the product, and it would be quite a distance I would have to go just for hair colour. I called my salon to tell them my situation, and as they already used Goldwell products, the owner of the salon took the plunge, contacted her sales rep, brought in the Elumen product and sent my stylist for product training. She had always wanted to try the product anyway, as there are other clients who have had some issues with the regular colour. I really appreciated this type of customer support. They have been amazing.

    It is a more expensive product, and you are reccommended to use the Elumen Shampoo and conditioner to get the most out of the hair colour. So be prepared for a bit of a cost increase.

    My stylist has been terrific. It takes a bit of experimenting to get the colour right, use the toner properly and therefore get the most grey coverage that you can. I had been warned that the coverage would not be as good. The first month, the grey did start to show through. It was a bit of trial and error the first few times. But really, after that, I have found the coverage almost as good as my regular colour had been. The options for colour and highlights are not as flexible as regular colour products, because you are limited to what the Elumen line can do, but I am overall very pleased. The best part is that my scalp is not even itchy, no psoriasis, no reaction at all, so far. I expected at least some minor scalp issues, since I am colouring so often. I can tell that this product is not penetrating my scalp like regular salon colour products.

    My hair is much softer and not nearly as dry as it was with my regular Goldwell colour. I used to have to do extra conditioning treatments, and I no longer have to do that.

    I would highly recommend this product if you need more grey coverage than more natural products can provide.

    I can also recommend my stylist and salon, if you are Canadian and live in the Ottawa, Ontario area.


  3. I used Ellumen for several years and had a beautician apply it. It’s coverage was excellent- I am 100 percent gray. What I did not like is the brown color got reddder with each application. The beautician had trouble controlling it. When I wanted to use another color line, it was impossible to get out without growing it out.

  4. I spoke with two salons that use Goldwell products and both said that Elumen only came in bright colors like red and pink. So I’m surprised by the positive comments here. I am 80% grey and color my roots honey blonde. Is there an Elumen color for this?

  5. Hi Sarah, that is interesting that you mention the red. I am also finding the brown a little too “red” for me. My stylist also mentioned that if I want to change colour, I would have to grow it out as well.

  6. Hi Stacey,
    When Elumen came to market, apparently it was to sell those funky new colours like red, pink, blue, etc. but they expanded the line to include more traditional colours. However, apparently many salons only use Elumen to carry the colourful line, and some do not use the other available colours. Perhaps in some areas the suppliers don’t provide the full line to their salons. You can contact the Goldwell website and see if they can help or else keep looking for a salon that uses Elumen more extensively. Some salons will advertise it on their website.

  7. I recently bought Elumen and have tried it twice so far. I color my hair at home and purchased off Amazon (prepare, color and lock). The first application looked good for a few days and then greys started showing through. The second time I applied the color twice and it lasted longer, but greys still started showing through with the fine hairs at the hairline. My biggest complaint is the dying of my skin/scalp. It took over a week, 3-4 shampoos and scrubbing, to fade. I tried not to allow color to touch my scalp but it was impossible. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m sure a professional could use foils and help prevent it from touching the scalp but a salon visit every 3 weeks is not in my budget.

    1. Hi Chelsea,
      I use a Goldwell Elumen product called clean. It is like clear water but it gets the color off my scalp. I put the color on dry hair and only apply color once for 30 minutes after all the color is applied and I don’t have a problem with gray coverage. My original hair color is brown and I am coloring it brown. Try another time or two to see if you get some build up to help with the gray.

  8. Hi All,

    I work in salon called Penny Black Organic Hair & Spa located in Queensland, Australia. We have used elumen hair colour for the past 4+ years (no other hair colour in permitted). We don’t use the elumen pre and post shampoos and colour locks etc due to there ingredients – which do not comply with our Certified Green Salon standards but still get up to 100% coverage.

    We are currently in the process of creating our own COSMOS natural Haircare line to be suitable for Certified Green Salons.

    So happy to help with any questions..?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Laura,
      My stylist told me that Goldwell recommends using their shampoo and conditioning treatment in order to maintain the quality of the colour, so I have been using it.

      Do you find that it is not necessary to use those products? I would rather use something more natural if it works just as well. As a stylist, if you can recommend something that works just as well for your clients without all the chemicals, that would be great. Not sure if I will be able to buy the product you suggest here in Canada, but it is worth a try.

      Thanks so much,

  9. I just found a stylist that does an array of colors with Elumen, however, I am about 80% gray and she said it won’t do a good job coloring the gray…

  10. It does cover gray. My hair is 90 % gray. My experience was the brown color and blondes came out reddish. If you are in the sun without a hat, your hair turns redder. You have to let the color grow out if you choose not to use it any more and use another color line. I was getting color every three weeks, an expensive process.

  11. It would appear my experience is different than most peoples. I am about 80% gray and went to a salon to have my color applied. The stylist told me that it would stain my skin. I have dark brown hair. Weidlich did cover my gray for the most part, my scalp was stained brown. I did not like this and have chosen never to use this product again

    1. Elyse- I had the same experience with my scalp being stained and I was not happy with how long it remained stained (multiple washes).I have used Elumen twice and it happened both times. I use the [email protected] color. Another commenter said to try the Elumen product Clean to remove color from the scalp. I have not yet had a chance to try it.

  12. After several reactions to various semi-permanent and permanent hair dye, I found a salon who used Goldwell products. I have had it applied 3 times. I have dark brown hair with about 50% gray. It did cover the gray, but turned it into a coppery red color. As others have noted, the darker browns colors tend to turn hair very red (very noticeable while in the sun, but I cannot comment if my hair actually turned more red while in the sun). I did not have any itchiness or burning after the applications. I have since mixed the Elumen with a more permanent Goldwell product (TopChic) to tone down the red and cover the gray at my part line and around my face. The color does stain the scalp, but for me, it washed out in about 2-3 washes. The color also bleeds on to hair towels. It is a long color appointment due to having to use the PREP and the COLOR LOCK. I did notice a gluey texture on my hair for about a week or two after application. I am assuming this was from the COLOR LOCK. It is also a bit more expensive than traditional color appointments, but worth it for me to avoid the reactions.

  13. I have only used it twice and will comment more after a few months..I personally ordered these products off amazon or sleekshop as another reader commented….I have a best friend who is a beautician so she is able to do it at my house…we are first trying the colors out with out the pretreatment or any lock at the end..I also hesitate to use their shampoo as the ingredients are not the best..uses Sodium Lauryl sulfate…I am a dark brown and am 80-90% grey…she mixed nb4 and nb5…I did use their shampoo after…I had same experience as others on scalp staining…but I have had that same issue with Goldwell Top Chic permanent hair color as well..will eventually have hair dresser do more of foil technique…As others I felt this was too red for me and The first time lasted about 2 1/2 weeks…she then added in an5 to cut the red..came out much better…covered grey very well..I also was very impressed how healthy my hair feels!…even as color was fading out…I use AQUIS shampoo system instead of Elumen shampoo now as I feel they are better for hair and ingredients are better…as I believe Irina didn’t review these products ingredients …only the color line…My hair stylist will continue to fine tune the color but at this point I am very happy with the coloring..i have had no reaction to the colors and as others have said they have added many more colors in the brown and blonde areas so I hope to fine tune it more in the coming months..I have not exposed it to the sun to see about the red effect but will continue to update on this blog

  14. Question: Will Goldwell Elumen work to color only gray roots?

    I was finally able to purchase Goldwell Elumen online at Sleekshop after several attempts! There are no salons in my area that use Goldwell Elumen, so I’m trying it on my own. My natural hair color is a light-medium golden brown, so I purchased 6BG (Brown Gold). I have always colored my roots only every 4 weeks to cover my gray. Will Goldwell Elumen work to just cover gray roots? I’ve always colored my hair myself and never had an issue.
    Thank you~

  15. I have used Elumen for almost three years. My hair grows like weed and I dye the roots every 2-3 weeks. Whole head only once in a while.

    I do it myself but I get highlights at a hairdresser.

    My hairdresser doesn’t use Goldwell.

    I bought the colour from Ellustore. Since it hasn’t been mentioned it’s at I do the roots with a brush and use the Tools thingy with the nozzle when I do a whole head application. I use Prepare before and the Lock afterwards. I leave the colour on for 45 mins and keep a plastic cap on my head. I also love their Treat but the shampoo was too mild for my liking.

    The reason I switched to Elumen was that I started getting skin irritation from the cheap ppd dyes. I also hated how quickly the colour faded. Had neither of those problems with Elumen. It has repaired my damaged hair, I don’t get tangles or breakage anymore and my curls came back! The staining is an obvious con but with no other dye could I wash my hair for three days straight right after dyeing (to get the extra hair dye out) and still have shine shine shine. So for me it’s just a part of it that I can live with. 🙂

  16. Hi LAURA,
    Since you are an experienced hair stylist with Goldwell Elumen, can you please tell me what colors to mix to get light to medium golden brown? I bought [email protected] – Brown Gold. I only cover my grey roots and it worked really well except that the color turned out too reddish. I still have 3 bottles of 6BG, and wondered what color I could mix with them to get rid of the red tone? I didn’t use any other products from Elumen and it worked very well, but too red. I’ve always mixed light and medium golden browns, 50% each, using regular hair color with ammonia and peroxide to get my natural color.

    Thank you,
    Has your company created the COSMOS natural Haircare line to be suitable for Certified Green Salons yet? I would love to find out more about that?

  17. dianne ellis andrews

    I have been using Goldwell Elumen since November 2018. I get it applied by my hair stylist (who orders the product specifically for me) every four weeks to cover the grey. She told me I’m 80% grey and she uses a Developer 20 to cover the grey. She really likes the product as well.

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