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This is a quick post about a non-toxic Christmas tree from Santa Webb, ho ho ho (aka Irina’s husband). I’m giving Irina the day off so she can recover from a quick trip to Disneyland.

Growing up, I only wanted a real Christmas tree, and always thought that artificial Christmas trees were an apostasy. As I got older, I thought about things like carbon footprints and the fact that we were bringing a large living thing into our home and watching it slowly die. As a bachelor, this Santa didn’t have time or energy to sort through these thorny issues and so I opted for the $19.99 pre-lit tree from Walgreens, which served me/us well through last Christmas.

This year, though, our boy is two and a half, and one day told us solemnly, “Santa’s coming . . . someday.” So it was time to step up our game.

Fortunately, I had done a lot of research last year. At the time I started my research, I had concluded that an artificial tree was the way to go. But Irina’s first question is always – “Is it made of toxic chemicals?” Anticipating this important question, I did a lot of research to find out.

The news was not good (more on this next year perhaps). Most trees are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). There are some newer options made of polyethylene plastic (PE) that are very lifelike, and these are better options, but from a toxic chemicals standpoint, still not exactly a non-toxic Christmas tree.

So I was all set to bring a chopped down real tree into our home when I ran across a company called The Living Christmas Company. The idea is (wait for it) you rent a live tree from them. They deliver the tree to you, place it in your home, and come and pick it up after the holidays, all for one not so low price. They will even save it for you for next year. You can’t really pick out your tree, and so the tree will probably not look “perfect.”

Our experience with this company this year has been very positive. I bought a drip pan for changing oil and placed it on our hardwood floor. They showed up on time, and hauled the tree (it probably weighs several hundred pounds) up a short flight of stairs into our home. They placed it in a watertight container on the drip pan I had placed. I turned a flat spot toward the wall, put lights on it, our boy decorated the bottom two feet and I did the rest. He loves it, and we love that it is not going to be firewood in a month.

Yes, this non-toxic Christmas tree is a bit pricey. And unfortunately, it is not available in all areas. But it’s an idea whose time has come, so look for it in your neck of the fir tree woods. We will probably do it again next year; although we will order it earlier in the season (before Thanksgiving, for delivery thereafter).

Here are some pictures of our tree. Note the huge pot.

Almost as big as Santa’s pot. Ho Ho Ho!


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6 Responses

  1. What about lead in the Christmas lights?

    • Luckily, there are options for lead-free Christmas lights. Lead is in chandeliers too. That would be a good topic for another post.

  2. Great post! I have always wanted to have a living Christmas tree to bring it inside for the holidays, then place it back outside. I would probably have to put it in a decorated pot and it would probably have to be smaller in size as my husband and I would be the ones bringing it inside.

    For the past couple of years, we have been shopping at a local nursery (1 mile away) to our live Christmas tree. Yes, it does cost more than at a Lowe’s or Home Depot, but they trees always look better, smell better and last longer.

    Our neighborhood picks up the trees and mulches them. I would throw it in our compost pile, but evergreen trees take a lot longer to decompose.

    Maybe next year, I will start a tradition with a smaller living tree.

  3. lovely idea! do you know if they spray the trees with any insecticides. I LOVE this idea it it was available here. Merry Christmas

    • They assured me that they do not spray with any insecticides and the trees are organic. The downside is you may get a few extra bugs in your house, which I personally do not mind. 🙂

  4. We have had a real living christmas tree the last couple of years.. It didn’t cost us much to buy and gets planted every year after christmas in our garden and dug out again the next christmas. It is not big but i feel better about having a living tree in the house, I can reuse it every year and it is cheap. May be worth considering over hiring a tree in a pot?

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