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  1. I ordered the Magnesium capsules and I was wondering if you have a favorite D3 vitamin as well. I take magnesium and D3 together two hours before bed.

  2. Thank you so much for that helpful break down! I am always trying to dig deeper to see what could be hidden in foods and I had no idea about the heavy metals in these powder, which is very frustrating that this isn’t a bigger deal to many consumers. I have reached out to my favorite brands that I currently use to get their test results, at least two companies do mention 3rd party testing but not their results.
    I just wanted to say thank you for the knowledge and I will be sharing with my friends! Knowledge is power!

    1. Hi, Lauren: I did not look into pre-workout powders. However, you can always use my educational information to conduct your own research. As a customer, you have a full right to contact a company and ask them questions. The more of us do that, the safer product they start making. ~Irina

  3. Thank you for this post’s information.

    I’d like to ask if the magnesium capsules from this company are cleared by you. I just went to Perfect Supplement’s site and the magnesium powder is on back order. I prefer the capsules as well if it has the same numbers as the powder.

    Be well,

    1. Hi, Jan, yes I cleared the magnesium capsules too. They are included in the list of Perfect products that I approved. I should have put them next to each other. Sorry about that. ~Irina