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  1. I’ve been having so many problems with all my lipsticks! I threw them all out since it seems like I’m reacting to them. Thank you for sharing this information, I can’t wait to try crunchi lipsticks, I wish they had more colors! Is there a link so i can purchase?

  2. I find your info simply perfect. Thank you. I do have a question…
    What safety info can you share about BaeBlu products (the foundation looks great at first glance) and Chargrin Valley Soap and Salves (Family owned in OH)? I am vegan and looking for the best and safest non-toxic skin care. 🙂

  3. I bet you are busy! And we all admire your comprehensive research. Yes, I use Dr. Bronner’s both- liquid and bar soap thanks to you:) I get it either- Amazon or Ocado. Ocado also stocks up in Weleda baby and Amazon UK has Weleda salt toothpaste. I really wanted to change my make-up stuff- I don’t use much but eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss- would be great to get them locally. If anything on the UK market comes across please let us know:) thank you again, Alex

    1. Greenscents are good to communicate with- I emailed them couple of times, they always reply so I know they are working on the dishwasher liquid- I can’t get Mamasuds here. I have super dry hands and the only thing that helps me is Lavera all-round cream- have you ever looked up that brand? seems too affordable to be perfect but it makes wonders for me… (probably it’s too much for a comment- I won’t bother you anymore). thank you

  4. Oh and Irina, I’ve tried on multiply occasions to make my amazon purchases via your links from the “Amazon” section but it never redirect me to my local Amazon (as it meant to do)- am I doing anything wrong? xx

  5. Thank you Irina- it seems you care for every single follower 🙂 I recommended your blog to some of my friends (these who are into organic , healthy products). I like reading your posts (even though I find it difficult to get what you recommend)as they give me an idea what to pay attention to. Are here any people from the UK who found a better (less pricey) way of getting Irina’s favorites?Especially cosmetics and kitchenware? I believe because the green brands are a kind of a niche, often family businesses, and the US market is sufficient for them- they don’t expand to Europe. There is my favorite grocery retailer Ocado (they have all the organic food I need and try to stock in “better” cosmetics etc- they could do better though). Maybe they would be interested in adding some of these you recommend to their offer. For the cleaning products I choose greenscents and I really like them and they seem good in terms of ingredients- but I’m not an expert here. Have a lovely weekend too, Alex

    1. Hi, Alex: thank you for responding. I do care about each of you. I wish I could clone myself – so much I want to do and so little time. I see that Ocado sells Dr. Bronner’s bar soap. Have you tried it? And Greenscents products seem to be okay, at least the ingredients that I saw. Let me figure out if I could somebody link with them. By the way, I am signed up for UK Amazon and if a product is available in the UK, you should be redirected. Please keep trying. But because of low volume, they might discontinue my program soon. ~Irina

  6. Thank you Irina. I reached them out, they do ship to the UK but the shipping cost exceeds the worth of the product itself and I would need to pay the duty as well. The same with the Xtrema cookware- I really wanted to get one, as it’s on sale- but the shipping+tax is almost 100$!! I wish we had an easy access to the products you recommend here. Hardly anything is available in England with the reasonable shipping prices. But I’ll keep following your blog- I admire your hard work! Again thank you

    1. Hi, Alex:

      It hurts to hear it, not the compliment part. 🙂 I would love to figure out a way to help you even though I do not have a lot of UK followers. Are there UK green brands that potentially can meet my standards? Would any of your friends be interested in buying healthy products? Let me know if you have any thoughts on how I can help you. Thank you! And have a great weekend! ~Irina

    2. Hi Alex! As I leave in Europe too, and it’s difficult for me to find a lot of USA brands, I am just letting you know that I have ordered from Au Naturale site twice. The shipping cost was Usd 20 and I had to pay taxes as well. However, they put their products on sale often and the both times I purchased their products these were on sale. The last time actually the products were 50% off! So it’s good if you subscribe to their emails in order to get notified on their sales! Actually they had 25% off on all their products until yesterday!! Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Elena. It’s good to know- definitely the discount can compensate for the shipping costs. Thank you so much, Alex

  7. Hi Irina. I would like to buy a lipgloss and if I could I would have got the Crunchi one (it’s not possible to have it shipped to the UK). Can you recommend anything else in this matter? thank you

    1. Hi, Alex: my second choice of makeup is Au Naturale and they ship to the UK and worldwide. Their lipsticks are on a dry side and their lipgloss is more like a lipstick. Let me know if you order. Thank you. ~Irina