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  1. Hi Irina,

    I’ve been looking for some organic cork coasters and came across a company called Sobri…have you heard of them? It seems they use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and they varnish their products with a water based varnish. They have some really nice bowls as well and was wondering your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Thank you for reaching out to I Read Labels for You! We appreciate your suggestion and will take it into consideration!

      1. Can lead free on packaging or website be trusted? They say they are lead free on the ezpz website.

        1. The short is no unless they provide test reports. What they probably mean is that they don’t add lead to it but lead can be an unintentional contaminant. ~Irina

  2. I am all about reducing plastic where I can especially food products. I phased out lots. But it appears that I have been dupped by BPA-free, pvc-free, and phthalate-free plastic it seems……? 🙁 guess I’ll be throwing them out too

  3. This is truly worrying and an important reminder to affect change through our purchasing habits and power. Irina, I suppose this is the same for melamine products too….

  4. Hi thanks for the valuable info! I’m looking forward to the follow up of the list of products you recommend. Also, a while back, you had a post about a stainless steel bottle that you recommended. Do you remember the name of that particular bottle?

  5. Typo. Sorry, I’m a proofreader who usually doesn’t point these things out, but you have a typo here that should be fertility, not infertility…changes the meaning and thought I’d let you know. Also, do you have brand recommendations for the dishes you do use for your toddler? Thanks!

    These tiny estrogen-mimicking chemicals leached out of plastic disrupt the function of the body’s endocrine (hormone) systems, which may lead to a number of health issues, such as early pubertal development, obesity, decreased male and female infertility, breast cancer, ovarian or prostate cancer, abnormalities in reproductive

    1. Hi, Julie, thank you for correcting my typo and the information. I am in process of preparing a post with the links to the dishes I use and/or like. Stay tuned. Thank you for stopping by.

    2. Thanks for the post, Irina! I went out today and bought a set of stainless steel storage bowls to replace our plastic ones. What do I do with the old plastic ones? I don’t think that kind of plastic is easily recycled… Thanks!

      1. Hi, Elizabeth! I wish I had an easy answer for you. You have to find out recycling code of the containers and ask your recycling company if they take them. Let me know what you find out.

  6. I buy toys that say BPA and phthalate free. Is that good enough? If I switch her to metal baby spoons should I be searching for a special safe metal or are your run of the mill metal cutlery good enough? The wooden spoon is so porous, and it doesn’t clean well. Can you suggest a dining set and baby puree storage containers that are safe? If I use a beabo baby steamer, puree machine is it leeching plastic into the food? Seriously, I wish you were my neighbor so I could just bring you into my home to point out what needs replacing. Do you have a page on flame retardant free furniture? BTW you might like to know that essentia (all natural hevea milk memory foam mattress company based here in Montreal) is about to launch a furniture line.

    thanks for your good work 🙂 I check your site before making major buying desicions for my home.

    1. Hi Jessica,

      I am so sorry I missed your comment somehow. Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish we were neighbors too! BPA- and phthalate-free are a good start. But with plastic you never know what is in it. I prefer to use as little plastic as possible. For baby food storage containers, I recommend glass. Here are good glass food storage containers. I do not think there are glass puree machines on the market but plastic is okay in this case because the contact with food is brief. And yes, I do have a page on flame retardant-free furniture (take a look here). Although I also recommend avoiding polyurethane foam and my next post will be about that. Thank you, again, and please keep in touch!

  7. Thanks for the valuable information. Do you think ANYTHING in plastic should be included in the cause for concern? For example all the food that comes in plastic bags.. chips, bread, cereal, veggies at the grocery store etc

    Also, I believe my fillings are a plastic product, from what you say above this is definitely not good.

    1. Yes. We do what we can. And do not forget to feel good about each change you make to reduce exposure to plastic. It is like a game. Pick something and find a substitute. Let me know if need help.

  8. This is such good info and a great reminder. I am curious if silicone cooking aids are as bad as plastic? I have some plastic spatulas in addition to metal. But I can’t use metal spatulas with most of my pans. In some cases I can use wooden spoons/utensils, but when trying to flip an egg, I need a very thin spatula that won’t scratch my pans. Any recommendations? Thanks Irina!